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Thomas Bräutigam (* 1958 in Bayreuth ) is a German literary and media scholar .

Bridegroom studied Romance studies , German studies and journalism . In 1995 he was at the University of Berlin with a thesis on Hispanic Studies in the Third Reich doctorate . Thomas Bräutigam became known through his radio play lexicon , the first reference work of its kind after Reclam's radio play guide from 1969.

He is also a specialist in the field of German film dubbing and its speakers. In addition, he put the two extensive books Lexikon der Film- und Fernsehsynchronisation (2001) and Stars and their German Voices. Lexicon of Voice Actors (2009).

Thomas Bräutigam lives as a freelance author in Berlin.


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  • Lexicon of film and television synchronization. Stars and voices: who is dubbing whom in which film? More than 2000 films and series with their German voice actors , Berlin 2001. ISBN 3-89602-289-X
  • Hörspiel-Lexikon , Konstanz 2005. ISBN 3-89669-698-X
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