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19th century studio in the Braith Mali Museum in Biberach an der Riss

A studio , from the French for workshop , is the workplace of a creative person, for example the workshop of an artist or photographer , or a production facility like a film studio .

In a broader sense, it also refers to rooms that are suitable for living and working.

In an artist's studio (painters, photographers, fashion designers etc.), good exposure to daylight is of crucial importance; therefore, roof studios facing north are often used, which results in an even incidence of light.

Hans Makart's studio around 1875

The studio is often not only place for production, but often also for the self-presentation of the artist. A famous example from the period of historicism is the Viennese studio of Hans Makart (1840–1884), which also hosted legendary studio parties.

Ateliers in Art

From the 19th century on, studios were themselves motifs of pictorial representation. Well-known artists who have used their studio in their works are, for example:

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