Saw (2003)

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Original title Saw
Country of production Australia
original language English
Publishing year 2003
length about 10 minutes
Director James Wan
script James Wan
Leigh Whannell
production Darren McFarlane
music Charlie Clouser
camera Martin Smith
cut James Wan
Neil Monteith
  • Leigh Whannell : David
  • Paul Moder: Police officer
  • Katrina Mathers: nurse
  • Dean Francis: Victim

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Saw (. English for Saw ) taken retrospectively as 0.5 Saw known, an Australian short film from 2003. The Horror - Thriller is the precursor of the film series Saw , which consists of eight films. Directed by James Wan . The script was co-written by Wan and Leigh Whannell .

The short film was also released on DVD in the 2nd edition of Saw: The Uncut .


David, a male nurse, is interrogated by a plainclothes policeman. He reports that he was overwhelmed and locked in a tiled room on the way home. His head was stuck in a kind of inverted bear trap that would burst his head when a period of time expired. A doll that he could see on a monitor explained this to him and also that he would have to cut the key to open the trap out of the belly of his dead cell mate in order to survive. David was able to free himself from his handcuffs and had to find that the cell mate was breathing and was apparently only numb. David opened the body anyway and was able to free himself from the trap. Now the doll appeared and congratulated him on his survival and claimed that he was grateful to be alive from now on.

The film ends with the unanswered question from the policeman whether David is really grateful to have survived.


The film was mainly produced in order to be able to advertise interested parties such as actors and studios who wanted to turn this concept into a full-length horror film . Lionsgate ultimately secured the rights and produced a completely independent film, except for a few similarities, but with the same title and Leigh Whannell as the screenwriter of the first three Saw films.

The music was also contributed by Charlie Clouser .

Saw IV and Saw V made it into the top 10 most successful films by Lionsgate, Saw II , Saw III and Saw 3D - Completion even made it into the top five.

Comparison with Saw (2004)

  • Leigh Whannell plays David in the short film. In Saw , he takes on the role of Adam Stanheight .
  • The reverse bear trap scene can be found in Saw with Amanda Young .
  • Leigh Whannell wrote the scripts for both films and James Wan directed.
  • In both films, the main plot takes place in a bathroom, although the bathroom from the short film is significantly larger.
  • Almost the entire short film was copied in one scene for the first Saw film.
  • The central character of the film series, John Kramer alias Jigsaw, does not appear in the short film, but its eerie doll Billy does.

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