Fulko the Venerable

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Fulko the Venerable (also Volker der Venerable , French Foulques le Vénérable and Latin Fulco Remensis ; † June 17, 900 ) was Archbishop of Reims and Arch Chancellor of Western France .

As a member of a noble family, he was brought up in the royal palace, and then belonged to the environment of King Charles the Bald , whom he accompanied to Italy . He was entrusted with the upbringing of the future King Ludwig the Stammler .

In 883 he was appointed Archbishop of Reims as the successor to the late Hinkmar . After the deposition of Emperor Karl the Fat in 887, he tried to bring his relative Guido von Spoleto to the French throne, even crowning him in Langres in 888 , but was unable to assert himself. At the accession to the throne of the Robertin Odo of Paris in the same year, he placed himself at the head of the Legitimists , carried out all conspiracies against Odo, and also turned to Emperor Arnulf , who wanted and needed peace in the West because he was otherwise busy. In 893 he himself crowned the Carolingian Karl the Simple , who made Fulko his arch-chancellor after Odo's death.

Fulko was murdered in 900 on behalf of Count Baldwin II of Flanders because he opposed the appropriation of church property by the Flemish nobility.

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