Heribert I. (Vermandois)

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Heribert I (* probably 850; † November 6, 907) from the House of Carolingians was a grandson of King Bernhard of Italy through his father Pippin .


Heribert, who can be traced back to 877 in the sources, became Count of Soissons and lay abbot of the monastery of St. Crispinus in Soissons in 886/898, Count of Meaux and Madrie in 888/889 , and was during this time together with Archbishop Fulco of Reims , one of the leaders of the aristocratic opposition to the new King Odo of Paris , who was the first Robertin on the French throne from 888–898 .

On January 28, 893, the anniversary of Charlemagne's death, Heribert and Fulco crowned Karl the Simple-Minded , the son of Ludwig the Stalker, as the Counter-King, a measure that was only successful after Odo's death in 898, among other things because Odo gradually after the partisans of Charles on his side, including finally Heribert, to whom he handed over the important county of Vermandois in 896 . After acquiring the Vermandois, Heribert expanded his power to the Champagne region without being held accountable by the king.

On June 28th, 896, he killed Count Rodulfus from the House of Flanders in a dispute over Vermandois . Like Fulco von Reims, Heribert was murdered a few years later on November 6, 907 on behalf of Count Baldwin II of Flanders , an older brother of Rodulfus.

Heribert's wife is unknown. He may have had a son and three daughters, but there are no direct sources for this:


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predecessor Office successor
Rodulfus Count of Vermandois
Heribert II.
newly built Count of Soissons
886 / 898–907
Heribert II (Vermandois)
Theodebert Count of Meaux
888 / 889-907
Heribert II (Vermandois)
Theodebert Count of Madrie
888 / 889–907