The Neverending Story II - In Search of Fantasias

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German title The Neverending Story II - In Search of Fantasias
Original title The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter
Country of production Germany
original language English
Publishing year 1990
length 90 minutes
Age rating FSK 6
Director George Trumbull Miller
script Karin Howard
production Dieter Geissler ,
Tim Hampton ,
Harold Tichenor Scriba Deyhle OHG
music Robert Folk
camera David Connell
cut Chris Blunden,
Peter Hollywood

←  Predecessor
The Neverending Story

Successor  →
The Neverending Story 3 - Salvation from Fantasies

The Neverending Story II - In Search of Fantasies is a German fantasy film by director George Trumbull Miller from 1990. It is the second adaptation of the novel The Neverending Story by Michael Ende and the sequel to the 1984 film of the same name . The premiere of the film took place on October 25, 1990 in Germany.


Bastian would like to be included in his school's swimming team. To do this, he has to jump from a diving platform, which he is afraid of. He went back to Coreander's antiquarian bookshop to borrow a guide on courage when he discovered the book “The Neverending Story”, which he knew well, and heard the Childlike Empress calling out to him: Fantasy was in danger and Bastian had to help. The boy grabs the book and ends up in Fantasia again.

There he made the acquaintance of a speaking bird in human form named Nimbly. He also meets his friend Atreyu again. You very quickly make the acquaintance of the so-called giants who begin to destroy Fantasia. It is only through the rock-biter, who complains that the stones are no longer suitable for food because they are hollow, that Bastian realizes that the emptiness is spreading in fantasies. It is caused by the dark witch Xayíde, who wants to usurp power over Fantasia. To keep Bastian from rescuing, Xayíde's inventor Dreigesicht has developed a device with which Bastian loses a memory with every wish that the amulet Auryn fulfills. Her spy Nimbly is supposed to persuade Bastian to make a wish as often as possible, until he has finally lost all memories and therefore no longer knows why he actually came to Fantasia.

Bastian and Atréju go in search of Xayíde and can finally capture her. She agrees to accompany the two boys to the Childlike Empress and apparently gives up her pursuit of power. On the way to the ivory tower, however, Atreyu notices that they only move in a circle and do not come any closer to the tower. However, Bastian believes that this is not true because the landscape has changed and is getting more and more involved with Xayíde, who of course still has not given up her goals and instead tries to make Bastian one silly wish for the next to persuade to steal his memories.

Meanwhile, Bastian's father noticed his son's disappearance. He finds the book in the boy's room - and on the front cover page a sticker with the address of Koreander's second-hand bookshop. He rushes into the shop to confront the owner with the book, but when Coreander opens it, the sticker is gone. The father leaves the shop again. When he later wants to return to the second-hand bookshop, all he finds is an empty and apparently abandoned shop; no trace of Coreander. The father is on his way home again. On the way the book happens to open and the father discovers that a chapter begins with his son's name, which prompts him to read the book. He realizes very quickly that he is reading his son's story and never puts the book down.

In the meantime, Atreyu has found out what Xayíde is up to. This in turn convinced Bastian that Atreyu was jealous of him. That's why he doesn't believe when Atreyu tells him the truth. In a fight between the two, Atreyu falls down a rock and remains motionless. Shortly afterwards, however, Bastian himself discovers the device with his own memories - he only has two left, the one of his mother and the one of his father. In order to bring Atreyu back to life, he sacrifices his penultimate memory. In the final battle, when Xayíde has almost reached the goal of her wishes, Bastian also uses his last wish: He wants Xayíde to have a heart. With this wish, Xayíde and all its giants are destroyed. Bastian regains his memories and Fantasia is saved.

To be able to return to his world again, he has to jump off a high cliff . With the help of his father, who cheers him on while reading the book, what Bastian can hear, he makes the jump.

Voice actor

The voice actors for the German version:


“Elaborately designed adventure and fantasy film, which is based in principle on the second half of Michael Ende's successful novel of the same name. In view of the boastful array of effects and materials, the poetry of the material is lost, so that the film is largely untouched. "


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