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Dietmar Wunder in March 2012

Dietmar Wunder (born December 5, 1965 in Berlin ) is a German actor , dubbing actor , radio play speaker and dubbing director . He is best known as the German fixed voice of Adam Sandler , Cuba Gooding Jr. , Daniel Craig , Sam Rockwell and Rob Lowe . Since 2007 Dietmar Wunder has also worked as an audio book interpreter .

Live and act

Theater, film and television

Dietmar Wunder, who felt inspired by Sean Connery in the James Bond films as a child to learn to act himself, first completed an apprenticeship as an optician after graduating from high school and worked as such in his parents' company for three years . At the same time, he took acting lessons and then completed his training at Maria Körber's private school .

Wunder acted in the Berliner Kammerspiele , at the Berlin Boulevardtheaterbühne, at the Hansatheater and in the Komödie am Kurfürstendamm , including in the production How will I get rich and happy? by Felix Joachimson and Mischa Spoliansky , in which he embodied six different characters (2001) and in the role of Ottavio in a new version of Love, Cunning and Passion (2002).

In front of the camera, Dietmar Wunder was mainly seen as a guest actor, including Women Who Drink Prosecco (2001) and Bella Block (2003). In the documentary Greetings from Dachau (2004) nominated for the Adolf Grimme Prize , he was used as an off-speaker .


In 1991 Dietmar Wunder stood in the studio for his first dubbing as a stuttering student in the series Happy Days . The first leading roles followed a short time later with James Marshall in Twin Peaks and Rob Morrow in Alaska , of all places . He has been the voice of Cuba Gooding junior since the mid-1990s and Adam Sandler since the early 2000s . He also regularly dubbed Don Cheadle , David Spade and Sam Rockwell . A selection of other synchronized roles include: Edward Norton in American History X (1998), Doug Hutchison in The Green Mile (1999) and Jude Law in AI - Artificial Intelligence (2001). Dietmar Wunder attracted attention in 2006 when he cast Daniel Craig in James Bond - Casino Royale , with whom, according to his own statements, "a dream has come true" for him personally. Since then he has been its regular spokesman and has also played the role in video games such as the Wii title GoldenEye 007 . Appropriately as the voice of James Bond, he dubbed British agent Finn McMissile in the animated film Cars 2 in 2011 . He also dubbed the character Vincent Valentine in the animated film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children . He also spoke to the protagonists in Two Worlds , the characters Haytham Kenway from the action-adventure game Assassin's Creed III , Paladin Danse in Fallout 4 , Atlas in BioShock and BioShock: Infinite DLC "Burial At Sea" and Nate Bonnett from the Point- and click adventure series The Book of Unwritten Tales .

Wunder received series engagements as the German voice of Robert Downey Jr. in Ally McBeal (1998-2002), Jackson Douglas in Gilmore Girls (2000-2007), Jason Wiles in Third Watch - Einsatz am Limit (2003), Mathew St. Patrick in Six Feet Under (2003-2008), Courtney B. Vance in Criminal Intent (2004-2007), Rob Morrow in Numb3rs - The Logic of Crime (2005-2010), Carmine Giovinazzo in CSI: NY (2005 –2014), Omar Epps in Dr. House (2006–2012) and Resurrection (2014–2015), David Spade in Meine wilden Töchter (2004–2006), Rules of Engagement (2009–2014) and Tabaluga in the animated series of the same name. For his dubbing of Thomas Lennon in Reno 911! Wunder was nominated for the 2004 German Dubbing Prize in the category “Outstanding Male Dubbing” .


Parallel to his work as a dubbing actor , Wunder directs dialogues, which he describes as a further focus of his work in the dubbing studio. For Departed - Unter Feinden he was nominated for the German Dubbing Award 2008 in the category “Outstanding Dubbing Director”. He was also responsible for the German-language versions of many cinema productions, including the film series American Pie and The Chronicles of Narnia , for The Legacy of the Knights Templar (2004), Miami Vice (2006), The Legacy of the Secret Book (2007) and Avatar - Aufbruch nach Pandora (2009) and for the television series CSI: NY , Criminal Intent , Life and Weeds . The latter was awarded the German Synchronous Award in 2008 in the category “Outstandingly synchronized TV series”.

Audio productions

In addition to dubbing, Wunder is active in advertising, computer and radio play productions, including as Don Harris in the Jason Dark series Psycho-Cop , as Nate Bonnett in the computer game series The Book of Unwritten Tales and in alternating guest roles in Lady Bedfort and the radio play series Geisterjäger John Sinclair published by Lübbe -Audio , in which he took over the speaking role of John Sinclair in the Classics episodes from episode 10 and in Edition 2000 from episode 101 (formerly spoken by Frank Glaubrecht ).

From 2005 to 2010 he spoke to student Kim Schmittke / Florian Bogner in the up to then 41-part mystery series Revelation 23 , but in 2012 he declined to participate in other planned episodes due to reasons of age and lack of time. In 2012 he played the role of Haytham Kenway in the action adventure game Assassin's Creed 3 .

As an audio book interpreter, Wunder set to music, among others, House Without Traces by Viktor Arnar Ingólfsson (2007), Die Chronik der Immsterblichen by Wolfgang Hohlbein (2008), the Alex Cross series by crime author James Patterson , the Parker series by Richard Stark , the Millennium series. Trilogy by Stieg Larsson and the Punktown series by Jeffrey Thomas . Since The Rushed Watchmaker (2007) Dietmar Wunder has also regularly interpreted novels by Jeffery Deaver . In the audio book adaptation of the autobiography Heath Ledger - The Last Days (2009) Wunder acted as the narrator.

List of productions

List of synchronous roles (selection)

For Daniel Craig

For Don Cheadle


2011: Cars 2


Dietmar Wunder lives in Berlin with his wife and two children. His son Joshua Wunder and daughter Nisha Wunder also work as voice actors.

His brother Christian Wunder is the managing director of the Berlin dubbing company RC Production Kunze Wunder GbR .

Before Dietmar Wunder became an actor and voice actor, he trained as an optician and also worked in this profession. At the same time he went to drama school.


Nomination in the category "Outstanding male dubbing" for Thomas Lennon in Reno 911!
  • German Prize for Synchron 2008:
Nomination in the category “Outstanding dubbing directing” for Departed - Unter Feinden
  • Synchron-Listener Award The Silhouette 2008:
Award in the category "Best Dubbing Actor - Film" for Daniel Craig in James Bond - Casino Royale
Award in the category "Best Reading (Children / Young People)" for The Chronicles of the Seekers of the World - The Palace of Poseidon by Thomas Thiemeyer
Nomination for Guilty by Jodi Picoult

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