Arch Chancellor (Franconian Empire)

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In the Franconian Empire and later in the West Franconian Empire , the Arch Chancellor was the head of the royal or imperial chancellery under the Carolingians .

He was first appointed by Pippin the Younger , who made Badilon his arch-chancellor in 757 . Badilon's successors came almost exclusively from the Frankish clergy, including an illegitimate son and a grandson of Charlemagne ( Gauzlin ) and, in the 10th century , especially the respective Archbishop of Reims .

The first Capetian king , Hugo Capet , did not appoint a successor after the death of the last Carolingian arch-chancellor, Adalbero von Reims . The heads of the Capetian chancellery held the title of Chancellor of France .

See also: Imperial Chancellor as three (for Germany, Italy and Burgundy) of the ore offices in the Holy Roman Empire .

List of Carolingian Arch Chancellors


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