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Zoltan Korda , as Zoltán Kellner , (born June 3, 1895 in Pusztaturpaszto , Austria-Hungary , † October 13, 1961 in Hollywood , California ) was a Hungarian-British film director .


Zoltan Korda was born in Hungary in 1895 and served as a cavalry officer in the Hungarian army. His family later moved to England and Zoltan Korda became a British citizen in 1945.

He began his cinematic career as a cameraman and editor before he took on directing work in the production company of his older brother Alexander Korda in London . While Alexander developed into a loyal subject of the British Crown and was already in 1942 by King George VI. was knighted, Zoltan followed liberal ideals, which led to tensions between the brothers.

As a director, Zoltan Korda celebrated his greatest successes with literary adaptations: in 1942 he directed Rudyard Kipling's jungle book , in 1947 The Macomber Affair based on Ernest Hemingway (with Gregory Peck in the leading role) and in 1951 Alan Paton's socially critical drama Because They Should Be Comforted . In 1940 he worked as an assistant director on the adventure film The Thief of Baghdad .

Zoltan Korda was married to the British actress Joan Gardner (1914–1999) from 1930 until his death . His sons were also active in the film business, David Korda (* 1937) as producer and Nicholas Korda (1945-2018) as sound editor, as well as his older brother Sir Alexander Korda, a film producer, and his younger brother Vincent Korda , a film architect. His nephew is the publisher and writer Michael Korda .


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