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Viennese double wedding
In St. Stephen
double wedding in Vienna instead.
Francis I of France
Francis I becomes
King of France .
Horrors of war at the Battle of Marignano
France defeated the Confederates in the battle of Marignano , who then declared themselves “ forever neutral ”.
1515 in other calendars
Armenian calendar 963/964 (turn of the year July)
Ethiopian calendar 1507/08
Aztec calendar 9. Rabbit - Chicuhnahui Tochtli (until the end of January / beginning of February: 8th house - Chicuei Calli )
Buddhist calendar 2058/59 (southern Buddhism); 2057/58 (alternative calculation according to Buddhas Parinirvana )
Chinese calendar 70th (71st) cycle

Year of the wood pig乙亥 ( at the beginning of the year wood dog 甲戌)

Chula Sakarat (Siam, Myanmar) / Dai calendar (Vietnam) 877/878 (turn of the year April)
Dangun era (Korea) 3848/49 (October 2/3)
Iranian calendar 893/894
Islamic calendar 920/921 (turn of the year 14/15 February)
Jewish calendar 5275/76 (9/10 September)
Coptic calendar 1231/32
Malayalam calendar 690/691
Seleucid era Babylon: 1825/26 (turn of the year April)

Syria: 1826/27 (turn of the year October)

Spanish era 1553
Vikram Sambat (Nepalese Calendar) 1571/72 (turn of the year April)


Politics and world events


France under Franz I.

After a long illness, the French King Louis XII dies . , the last member of the House of Valois-Orléans without male descendants on January 1st . He was succeeded by Francis I , a distant cousin from the Valois family , the only son of Charles de Valois, comte d'Angoulême and Luise of Savoy , who was anointed and crowned by Archbishop Robert de Lénoncourt on January 25th in Reims Cathedral becomes. Francis I ended the time of the Loire kings domestically and began building absolutism in France by means of centralization .

Wars of Milan and the Old Confederation

The Confederation 1515

Wiener Fürstentag

The Prince's Day of
Vienna (historical painting by Jan Matejko, 1879)

Windischer peasant revolt

  • March to August: Starting from Gottschee , the Windische Peasant Uprising, directed against the newly introduced legal principles in the Slovenian Lower Styria , spreads from Carniola to Carinthia and Styria . The farmers manage to capture or destroy numerous castles. The nobility had to retreat to a few large cities. With the help of a mercenary army and support from the imperial army, the uprising is finally put down after fighting at Gonobitz and Cilli . The leaders of the uprising were executed, in Graz alone 161. To repair the damage, additional taxes and labor obligations were imposed on the peasants.

Other events in the Holy Roman Empire

Ulrich von Württemberg murders Hans von Hutten
Christoph I.

Other events in Europe

North africa

  • When the Emir of Algiers asks the corsair Arudsch for help in the fight against the Spaniards, he drives the Spaniards out of Algeria , but shortly afterwards he murders the Emir and appoints himself as the new ruler of the barbarian state . He also subjugates the neighboring areas, with Spain in the battle for Tlemcen .

Portuguese colonial empire

A padrão marks the first landing site of the Portuguese on Timor

In 1515 at the latest, on August 18, Portuguese seafarers landed on Timor for the first time near today's Lifau . The first Dominicans followed them as missionaries in the same year .

The governor of Portuguese India , Afonso de Albuquerque , succeeds in conquering the island of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf . The city of the same name on the north coast will be expanded into a fortress over the next few years, making it one of the most important trading centers on the Arabian Sea and one of the richest trading cities on earth. Despite his success, Albuquerque was withdrawn from trust after an intrigue at the Portuguese royal court and he was deposed as governor. Lopo Soares de Albergaria is appointed as his successor . Afonso de Albuquerque dies on December 16 on the way back from Hormuz to Goa, only a few days after learning of his dismissal .

Algarve across the sea Portuguese units are building a fort on the ruins of the city of Anfa on the Moroccan coast. They call the village that developed around the fortress Casabranca . A joint attack by the governors of Safi and Azemmour on Marrakech fails due to the unexpectedly violent resistance of the population.

Spanish conquista in South America and the Caribbean

  • between 1513 and 1515: The Spanish conquerors kidnap the last Indians of the Arawak tribe from the islas inútiles ( useless islands ) as slaves to Hispaniola , after which the two islands of Bonaire and Curaçao remain depopulated.

Aztec Empire

Nezahualpilli, from the Codex Telleriano-Remensis
Expansion of the Aztec territory at the beginning of the 16th century

Nezahualpilli , Tlatoani of the Aztec city-state Texcoco , dies. Since he leaves several sons, Moctezuma , the ruler of Tenochtitlán , intervenes in the line of succession for political reasons and helps Cacamatzin to the throne. He thus triggers a war with his brother Ixtlilxochitl , who does not recognize Cacamatzin as ruler. He goes to the mountains with his followers and fights against Cacamatzin and therefore also against Moctezuma. This competitive situation favored the Spanish conquest of Mexico in 1519 .


On the Wupper and on brooks in the Solingen area , the first grinding cottons exist: the basis of the world-famous cutlery, blade, knife and sword industry; first strict division of labor, forerunner of today's industrial workflows.

science and technology



The rhino

Dürer's Rhinocerus

For the first time since the 3rd century, a rhinoceros set foot on European soil on May 20th in Lisbon, a gift from the representative of the Portuguese crown in India, Afonso de Albuquerque , to King Manuel I. The exotic animal is housed in King Manuel's menagerie in the Ribeira Palace in Lisbon . On June 3, Manuel I lets a young elephant and the rhinoceros meet to check Pliny the Elder's report that elephants and rhinos are bitter opponents. However, under the eyes of a large and noisy crowd that has gathered to witness this spectacle, the young elephant, confused by the din of the unfamiliar crowd, flees in a panic from the battlefield before the two animals come to an argument.

Penni - rhinoceros , woodcut on a pamphlet

The rhino remains until the end of the year, part of the menagerie of Manuel I, it is as a gift to the Medici -Pope Leo X. passed. The rhinoceros of Lisbon was already known there before his trip to Rome. Shortly after the animal's arrival in Lisbon, the Florentine doctor and poet Giovanni Giacomo Penni wrote a treatise in verse entitled Forma e natura e costumi de lo Rinoceronte , which will appear in Rome in July. In December, the rhinoceros, along with other valuable gifts, is sent by ship to Rome, where it does not arrive alive.

In the same year, several artists erected a monument to the animal, among them Albrecht Dürer with his woodcut Rhinocerus , and Hans Burgkmair . There is even an illustration in Maximilian I's prayer book .

Architecture and fine arts

The Madonna of Saint Francis
Bellini: Noah's drunkenness



Wedding portrait of Charles Brandon and Mary Tudor




Date of birth saved

Sebastian Boetius
Marie de Guise

Exact date of birth unknown

Born around 1515


First half of the year

Grave of Louis XII. and his wife Anne de Bretagne

Second half of the year

Afonso de Albuquerque

Exact date of death unknown

Portrait of pilgrims in Vienna 's St. Stephen's Cathedral under the organ base

Died around 1515

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