Conjuring - The Visitation

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German title Conjuring - The Visitation
Original title The conjuring
The Conjuring.jpg
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2013
length 112 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director James Wan
script Chad Hayes
Carey Hayes
production Rob Cowan
Tony DeRosa-Grund
Peter Safran
music Joseph Bishara
camera John R. Leonetti
cut Kirk M. Morri

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Conjuring 2

Conjuring - The Visitation (Original title: The Conjuring , literally "The Conjuring") is an American horror film directed by James Wan from 2013 , which marks the beginning of the Conjuring universe . Chad and Carey Hayes wrote the script, which is based on the stories of a farming family in Rhode Island . The film opened on July 19, 2013 in the USA and on August 1 in Germany.


In 1971, Carolyn and Roger Perron move their five daughters into an old farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island . At first, the move in goes smoothly, although the family dog ​​refuses to enter the house and one of the daughters finds a boarded-up basement entrance.

The next morning, Carolyn wakes up with an unexplained bruise. The dog is also found dead. Various paranormal activity occurs over the next few days. These culminate in a night while Roger is not at home: Carolyn is locked in the basement and encounters a childlike ghost. At the same time, a ghost in the form of an elderly woman attacks one of the daughters.

Carolyn contacts well-known paranormal investigators, Lorraine and Ed Warren . The Warrens conduct an investigation and determine that the house is in need of an exorcism . However, this could not happen without further evidence and without authorization from the Catholic Church.

While investigating the house, Ed and Lorraine discover that the house once belonged to a woman accused of witchcraft named Bathsheba. She hanged herself after cursing anyone who would take her property in the future. Investigators also discover reports of various murders and suicides in houses that have since been built on the property.

Ed and Lorraine, accompanied by their assistant and a police officer, return to the house to collect the additional evidence required to carry out the exorcism. For this purpose, the entire house will be prepared with cameras, sound recording equipment and light barriers. That night one of the daughters sleepwalked into her sister's room and reveals a secret passage behind a wardrobe. Lorraine enters the path and breaks through the floorboards into the basement. There she sees the ghosts of mothers who brought Bathsheba to kill their own children.

Lorraine and Ed present their investigation to a priest friend to obtain the exorcism while the family seek refuge in a hotel. However, Carolyn is already possessed and drives back to the house, two of her daughters with her in the car. Ed and Lorraine rush back to the house, where they find Carolyn, who is preparing to stab April, one of their daughters. After Carolyn can be overpowered with the help of everyone involved, Ed decides to carry out the exorcism himself because the priest cannot arrive in time. However, Carolyn escapes and tries again to kill April. Lorraine manages to stop the possessed Carolyn from killing her daughter by reminding her of a special experience with her family. This enables Ed to successfully end the exorcism and thus save Carolyn and her daughters.



Production of Conjuring began in early 2011. In early June that year, reports surfaced that James Wan would be directing. This was later confirmed by Warner Bros. It was also stated that the film was loosely based on the life events of Ed and Lorraine Warren. In January 2012 it was announced that Ron Livingston and Lili Taylor were starring in the film, which was produced at the time under the working title The Untitled Warren Files Project . The film was shot in Wilmington , North Carolina in March 2012.

The real Lorraine Warren makes a brief guest appearance. She's in the front row at the lecture Carolyn is attending.


Warner Bros. initially wanted to release the film in early 2013, but then decided to launch it in the summer after a positive response from a test audience. A movie trailer was first unveiled at New York Comic Con 2012.


"[...] Conclusion: The scariest film of the year."


“Ed and Lorrain Warren are historical figures , and Conjuring proudly wears it on their chests. And the platform case should also correspond to facts. It remains to be seen whether Wan needs this pseudo-realistic premise for his film. Ultimately, it serves him primarily as a pretext to nestle completely into the images and sounds of the early 1970s under the guise of historical accuracy. Conjuring is visually a nerdy fanboy affair that pays uninterrupted reverence to its cinematic ancestors: from camera zooms that have long been out of fashion, typography that tastes like The Exorcist , Catholic mysticism and vulgar Latin babbling madmen to the final attack by flocks of wild birds à la Hitchcock the references. "

- - the film site

“James Wan is not reinventing the horror genre. He doesn't have to, he spices with existing ingredients and cooks a tasty genre mix of drama and horror that captivates and shocks until the blood freezes. "


“With its autumnal color palette, the unobtrusively staged 70s décor, the wobbly dissonant score, for the composition and arrangement of which the archives of New Music were visibly rummaged extensively, 'The Conjuring' is a kind of dignified coffee table book for the connoisseur of the occult horror film of the 70s. (...) Nevertheless, slight doubts creep in: As the running time progresses, 'The Conjuring' seems a bit like the album of a butterfly collector who meticulously takes inventory. There should be something of everything. "

- pearl divers

“Solid horror film that approaches the" Haunted House "topic in a simple way, but with great seriousness and an atmospheric visual language. In doing so, he relies more on carefully constructed tension arcs than on shock effects. "


Continuation and spin-offs

Even before it was released, New Line Cinema reported in June 2013 about plans for a sequel if the film was successful. Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson have already agreed and signed contracts for a possible continuation of their roles. The screenplay for the sequel was written by James Wan, Chad and Carey Hayes, and David Leslie Johnson. Conjuring 2 opened in German cinemas on June 16, 2016.

In November 2013 it was announced that the Annabelle doll would be an offshoot of the same name that would explain the origins of the eerie doll. Director of photography is to be directed by cameraman John R. Leonetti . Filming was scheduled to start in spring 2014. In January 2014 it was announced that Annabelle Wallis and Ward Horton will star in the film, while James Wan will serve as executive producer. In the same month Brian Howe and Eric Ladin were signed for additional roles. After filming began in the last week of January, Alfre Woodard joined the cast a few days later. The American theatrical release was on October 3, while the film was shown in Germany from October 9, 2014. Annabelle 3 followed in 2019.

In November 2013 it was also announced via that Warner was planning two more spin-offs and would like to expand Conjuring as a franchise . Annabelle 2 , a prequel to the 2014 film, was released in 2017 .

Another spin-off in the series followed in 2018 with The Nun . Bonnie Aarons can be seen here again in the role of the nun.

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