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Odilo (* 961 or 962 ; † January 1, 1049 in Souvigny ) was a Cluniac monk and fifth abbot of Cluny from 994 to 1049. Odilo was canonized, his feast is on January 2.


Odilo came from a noble family, the Mercour family in Auvergne . In 991 he entered Cluny, where he soon became coadjutor of Abbot Maiolus in May 993 , and succeeded him on May 11, 994. Odilo knew almost all the important rulers of the time: the Saxon imperial family (Empress Adelheid , Emperor Otto III ), the Emperors Heinrich II. , The Salian rulers Konrad II. And Heinrich III. , the kings of France, Hungary, Navarre and León. As abbot he led the Cluniac reform to its climax; in the year of his death, 68 monasteries were already members of the Cluny Association.

Odilo's political concerns were above all the peace of God , i.e. to keep certain holy times - for example church festivals - free from struggle and war, and the freedom of the church ( libertas ecclesiae ), away from the individual church system . Cluny and its branch monasteries should only be subordinate to the Pope . Cluny was 998 exemt what was new and groundbreaking for the time, 38 monasteries were there already filialisiert . The All Souls , mandatory from 1028/30 for Cluny, going back to him.

In 1033, after the death of Burchard (June 22nd), Odilo was elected Archbishop of Lyons - he refused the office on fundamental grounds. He was above all a man of asceticism and prayer. Education and training for his monks and branch monasteries were always particularly important to him. Odilo is ascribed the word: "If he should go to hell, it would be better because he was too indulgent than because of hardship and cruelty." He died on the night of New Year .


Odilo bones were Archbishop on June 21, 1345 le Roger Fort applicable . During the French Revolution they were burned on the "Altar of the Fatherland".

Odilos' biographies have been received from his pupil Iotsaldus and from Petrus Damiani .


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