Pappa ante portas

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Original title Pappa ante portas
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 1991
length 84 minutes
Age rating FSK 0
Director Loriot
script Loriot
production Willy Egger
Günter Rohrbach
Horst Wendlandt
music Rolf Wilhelm
camera Gérard Vandenberg
cut Annette Dorn

Pappa ante portas is a German comedy film from 1991 and, after Oedipussi (1988), the second feature film with Loriot in the leading role and as a director .


When Heinrich Lohse, Purchasing Director at "Deutsche Röhren AG", was given early retirement at the age of 59 after an absurd inventory purchase , his wife Renate's accustomed life, which was largely free of coronation, suddenly turned upside down. Heinrich would like to make himself useful in the household right away. However, since he only seems to know the economic world of large-scale industry, banal everyday situations regularly end in chaos. He is also exposed to the re-enactments of the neighboring Mielke sisters. This leads to escalating conflicts with Renate, while the 16-year-old son Dieter leads his own life anyway and only introduces his parents to a new girlfriend every few days. In a final attempt to cheer Renate up and save the marriage, Heinrich lets a friend from the advertising industry talk him into a surprise: The final part of the television series “The Schnakenburgs” is filmed in the house of the Lohses. At the same time, in order to gain some distance, Renate went to the chocolate bar manufacturer Ernst Drögel to take up a sideline job. But after a nocturnal discussion with Heinrich and when it turns out that Drögel is primarily interested in a love affair, she says goodbye by declaring that her home is the most important thing. When she comes home in this situation and finds a house that has been completely cleared and confiscated by the film team, she and Heinrich clash so hard that on the following trip to Renate's mother's birthday party they only communicate via Dieter.

At the birthday party, mutual enmity with the relatives leads to a reconciliation, and Lohses resolve to do something meaningful together in the future. The film ends with an amateurish recorder lecture by the two in the living room at home in front of Dieter and the housekeeper Ms. Kleinert.


Ahlbeck pier

The film Pappa ante portas was shot in 1990 in DEFA studios in Potsdam- Babelsberg , including in the Marlene-Dietrich-Halle of today's Babelsberg studios . The location for the exterior shots of the Villa der Lohses was a house in the Ahrenshooper line in Berlin-Zehlendorf , Renate's mother's birthday party took place on the pier in Ahlbeck .


The film title alludes to the phrase “ Hannibal ante portas! "(" Hannibal at the gates! "). Loriot said that this was "the most popular family fear call" in history and therefore fits well with the plot of the film. Heinrich, the first name of the main character, could be an allusion to “Heinrich! I grauts before you. " Be.

In addition to the main role of Heinrich Lohse, Loriot also plays a violin player on the street in various masks, the poet Lothar Frohwein at the reading and grandfather Hoppenstedt (from Loriot VI ) at his mother's 80th birthday. In his role as Lothar Frohwein, Loriot declaims the following poem Melusine , which became known beyond the film :

Kraweel , Kraweel!
Deaf ginst at the Musenhain!
Cloudy grove on Musenginst!
Kraweel, Kraweel!

When performing as a violinist, an excerpt ( Lento Allegro assai ) of the 19th Capriccio (Op. 1) by Niccolò Paganini can be heard.

The car with which Mr. Lohse is picked up at the beginning has - as a reference to Loriot - the license plate LO-RI 280.

When Ms. Lohse leaves the Klotz factory with Ernst Drögel, you can see in the background that the lighting on the L in the company name is defective, which is why “Kotz” can also be read.

Running gags

Son Dieter shows up regularly with a new friend.

The family dog ​​is only hinted at. Either only the dog leash can be seen or the wagging tail of it.

Another running gag is the pear Helene dessert, which is always ordered but never contains pear.

Film music

In the soundtrack, ironic quotes from Richard Wagner's works have been woven into the soundtrack as an allusion to Loriot's ancestors. B. the main motif of the Siegfried funeral march from Götterdämmerung (during the scene in which Mr Lohse, the injured tutor of the Schnakenburg family, is carried out of the house on a stretcher).

Commercial win

Around 3.5 million visitors saw the film in German cinemas . The film was awarded the Golden Screen in 1991 . Pappa ante portas was the seventh most successful feature film of the year and the most successful film produced in Germany in 1991.


“The pleasure, made up of sketches, glosses over the difficulties and quirks in the everyday life of early retirees and retirees with witty-fitting explanations. At the same time an opportunity for Loriot to demonstrate his witty jokes in a parade role. "

"Whimsically exaggerated everyday mishaps, sophisticated dialogue wit and an excellent sense of situation comedy - a first-class viewing pleasure with Loriot and Evelyn Hamann in parade roles."

- Prisma online film database

“For ten months the maitre wrote on the“ Pappa ”opus […] But nothing came out of it than a pack of toothless jokes, a trickle of senile skits in an awkward story. This unrealistic, old German philistine Lohse is not funny, he is just stupid and ridiculous. "

- Peter Stolle : The mirror


  • Loriot : Pappa ante portas. (Complete script with photos from the film and scenes from the shooting.) Diogenes, Zurich 1991, ISBN 3-257-01886-X .

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