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Martin Umbach (born March 16, 1956 in Munich ) is a German actor , voice actor , audio book speaker and author .


Growing up in the Ruhr area and in Nürtingen , Martin Umbach completed private acting training in Stuttgart from 1975 to 1978 . Afterwards he had a permanent engagement at the Zimmer Theater in Tübingen until 1981 with the leading role of "Mackie Messer" in the Threepenny Opera . Since then he has been working as a freelance actor, voice actor and author in Munich. He also works as an audio book speaker.

In 1987 Umbach received the Bavarian Art Prize .

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Steven Soderbergh had the voice actors checked and re-cast if necessary for his film Ocean's Eleven . Martin Umbach became George Clooney's voice actor alongside Detlef Bierstedt and has since been used in all films directed by Soderbergh. Umbach has been speaking Russell Crowe for a good year since 2006 , with the exception of the 2007 death train to Yuma . In 2003 he was Khan (halter fish) in the computer game Finding Nemo - Adventure Under Water.

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Spiel der Sterne , 13-part astrological crime series together with Michael Seyfried , Rowohlt, Reinbek 1999:

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