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Lexicon of all technology , 2nd edition 1904
Article “Steam boiler” in the Lexicon of All Technology , 2nd edition 1904

The lexicon of the entire technology and its auxiliary sciences, originally published by the hydraulic engineering technician Otto Lueger , is an encyclopedic reference work on topics of technology that appeared in four editions.

Each of these editions reflects an era in German history in terms of selection and content: first the German Empire with all kinds of machines, but also mustard gas and ballistics , then the Weimar Republic with automobiles and film projectors , and finally the West German post-war period in the fourth edition, 1960 to 1972. This raised the comprehensive claim to exhaust all areas of technology in the broadest sense encyclopedically. From mining and reflection seismics to Heisenberg's uncertainty principle , from mechanical engineering to occupational safety - everything that moves an engineer or a technician has been incorporated into the plant.

There is also a paperback edition of the 4th edition, also named after Lueger, in 50 volumes, divided into subject areas. Part of it is, for example, the “Techniklexikon der Feinwerktechnik” in 6 volumes from 1972 with the content: office machines, measuring and control devices and systems, optics and optical devices, electrical communication devices.

The Lueger in book form is out of print in bookshops, the second edition is available on DVD .


  • 1st edition, 7 volumes, 1894–1899
Volume I: A to Ballistic Pendulum
Volume II: Ballistic Problem to Calcium Carbonate
Volume III: Calcium Oxide to Mother of Vinegar
Volume IV: acetic acid to basic temperature
Volume V: Groundwater to Couplings
Volume VI: Clutches to Friction
Volume VII: Friction up to intermediate transport
  • 2nd edition, 8 volumes, 1904–1910 (with two supplementary volumes from 1914 and 1920)
Volume I: A to bend
Volume II: Bend axis to Dollieren
Volume III: Dolomite to the fire tower
Volume IV: Firing systems to house telegraphs
Volume V: House tennis to clutches
Volume VI: Couplings to paper production
Volume VII: Paper dyeing to sulfuric acid
Volume VIII: Sulfuric Acid Salts to Cytase
  • 3rd edition, 6 volumes, 1926–1929 (with one register volume)
Volume I: A to Drill
Volume II: Drilling oils to electrum
Volume III: Element to Lever
Volume IV: lever arm up to dimension
Volume V: Mass to Shipbuilding
Volume VI: Shipbuilding Timber to Cyprus Soil
  • 4th edition, 17 volumes, Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt, Stuttgart 1960–1972
The fourth edition is no longer sorted alphabetically, but according to subject areas:
1 mechanical engineering
2 Electrical engineering and nuclear engineering
3 Materials and material testing
4 mining
5 Lexicon of metallurgical engineering
6 Power engineering and power machines
7 Power engineering and power machines
8 Manufacturing technology and machines
9 Manufacturing technology and machines
10 Construction technology
11 Construction technology
13 Vehicle technology
14 Precision engineering
15 Factory organization and conveyor technology
16 Process engineering
17 Register tape

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