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A county of Soissons with the capital Soissons was in the hands of Heribert II , Count of Vermandois at the end of the 9th century . Its descendants held the county until the 14th century.

By marriage, the county passed to Johanna von Hainaut, then to Ludwig von Châtillon, Count of Blois . His son Guido sold it to Enguerrand VII de Coucy in 1367 . Enguerrands daughter Marie sold a part on to Duke Ludwig von Orléans , who then with the accession of Louis XII. was united with the Domaine royal .

In 1413 Robert von Bar got the counties of Marle and (remaining) Soissons as compensation for the loss of the Duchy of Bar . Soissons was inherited from his descendants. The last count of Soissons was Prince Eugene of Savoy , the imperial general, with whose death in 1736 the county of Soissons reverted to the crown.

In the 12th century a vice-county of Soissons was established for the castellan of Coucy.

Counts of Soissons


  • Heribert I. , † 900/907, Count of Vermandois, Count of Soissons ( Carolingian )
  • Heribert II. , † 943, Count of Vermandois, Count of Soissons, his son
  • ...
  • Guy I., † 988, Count of Soissons;
  • Adelise, Countess of Soissons, his wife
  • Nocher II, Count of Bar-sur-Aube and Soissons, attested from 1005 to 1019, their second husband
  • Renaud I, Count of Soissons, † 1057, probably their son
  • Guy II, † 1057, Count of Soissons, his son
  • Adelaide, † around 1105, his sister; ∞ Guillaume Busac , Count of Eu


  • Guillaume Busac , † after 1079, 1035/40-before 1052 Count of Eu, 1057/59-after 1076 Count of Soissons, her husband
  • Renaud II, Count of Soissons 1082/84, his son
  • Jean, Count of Soissons, † after 1115, his brother
  • Renaud III, count of Soissons until 1141, his son

1141 Renaud III. Soissons to his brother-in-law Ives II von Nesle and becomes spiritual

House Nesle

  • Ives II of Nesle , † 1178, 1141 Count of Soissons, his brother-in-law
  • Conon, † 1180, 1178 Count of Soissons, his nephew
  • Raoul I. de Nesle , † 1235, 1180 Count of Soissons, his brother, ∞ Adele von Dreux, daughter of Robert I , Count of Dreux
  • Jean II , 1235 Count of Soissons, Count of Chartres , Lord of Amboise, † 1270/72, his son; ∞ Mahaut d'Amboise, heiress of Chartres and Amboise ( House of Amboise )
  • Jean III, Count of Soissons, † before 1286, his son
  • Jean IV, Count of Soissons, † before 1302, his son
  • Hugues, Count of Soissons, † after 1306, his brother
  • Marguerite, † 1350, Countess of Soisson until 1344, his daughter; ∞Johann von Avesnes, † 1356

House Avesnes

House of Châtillon

On July 15, 1367, Guido II gave Soissons to Elizabeth of England, who was married to Enguerrand VII. De Coucy.

House Ghent

Marie de Coucy sold part of Soissons to Duke Ludwig von Orléans

House of Valois-Orléans

House Scarponnois

House of Valois-Orléans

  • Ludwig (1462–1515), son of Karl von Orléans, 1466 Duke of Orléans, Count of Soissons, 1498 as Louis XII. King of France
  • Claude de France (1499–1524), 1505 Countess of Soissons, 1514 Duchess of Brittany, his daughter married Francis I , 1515 King of France

The part of the County of Soissons bought by Ludwig von Orléans is integrated into the Domaine royal .

House Luxembourg-Ligny


House of Savoy

The French fiefs revert to the Crown in 1734.


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