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Point Whitmark
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Radio play from Germany
Year of production 2001, 2004–2015, 2019–
genre Youth series / crime thriller
consequences 42 radio plays, 6 books
production Volker Sassenberg
Publisher / label Decision Products / Sony Music
author Bob Lexington (story),
Volker Sassenberg (idea),
Raimon Weber (up to episode 15),
Andreas Gloge (from episode 16)
Machining Volker Sassenberg
Director Volker Sassenberg
music Volker Sassenberg,
Markus Segschneider,
Matthias Günthert,
Manuel Rösler
  • Narrator: Jürg Löw
  • Jay Lawrence: Sven Plate
  • Tom Cole: Kim Hasper
  • Derek Ashby: Gerrit Schmidt-Foss
  • Sheriff Baxter: Andreas Becker (9 episodes)
  • Deputy Cassandra Harris: Tanja Kuntze (7 episodes)
  • Deputy Nelson: Roger Trash († 2011) (5 episodes)
  • Wayne Hancock: Leopold von Verschuer (3 episodes)
  • Selma Metheny: Ingeborg Wunderlich (3 episodes)
  • Father Callahan: Heinz Ostermann († 2012) (10 episodes)
  • Director Reno: Jürgen Uter (2 episodes)
  • Billy "Billy Boy" Barks: Luis Fischer (4 episodes)
  • Prof. Dr. Muriel van Hoogen: Andreas Ksienzyk (3 episodes)
  • Mrs. Bushland: Ines Burkhard (3 episodes)
  • Sera Goodwinter: Isabella Lewandowski (7 episodes)
  • Kathy Goodwinter: Esther Münch (3 episodes)
  • Victoria Thornton: Sonja Spuhl (3 episodes)

Point Whitmark ( Listen ? / I ) is a radio play series for young people based on the stories of Bob Lexington. The series is produced and directed by Volker Sassenberg , who wrote the first 15 episodes together with Raimon Weber . Andreas Gloge has been co- authoring the series since episode 16 . In addition, from 2002 to 2003 selected episodes were published as a book by Xenos-Verlag . Audio file / audio sample

After production and sales were initially discontinued in 2015, further episodes appeared from April 2019.


Point Whitmark is a fictional small town on the Atlantic coast of the US state of New Hampshire . It is from there that the three boys Tom Cole, Derek Ashby and Jay Lawrence run their radio station , "It's called like the city". The broadcast is from an old lighthouse. In addition to working as journalists, they are repeatedly drawn into mysterious adventures, most of which take place in and around Point Whitmark. In later episodes the protagonists are also in other places.


  • Jay Lawrence - thoroughbred reporter, who fills the radio station Point Whitmark with life, suffers from a fear of heights and repeatedly utters absurd comments.
  • Derek Ashby - passionate bassist for the punk band Blind Drunk . No matter what happens - he never parted with his leather jacket.
  • Tom Cole - son of a ranger with a great technical mind.
  • Sheriff Baxter - keeper of law and order, who sometimes does not speak well of the three.
  • Deputy Cassandra Harris - Sheriff Baxter's employee, who has often helped the three in sticky situations.
  • Deputy Nelson - Also employed by Sheriff Baxter, collects harmonica in his spare time and is sometimes referred to as Sheriff Baxter's left hand because of his stupid manner .
  • Wayne Hancock aka Mr. Hawk - A charlatan and petty criminal who repeatedly crosses the paths of the Point Whitmark team, but who can skilfully pull himself out of the affair every time.
  • Selma Metheny: A deceitful esoteric expert.
  • Father Callahan - Catholic clergyman in Point Whitmark, who has traveled half the world and is always on hand with help and advice.
  • Director Reno - Director of Point Whitmark High School
  • Billy Boy - The horror from lower school is always there to drive his environment crazy with annoying questions and comments.
  • Prof. Dr. Muriel van Hoogen - Hermit scientist working on a perpetual motion machine .
  • Mrs. Bushland - owner of the lighthouse from which Jay, Derek and Tom broadcast their radio program.
  • Sera Goodwinter - friend of Jay, Tom and especially Derek.
  • Kathy Goodwinter - Owner of Kathy’s restaurant and mother of Sera.
  • Victoria Thornton - Derek's beloved. Her mother is a music teacher.

Guest speaker

Over time, some well-known radio play speakers appeared in the series, including Henning Schlüter , Rolf Jülich , Franz-Josef Steffens , Konrad Halver , Hans Paetsch , Wolf Rahtjen , Reinhilt Schneider , Werner Cartano , Utz Richter , Lutz Mackensy , Jochen Schröder , Barbara Ratthey , Klaus Sonnenschein , Gerd Holtenau , Horst Lampe , Uschi Hugo , Karl Schulz , Engelbert von Nordhausen , Regina Lemnitz , Eberhard Prüter , Frank Schaff , Liane Rudolph , Thomas Petruo and others. Many of the above appeared in multiple episodes.

Sequence index

Radio plays


Between 2002 and 2003 selected episodes were published as novels in book form. These were published by Xenos-Verlag.

Distribution partner

Point Whitmark kept having problems with its distributors. After the series was first canceled at edelKIDS as part of the restructuring of the company, the series was looking for a new sales partner. This was found in 2003 with the label Kiddinx . Kiddinx re-produced all episodes and also distributed five new episodes of the series until March 2006 the separation between Kiddinx and Volker Sassenberg was announced. Since then, Sassenberg has been looking for a new sales partner again.

On October 27, 2006, after a break of over a year, the 16th Point Whitmark adventure The Time of the Bone Catcher appeared at Carousel . On April 27, 2007, with the release of episode 18, distribution changed to the audio play labelsequence , which, like its predecessor, Karussell, belongs to the Universal Music Group . On June 22nd, 2011, consequences rich announced that the series from episode 32 onwards will no longer appear on this label. Since July 2011, new episodes of the series have been released by Sony Music and will continue to be produced by Sassenberg's radio play label Decision Products. After production and sales had ceased in 2015, Sassenberg announced in an interview on May 20, 2017 that new episodes of Point Whitmark would be released at the end of 2017 under the Sony Music label. Episode 41 with the title Return from the Dead Land was finally released on April 5, 2019.


  • Best children's and / or youth radio play 2006 (ohrkanus.de) for Der steinerne Fluch

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