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Commemorative plaque for the Wendland families, attached to the library pavilion in front of the Berggarten in 1948
Wendlandia in flower

Heinrich Ludolph Wendland (born April 29, 1791 in Herrenhausen ; † July 15, 1869 in Teplitz ) was a German botanist and horticulturist. Its official botanical author's abbreviation is " HL Wendl. "


Wendland was the son of the garden inspector Johann Christoph Wendland in Herrenhausen.

Wendland first did a botanical apprenticeship in Vienna from 1811 to 1814 and then went to Kew Gardens in London from 1815 to 1816 , before studying biology at the Georg August University of Göttingen and becoming a member from 1816 to 1819 of the Corps Hannovera Göttingen was. Shortly before his father's death in 1827, he became garden master of the Herrenhausen Gardens . In 1850 he took over the management position of the royal court garden inspector under the chief court marshal Carl Ernst von Malortie .

On the occasion of the construction of by Georg Ludwig Friedrich Laves and Hofbauinspektor Georg Heinrich Schuster created Welfenmausoleums Wendland was responsible for the development of mountain garden in its final dimensions and the Georgen Gardens , the Palm House as well as the oak grove around the mausoleum.

Scientifically, he described some acacia species such as the willow leaf acacia .

The mansion herbarium , which he laid out taking into account the descriptions of his father, is owned by the Georg August University of Göttingen at the instigation of Prince Ernst August IV of Hanover as a gift from the House of Hanover .

His son Hermann Wendland also became court gardener in Herrenhausen in the third generation. The archival estate of the Wendland family of court gardeners is in the Herrenhausen Royal Garden Library .


The genus Wendlandia Bartl was named in honor of him and possibly his father . ex DC. the plant family of the red family (Rubiaceae) named.


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