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Claude of France in adolescence

Claude de France (born October 13, 1499 in Romorantin , † July 20, 1524 in Blois ), German Claudia of France , from the House of Valois was the daughter of the French King Louis XII. and by marrying his heir to the throne, his cousin Francis I , Queen of France. She also carried the titles of Countess of Soissons and Duchess of Brittany .


The daughter of King Louis XII. of France and his second wife Anne de Bretagne , thus Princess of France, also bore the title Countess of Soissons , Blois , Coucy , Étampes and Montfort . She was always sickly and had walking difficulties from birth. Her mother had given birth to ten other children, but only her sister Renée, who was eleven years younger than her, reached adulthood.

Claude de France with her daughters Charlotte, Madeleine and Marguerite and her sister Renée (front right) and Eleonore of Castile (1498–1558) (back left)

Anne de Bretagne betrothed her daughter to Charles of Luxembourg at an early age so as not to give up Brittany to France. However, this contractually agreed marriage was annulled at the urging of Luise of Savoy in 1505 and in 1506 Claude was promised to Luise's son Franz von Orléans-Angoulême, a royal cousin who, for lack of a son, was a French heir to the throne. Therefore, there was enmity between Louise de Savoie and Anne de Bretagne, so that Claude was only married to Franz after the death of her mother. The marriage took place on May 18, 1514 in the chapel of the castle Saint-Germain-en-Laye . In addition to her popularity and a more solid claim to the throne, Claude also brought Brittany as an inheritance to the marriage.

After the death of her father on January 1, 1515 , Francis I became king of France and Claude his queen. The young queen was more interested in religion than politics. In nine years of marriage, she gave birth to eight children.

Claude died in July 1524 at the age of only twenty-four. She was buried in the tomb of the French kings, the Saint-Denis basilica . When the royal tombs of Saint-Denis were sacked during the French Revolution , their grave was opened and looted on October 20, 1793; their remains were buried in a mass grave outside the church.

The plum variety Reineclaude (Reine Claude = Queen Claudia) is said to have been named in her honor.


Grave of Franz I and Queen Claude

Eight children resulted from the marriage with Francis I:

  • Louise (August 19, 1515 - September 21, 1517)
  • Charlotte (23 October 1516 - 18 September 1524)
  • François (February 28, 1518 - August 10, 1536), 1524 Duke of Brittany
  • Henri (March 31, 1519 - July 10, 1559), King of France
  • Madeleine (10 August 1520 - 7 July 1537), ∞ Jacob V of Scotland
  • Charles (January 22, 1522 - September 9, 1545), Duke of Angoulême (1531–1545), Duke of Orléans (1536–1545), Duke of Châtellerault, Count of Clermont-en-Beauvaisis and la Marche (1540– 1545), Duke of Bourbon (1544–1545)
  • Marguerite (June 5, 1523 - September 15, 1574), ∞ Duke Emanuel Philibert of Savoy
  • Philippe (* / † 1524)

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predecessor Office successor
Anna Duchess of Brittany 1514–1524
Blason Claude de France avant 1514.svg
Francis III
Mary Tudor Queen of France 1515–1524
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Eleanor of Austria
Ludwig Countess of Soissons
Domaine royal