The last cop

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Television series
Original title The last cop
The last bull Logo.png
Country of production Germany
original language German
Year (s) 2010-2014
ITV Studios Germany
length 45 minutes
Episodes 60 in 5 seasons ( list )
genre Thriller
Theme music Iggy Pop - Real Wild Child (Seasons 1-4)
U2 - Vertigo (Seasons 5)
production Jan Kromschröder
Gerda Müller
Philipp G. Steffens
music Thomas Klemm
First broadcast April 12, 2010 on Sat.1
Henning Baum played the main role of Mick Brisgau

The Last Bull is a German television series that consists of 60 episodes in five seasons and was broadcast on Sat.1 from April 12, 2010 to June 2, 2014 . The action takes place in and around Essen , during the fifth season also to a large extent in Cologne . A theatrical version of the series was released in 2019 .


The Essen police officer Michael "Mick" Brisgau is in a coma after being shot in the head . When he wakes up after 20 years, he realizes that a lot has changed.

As the darling of the media, he is allowed to be active again in the police force and, to a certain extent, enjoys fool's freedom, as he, as a macho of the old school, tackles his cases in an unconventionally old-fashioned way. His supervisor and former partner Martin Ferchert has assigned him the sober young control person Andreas Kringge to compensate , while the police psychologist Tanja Haffner has completely different worries about Brisgau. Since his wife Lisa broke up with him after persevering for five years and is now with Roland Meisner , the forensic doctor at the police station, the confrontations are already mapped out. In addition, Brisgau only knows his now grown-up daughter Isabelle as a baby at the age of six months.

In Brisgau's handling of the everyday life of the 21st century, on the one hand his carefree naivety and on the other hand his pragmatism stand out. DNS , Feng Shui , CDs , the Internet , search engines and navigation devices are just as anathema to him as the idea that football (episode 8, the round must be in the square ) is something for women and wellness is something for men (episode 10, well- groomed death ) be.

Mick prefers a large Opel as his company car: the Diplomat B , built in 1977

He partially compensates for this by consistently sticking to the methods he learned at the time and being able to assert himself with them as far as possible. Outwardly he expresses this u. a. the fact that he got his old 1977 Opel Diplomat B back and uses it as a company car.

Over time, Brisgau and Kringge gradually get together and become friends.

Broadcasting and audience ratings

The last bull started on April 12, 2010 with a total audience of 2.99 million viewers, which meant a 9.2% market share and was slightly below the Sat.1 channel average. At the beginning, 1.68 million viewers were measured for the advertising-relevant target group of 14 to 49 year olds, which meant an above-average target group market share (MA) of 13.2% for Sat.1. After minor losses during the broadcast of the second episode, the series was able to increase continuously up to the season finale. With the twelfth episode, the best ratings of all episodes of the first season were measured. A total of 3.41 million watched (MA: 11.5%), among 14 to 49 year olds 1.77 million (MA: 15.7%). The thirteen episodes were followed by an average of 3.03 million viewers, which means a market share of 10.1%; in the target group, an average of 1.58 million viewers tuned in, which resulted in an average market share of 13.7%.

The start of the second season on March 14, 2011 achieved the best values ​​to date with 4.09 million viewers (MA: 11.7%) and 2.11 million target group viewers (MA: 15.3%).

Only after the start of the second season on Sat.1 did ORF begin broadcasting the first season on ORF Eins on May 31, 2011 . It was only broadcast on Tuesday around 10:00 p.m., which is why a number of over 370,000 viewers corresponds to a very good rate.

Since March 19, 2012, the series has been broadcast in France under the title Mick Brisgau, le come-back d'un super flic . The synchronized version runs in the afternoon program of the Direct 8 and France3 channels.

Since July 2012, the series has been broadcast on Italian television under the title Last Cop - L'ultimo sbirro, also dubbed.

Due to the satisfactory audience ratings for the second season, Sat.1 commissioned a third season, which was broadcast on Sat.1 on February 6, 2012.

On May 3, 2012, Sat.1 announced the production of a fourth season, which was broadcast from January 21, 2013 to April 22, 2013. The fifth season was announced on April 9, 2013, and from April 24, 2014 it was first broadcast on Sat.1 emotions . Before that, it was shown in the Lichtburg in Essen .


Main cast

role actor Season consequences Remarks
Michael "Mick" Brisgau Henning Baum 1-5 1-60 Chief Inspector, was shot into a coma 20 years ago; in season 5 police officer for a few days, then with the private security service "Ruhrsafe-Security"
Andreas Kringge Maximilian Grill 1-5 1-60 Colleague of Mick; in season 5 at the LKA
Martin Ferchert Helmfried von Lüttichau 1-5 1-60 Head of the homicide squad, in season 3 head of the press office; head of the homicide squad again since season 4; active in politics in season 5
Tanja Haffner Proschat Madani 1-4 1-43, 45-52 Police psychologist, head of the homicide squad in season 3; since season 4 police psychologist again. After the end of the fourth season, she emigrates to Argentina.
Dr. Roland Meisner Robert Lohr 1-5 1-60 Forensic doctor, Mick's big competitor, was with his ex-wife; after the end of the 4th season he worked independently with his company "Meisner Technology".
Uschi Nowatzki Tatjana Clasing 1-5 1-60 Owner of Mick's local pub, good friend of Mick, Andreas, Tanja and Roland. Martin's partner.
Lisa Brisgau Floriane Daniel 1-2 1-14 Ex-wife of Mick; Meisner's ex-fiancee
Isabelle Brisgau Luise Risch 1-2, 4-5 2-15, 20, 23, 48, 55-56, 58-60 Mick's daughter, works as a banker, in season 5 in an advertising agency

Supporting cast

role actor Season consequences Remarks
Dana Kringge
(née Riedmüller)
Karoline Schuch 2-4 24-52 Andreas Kringge's wife
Julia Hartmann 5 53-60
Dr. Niklas Hold René Steinke 3 27-38 former good friend of Tanja
Christine Wegner Suzan Anbeh 3 28-33 Reporter, sister of Roland Meisner
Bernhard Schaller Hendrik Duryn 3-4 39-40,
Probation officer, Mick shot into a coma
Stefanie Averdunk Franziska Weisz 4th 43-51 Controller of the tax office, Mick's affair
Arno fever Bernd Michael Lade 4th 44-52 Klaus Becker's murderer, who commissioned the attempted murder of Mick; On the run, kidnaps Andreas, but Mick tracks him down and frees Andreas from the clutches of fever and arrests him.
Ansgar Körting August Schmölzer 4th 49-52 Client of the murder of Klaus Becker and the attempted murder of Mick.
Holger Brawitsch Mišel Matičević 5 53-54; 59 new colleague of Andreas at the LKA, is shot at a meeting with Mick
Lutz Gornemann Adam Bousdoukos 5 53-59 new colleague of Andreas at the LKA; is shot by Koller.
Klaus Koller Oliver Stokowski 5 53, 60 Head of the LKA (played in season 3 "I won't tell anyone" the role of the headmaster Abraham)
Udo Bickenberg Jürgen Tarrach 5 53-55 former colleague of Mick as a patrol officer
Vera Koller Susanna Simon 5 53-60 Klaus Koller's wife; is accidentally hit by Koller while handing over the money and dies. (played the role of Inga Klein in season 4 "Playing games")
Astrid Schuhmann Christina Hecke 5 54-60 One night stand by Mick, he becomes pregnant
Rüdiger Bremme Oliver Stritzel 5 54-60 Followed by Koller at the LKA
Anja Russeck Yangzom brows 5 55-60 Andreas' colleague at the LKA
Robert Schoppe Klaus Nierhoff 5 55-57 Head of Ruhrsafe Security, should keep Mick busy around the clock
Erwin Brisgau Paul Fassnacht 5 55-60 Mick's father, Isa’s grandpa. Lives in Monaco. (played the role of Ecki Troller in season 1 "Das Runde muss ins Eckige" and in season 4 "Who flies too high" the role of instructor Koslik)
Claudia Funke Beate Maes 5 56-57 was hired by Schoppe to keep Mick busy, but she was blown (played the role of Lavina Breuer in season 1 "In the shadow of Feng Schui")
Bernhard Höthker Rainer Laupichler 5 59-60 Bundesbank official who is played badly

Guest actor

Episode list


Sophie Allet-Coche
Florian Froschmayer
Michael Kreindl
Thomas Nennstiel
Dennis Satin
Zoltan Spirandelli
Peter Stauch
Sebastian Vigg
Michael Wenning


  • In episode 26 with the title The Missed Chance , the investigation into the current murder case Brisgau and Kringge leads to a steel mill. The man wanted there is doing his work according to information from the present works council Ziller in "Sector 7G". There has always been the workplace of security inspector Homer Simpson in the US animated series The Simpsons .
  • In episode 31, entitled Nymphs and Don Juans , Mick is called "Mister Undercover Love" by his colleague Andreas because of his undercover investigations in a sex therapy group. Henning Baum played the leading role of Johannes Müller in the 2010 film “ Undercover Love ”.
  • In episode 44, entitled Our Little Street , the song We belong together by Randy Newman can be heard in the background . This song is part of the soundtrack of the cartoon Toy Story 3 .
  • In episode 47 with the title Who flies too high , a young police student is murdered. When Brisgau and Kringge visit the academy as part of their investigations, the theme music of the US feature film series Police Academy , composed by Robert Folk , can be heard in the background .
  • In episode 51 with the title Romeo and Juliet there is a crossover with the series Danni Lowinski . Danni rides through a residential area in Essen on her bike in the evening and meets Mick Brisgau and Andreas Kringge, the two main characters of the series. Mick Brisgau introduces Danni Lowinski as his lawyer to his colleague.
  • In parallel to the episodes of the fourth season, short cartoons about the series were published on the station homepage. These cartoons describe Mick's life in the 80s, beginning with his first few months in the criminal investigation department, through to his falling into a coma. Henning Baum acted as the narrator of the stories.
  • In February 2013, the first official book for the series was published with the blood sausage blues . It was written by Stefan Scheich , the author of the series.


“… In summary, 'The Last Bull' is at least a reasonably entertaining and, thanks to the main actor Henning Baum, also always charming crime series, which you can give a chance. But it is unlikely to be a great success with the public, it is too ordinary and pale for that.


“... The hard and the delicate are a great team; even if the criminal cases they have to solve are a bit weak. To compensate, there is a lot of music from the eighties. "


DVD release

Even before the last two episodes were broadcast, on July 23, 2010, Sat.1, in collaboration with Sony Music and Merchandising Media, released a DVD box of the first season with all 13 episodes. The box contains three DVDs with a total running length of approx. 570 minutes.

Since June 17, 2011, the second season with all 13 episodes has also been available on DVD. Here the publication took place before the broadcast of the last episode. The third season was released on DVD on May 25, 2012. The first three seasons have been available since November 23, 2012 as a box with nine DVDs. The fourth season was released on DVD in Germany on May 24, 2013. The full fifth season was released on May 30, 2014.

Adaptations abroad

The cable broadcaster TNT commissioned a pilot episode for a US remake of the German series in May 2013 . The series, which bears the working title The Last Cop , moves the action to Los Angeles and shows cop Mick Branigan who fell into a coma in the 1990s, wakes up after 20 years and then returns to the LAPD. The pilot was co-produced by Fuse Entertainment and Fox Television Studios for TNT. There was no serial order.

The French television broadcaster TF1 also announced that it wanted to film the series again under the name Falco , after several other French stations had already broadcast the original under the title Mick Brisgau . The broadcast of the first season, consisting of six episodes of 52 minutes each, began on June 20, 2013. On July 5, 2013, the series was extended by a second season. In 2014, the series was extended by a twelve-part third season, which was scheduled to be broadcast in 2015.

The Japanese private broadcaster NTV announced in April 2015 that there will be a Japanese version under the name The last Cop ラ ス ト コ ッ プ , which will initially be shown on Hulu Japan . A little later the series will be broadcast on linear TV.

The series is currently also running on the Spanish broadcaster under the name El ultimo poli duro ("the last tough policeman").

The Czech broadcaster Prima filmed the series in 2016 under the name Polda .


On November 7, 2019, a film of the same name with Henning Baum in the lead role was released in German cinemas.


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