Merlin - The New Adventure

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Television series
German title Merlin - The New Adventure
Original title Merlin
Country of production United Kingdom
original language English
Year (s) 2008–2012
Shine Limited
length 45 minutes
Episodes 65 in 5 seasons ( list )
genre Drama , fantasy
Theme music Merlin's Arrival at Camelot
idea Julian Jones,
Jake Michie,
Johnny Capps,
Julian Murphy
production Julie Gardner ,
Bethan Jones
First broadcast 20 September 2008 (UK) on BBC One
first broadcast
October 17, 2009 on ORF 1 and RTL

Merlin is a British television series about the magician of the same name and his relationship with Prince Arthur . From 2008 to 2012, five seasons of the series were produced by Shine Limited on behalf of NBC Universal and BBC One . It was a huge hit both in the UK and internationally and was shown in 50 countries. The series finale aired in the UK for Christmas 2012.


King Uther Pendragon rules Camelot, who has declared magic a serious crime. Using magic is punishable by death. This doesn't make it easy for young Merlin, who recently moved to town. He lives with the court doctor Gaius, who quickly recognizes his magical abilities, but takes him under protection at every opportunity.

It doesn't take long for Merlin to meet Prince Arthur for the first time. After the first argument between the two, they avoid each other, but when Merlin saves Arthur's life, Uther determines that Merlin will be Arthur's servant as a reward. At first both are not very enthusiastic, but soon a friendly relationship develops, which both of them often refuse to admit. Merlin learns from a dragon who lives in captivity under Camelot that it is his destiny to protect Arthur and to stand by him on his destined path.



Merlin comes to Camelot in the first episode of the series and moves in with the court doctor Gaius. He begins to quarrel with Arthur and is therefore pilloried several times, but when he saves Arthur's life, King Uther gives him the job as a servant to Arthur. At first he is not at all enthusiastic about the king's decision, but begins to come to terms with it. Already in the first episode you learn that Merlin has magical powers, but magic is forbidden in Camelot with the death penalty. Merlin does magic anyway, because he has to save himself and his fellow men from many dangerous situations. Merlin knows little about sword fighting, Arthur's duty and passion, and is initially clumsy as Arthur's servant, but gradually gives in. He is sometimes clumsy, but extremely helpful.

In the episode "Merlin and the Druid Girl" in the second season, he frees a druid from a cage and risks his life for her. Merlin has an unusual connection to Morgana, the ward of Uther Pendragon, as she learns in the second season that she has magical powers and must hide them like Merlin. At the end of the second season, Merlin learns from the dragon that Morgana has to die to save Camelot. However, Merlin finds it very difficult to poison them. He has a chance to kill her on several occasions, but saves her every time. He is a loyal friend to Prince Arthur and ends up in the pillory three times in the first season of the episode "On the Way to Avalon" because he lies to protect Arthur. Merlin learns from the great dragon, whom he often asks for help, that he and Arthur are connected. It is his fate to protect Arthur's life, as only he can improve life in Camelot. The druids and some other magical beings call Merlin Emrys.


Uther Pendragon is the King of Camelot and Arthur's father. He is also Morgana's foster father and, as it turns out later, her birth father. Since Uther's wife died of sorcery, Uther decided to keep Camelot away from sorcery. Uther is strict and often unjust. He has to constantly prove his power. He's tough on Arthur and keeps claiming that Arthur is not yet ready to inherit the throne. Uther loves Arthur, but can rarely show it.

When Uther learns that Morgana has become an evil sorceress, he just sits there, is sad and can no longer rule. Morgana only wants one thing: Uther Pendragon's death and the place on the throne. When Uther is seriously injured in one last rebellion while trying to protect Arthur's life from a murderer, Arthur, after much hesitation, decides to seek help from a wizard. He looks for the magician Emrys (Merlin's older form) and asks him to help his father. Emrys only agrees on one condition that the sorcery be allowed in Camelot. Morgana can prevent Uther's healing with an enchanted chain and turn the healing spell into a death spell. With Uther's death, Arthur's hatred of sorcery grows and there is no longer any possibility of releasing it. Arthur later brings his father back from the realm of the dead with the help of a magical horn. However, his father's spirit is disappointed in his son's rule and his marriage to Gwen. He begins to haunt Camelot and cause strife. But Arthur and Merlin manage to use the horn to send Uther back to the realm of the dead.


Arthur Pendragon is the son of King Uther and initially acts like an arrogant nobleman. He likes to order Merlin around and is easy to provoke. Over time, however, it becomes clear that he is actually an extremely good-hearted person. Arthur is Camelot's best fighter and is hard to beat when it comes to courage. He honestly wants to earn his fame and his victory, as you learn in the second season episode "On behalf of Evil" when he finds out that the other knights let him win just because he is the son of the king. So he disguises himself as a farmer from another kingdom. As the series progresses, Arthur and Merlin become good friends, and Arthur would do almost anything to protect him, even if he doesn't like to admit it. If he has to, he even disregards his father's orders. Ultimately, Arthur even calls Merlin his best friend, and although he often mocks him for his supposed clumsiness, he enjoys his respect. When Merlin is kidnapped by Morgana in season four, he even sends a search party to rescue him. In the last episode, Merlin confesses to him that he is a wizard, whereupon Arthur initially feels betrayed, but finally he forgives him. Arthur's relationship with Morgana changes drastically as the series progresses. In the first season she goes in a more romantic than friendly direction, which is often expressed by either flirting indirectly or teasing each other. However, after the show's writers decided to change that because many people know Morgana as Arthur's sister and the series aired on the BBC at a kid-friendly time, she officially became his half-sister. Although they often quarrel and Arthur is often arrogant towards her, he has a strong protective instinct when it comes to her. So he doesn't let her go out of the castle, for fear she might be kidnapped again, or storms into her apartment because he thinks she is in danger. In the episode "The Crystal Cave" Morgana is badly injured on her birthday and we learn that Arthur grew up with her and that he "would give up his place on the throne so that she could see another sunrise". He is all the more affected when he learns that Morgana is a traitor and ultimately blames himself for not being there for her, but rather dealing with Gwen when Morgana discovered her powers and was afraid. From the betrayal to the season four finale, you get the impression he's starting to hate her. However, when they meet again for the first time since the conquest of Camelot, one sees a broken and deeply sad Arthur who doesn't want to fight her, but simply wants to know the reason for her betrayal and hatred of him. In the episode "Lancelot and Guinevere" in the second season you learn that Arthur is in love with Guinevere, known as Gwen. But he cannot be with her because she is a servant. After Morgana foresees Arthur's making Gwen his queen, she tries to prevent this from happening by bringing Gwen's old love, Lancelot, back to life. The day before Arthur and Gwen's actual wedding, she kisses Lancelot, enchanted by Morgana, which Arthur sees. He then banishes Gwen from Camelot. In the end, however, Gwen and Arthur find each other and get married at the end of the fourth season. When it comes to his late mother, Arthur is very quick-tempered as she died while giving birth. He himself does not know - but the viewer does - that Uther asked the sorceress Nimueh to impregnate his sterile wife Ygrainne so that he would have an heir to Camelot, but Uther overlooked the fact that one has to give one for a new life. Arthur himself doesn't have as much hatred of magic as his father. To see his mother, he agrees in the episode "The Birth Lie" that the sorceress Morgause uses magic to bring his mother to life for a few minutes. This tells him that Arthur was created by magic. At the end of the series, Arthur succumbs to his injuries from the final fight with Morgana. He was seriously injured by the former druid boy Mordred, but Arthur was also able to kill him. Merlin tried to save him until Arthur's death and wanted to heal him again at a magical lake, for which it was ultimately too late, as Arthur and Merlin were exposed to an attack by Morgana on the way to this lake, in the course of which she was attacked destroyed by Merlin. Any rescue came too late for Arthur. He only died in the presence of Merlin, who buried him shortly afterwards.


After her father dies in a fight, Morgana is the wards of Uther Pendragon. She sees more friends than servants in Merlin and Gwen. Although Arthur doesn't feel much for her at first, he does a lot for her. Over time (after the authors decided to do away with the possibility of a romantic relationship alluded to in the first season) a brotherly love developed between them. So both save each other's lives and Arthur's protective instinct often shows when Morgana expresses the desire to leave the castle for fear of being kidnapped again. Morgana and Uther often quarrel, which is why he had them locked up once in a while. For example, when Morgana and Gwen were riding to Morgana's father's grave, they were ambushed by robbers. The two were kidnapped because the kidnappers wanted to hand them over to a "king" who wanted to demand a ransom from Uther. Morgana manages to escape thanks to a trick, but when she has to leave Gwen behind, she demands that Uther send people out for Gwen, which ends in an argument. Morgana has constant nightmares that almost always come true. When she unintentionally causes a fire in her sleep, she thinks she is a witch and takes it to Gaius, who cannot help her with his potions either and denies any allusion she makes to sorcery. When she learns from Merlin where the druids, an ancient magical people, are, she finds protection and affection with them. When she “saves” Uther, she has to play the good girl again, who obeys her foster father, although she feels more and more hatred for him. She even plans an assassination attempt on him, which Merlin knows how to prevent. He poisons her and Morgana feels betrayed both by her brother Arthur, who had no idea what was happening to her and therefore turned to Gwen more than worrying about Morgana, and by her friends. When she is visited personally by her half-sister Morgause, who also has magical powers, she goes with her. In the episode "The King's Tears", the two Uther torture them with the fact that they want to weaken him with the help of a mandrake root that emphasizes delusions. Morgana becomes the wicked witch who wants to free Camelot from Uther Pendragon once and for all and has no idea who she is doing all the damage to. She learns that she is the real daughter of Uthers, so she realizes that she can ascend the royal throne herself. Any means is suitable for this. At the end of season four, Morgana and Arthur meet for the first time in two years. Morgana, who was not prepared to faint at the sight of Arthur's sad face, crumbled her facade for seconds and explains that she was angry because he, like his father Uther, rebelled against her and the magic. The conversation ends with an angry Morgana because Arthur said that both he and she are similar to Uther. She tries to kill him with a spell, which fails because Merlin previously took her magic powers away. On the run she defeated Gwen, but is injured by Merlin, whereupon she lies in the forest to die. However, the newly hatched dragon Aithusa brings them back to life by using his dragon breath. Three years pass between the finale of the 4th season and the start of the 5th season. The first episode of season 5 mentions that Morgana was held prisoner with Aithusa for two of the three years. She first allies with the wizard Ruadan, who is killed shortly afterwards. She also thinks that she has found a new ally in her old friend Mordred , but he betrays her and becomes a Knight of Camelot. Then she casts a spell on Gwen and makes her her spy at the king's court. For a long time Gwen investigates undercover for Morgana, but Arthur and Merlin see through this and bring Gwen back on their side. Morgana suspects that for all of her defeats only the wizard Emrys can be responsible, who according to a prophecy will be responsible for her death. When Mordred finally feels betrayed by Arthur, he returns to Morgana and tells her that Merlin is that Emrys. Then Morgana tries to get Merlin out of the way, but she doesn't succeed. In the Battle of Camlann Arthur is mortally wounded by Mordred, but manages to kill Mordred as well. Merlin wants to save Arthur, but they are caught in the forest by Morgana, because she enjoys Arthur's torments and wants to watch him die. Merlin overpowers Morgana and she is stabbed by him with the sword Excalibur .

While she is portrayed in the original Arthurian legend as King Arthur's lover and healer on the island of Avalon, due to the later belief of the church that there must be a devil, in the "real" Merlin legend she is considered the sorcerer's arch enemy, who fight again and again until death.


Gwen works as a maid for Morgana and the two are very good friends. When Gwen's father dies through Uther, a world collapses for her. Gwen first falls in love with Lancelot and later with Arthur. She is helpful and, even though she is only a maid, she sometimes clearly tells Arthur what she thinks. Over time, she realizes that she has to choose between Lancelot and Arthur. She is very hurt a few times by Arthur when she e.g. B. sees in the episode "Enchanted in Love" with Lady Vivian. But it turns out that Arthur was covered with a love spell. In the fourth season, in which Arthur is already the King of Camelot, the two fall madly in love, and so they decide to get married. Morgana intervenes and revives Lancelot to make Gwen fall in love with him again. Gwen is banished from Camelot on Arthur's orders. At the end of the fourth season, however, Gwen returns to Arthur's side because of the war, who realizes that he still loves and trusts Gwen despite her breach of trust, whereupon he makes Gwen his wife and thus also Queen Camelots Morgana's spell, thereby turning nasty and scheming against Arthur and Merlin to rule Camelot alone. She spies for Morgana and even murders an innocent person. Later, the spell is broken and Gwen is fine, but regrets her actions.


Gaius is the court doctor and a trusted councilor, but because of his low class he is not immune from suspicion and accusation. He teaches Merlin a lot about healing arts and magic, which he himself practiced earlier. He knows many secrets about Uther, Arthur and Morgana, which turns out in several episodes. For example, he was there when Arthur was born and knows the circumstances surrounding his mother's death, but he swore the king would never reveal this secret to Arthur. Gaius' knowledge of the old religion is often an occasion to warn the king about it, but almost nobody listens to him.


The synchronization of the series was created by the Deutsche Synchron Filmgesellschaft based on a dialogue book by Michael Nowka and directed by Frank Schaff .

main actor

actor figure Season episode Voice actor
Colin Morgan Merlin (Emrys) 1-5 1-65 Ozan Unal
Bradley James Arthur Pendragon 1-5 1-65 Gerrit Schmidt-Foss
Katie McGrath Morgana 1-5 1-65 Schaukje Könning
Richard Wilson Gaius 1-5 1-65 Jürgen Thormann
Anthony Head Uther Pendragon 1-5 1-42, 55 Thomas Nero Wolff
Angel Coulby Guinevere (Gwen) 1-5 1-65 Jelena Mitschke
John Hurt * Dragon (Kilgharrah) 1-5 1-65 Friedrich G. Beckhaus
Nathaniel Parker Agravaine 4th 40-52 Erich Rauker

* English dubbing voice of the Great Dragon

supporting cast

actor figure Season episode Voice actor
Knight Camelots
Santiago Cabrera Sir Lancelot 1-4 5, 17, 39-41, 48 Frank Schaff
Rupert Young Sir Leon 2-5 15-16, 19-21 25-30 38-65 Thomas Schmuckert
Eoin quirks Sir Gwaine 3-5 30, 34, 38-65 Viktor Neumann
Adetomiwa Edun Sir Elyan 3-5 33, 38-45, 47-58 Tim Knauer
Tom Hopper Sir Percival 3-5 39-45, 47-65 Dirk Bublies
Recurring characters
Caroline Faber Hunith 1, 4 1, 10, 13, 51
Michelle Ryan Nimueh 1 3-4, 9, 13 Sonja Spuhl
Michael Cronin Geoffrey (librarian) 1-4 5-6, 9, 18-19, 21, 29, 32, 35, 38, 41-42 Werner Ziebig
Asa Butterfield Mordred 1, 2 8, 16, 24
Alexander Vlahos 5 53-65 Nico Sablik
Emilia Fox Morgause 2-4 21, 25, 27-28, 31, 33-34, 36, 38-40 Irina Wanka (Season 2)

Elisabeth Günther (from season 3)

Tom Ellis Cenred 3 27-28, 33, 38 Sebastian Christoph Jacob

Episode actors (selection)

actor figure episode Voice actor
season 1
Eve Myles Mary Collins / Lady Helen 1 Britta Steffenhagen
Will Mellor Valiant 2 Jan-David Rönfeldt
Paul Kynman Sir Cador 4th
Julian Rhind-Tutt Edwin Muirden 6th Julien Haggège
Kyle Redmond-Jones Sir Owain 9 Tobias Nath
Rick English Tristan de Bois (Black Knight) 9
Alexander Siddig Kanen 10 Marcus Off
Joe Dempsie William 10 Marcel Collé
Frank Finlay Anhora 11
Cal Macaninch Tauren 12 Bernd Vollbrecht
season 2
Mackenzie Crook Cedric 14th Stefan Krause
Fintan McKeown King Odin 15, 56 Jan Spitzer
Adrian Lester Myror 15th Torsten Michaelis
Colin Salmon Aglain 16 Detlef Bierstedt
James Cosmo Stallion 17th Hans Teuscher
Sarah Parish Lady Catrina 18, 19 Anne Moll
Charles Dance Aredian 20th Christian Rode
Laura Donnelly Freya 22, 39 Jill Cooper
David Schofield King Alined 23 Uli Krohm
Mark Lewis Jones King Olaf 23 Eberhard Haar
Georgia Moffett Lady Vivian 23 Giuliana Jakobeit
Joseph Mawle Alvarr 24 Erich Rauker
John Lynch Balinor 26th Dieter Memel
season 3
John Hopkins Sir Oswald 30th Karlo Hackenberger
Karl Johnson Taliesin 31 Hasso Zorn
Georgia King Princess Elena 32 Julia Meynen
Season 4
James Callis Julius Borden 43 Tim Moeseritz
Lindsay Duncan Queen Annis 44 Sabine Arnhold
Gary Lewis Alator 46 Klaus-Dieter Klebsch
Charlene McKenna Lamia 47 Josephine Schmidt
Janet Montgomery Princess Mithian 50, 56 Jill Cooper
Terence Maynard Helios 50-52 Ingo Albrecht
Ben Daniels Tristan 51-52 Uwe Büschken
Miranda Raison Isolde 51-52 Katrin Zimmermann


The series was produced by Shine in collaboration with BBC Wales from March 2008 and used the French Pierrefonds Castle as the backdrop for Castle Camelot . On December 13, 2008, the BBC announced that Merlin had been renewed for a second season. Filming for the second season began in spring 2009 and ended in autumn 2009. The third season was filmed for the first time in high definition in Cardiff , Wales, and from April 8, 2010 in France at Pierrefonds Castle .

On October 25, 2010, BBC One extended the series for a fourth season. Production for it began in March 2011. At Comic-Con 2011 in San Diego , the BBC then announced the production of a fifth season for 2012, which could be seen between October 6 and Christmas 2012.

In November 2012, producers Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy announced despite good ratings that the series would end at the end of season five. They stated that the series' plot was designed for five seasons from the start.

In November 2012, it was reported that production company Shine was discussing a spin-off of the series. However, the series' developers, Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy, left the company after the series ended. Arthur actor Bradley James also excluded his participation.


Great Britain

The first season ran from September 20 to December 13, 2008 on BBC One . The second season aired between September 19 and December 19, 2009. The thirteen-episode third season ran from September 11 to December 4, 2010 on BBC One. The fourth season aired from October 1, 2011. The fifth and final season aired between October 6th and Christmas 2012.


In Germany, the broadcast of the first season was from October 17 to December 19, 2009 on Saturday afternoon on RTL . RTL then canceled the series due to bad ratings.

From October 13, 2010, the first season was repeated on Super RTL and the second season was first broadcast on December 22, 2010. The first two episodes of the third season were broadcast on March 23, 2011 after only a one-week break. The other episodes could be seen from October 12, 2011. The fourth season was broadcast in German from January 4, 2012 to March 28, 2012 on Super RTL. The fifth and final season was from February 13, 2013 on Super RTL. Merlin - Die neue Abenteuer was one of the most popular series on Super RTL in Germany.


In Austria, the first season was broadcast from October 17, 2009 to February 27, 2010 on ORF 1 .


The series was sold to 50 different stations and broadcast in 183 countries including Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, France, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey , Ukraine, USA, Greece and Vietnam.

Episode list

DVD release

  • Volume 1 (season 1 episodes 1-6) was released on December 3, 2009.
  • Volume 2 (season 1 episodes 7-13) was released on February 4, 2010.
  • Volume 3 (season 2 episodes 1-7) was released on February 25, 2011.
  • Volume 4 (season 2 episodes 8-13) was released on March 25, 2011.
  • Volume 5 (season 3 episodes 1-7) was released on November 25, 2011.
  • Volume 6 (season 3 episodes 8-13) was released on January 5, 2012.
  • Volume 7 (season 4 episodes 1-6) was released on February 24, 2012.
  • Volume 8 (season 4, episodes 7-13) was released on March 30, 2012.
  • Volume 9 (season 5, episodes 1-6) was released on March 23, 2013.
  • Volume 10 (season 5 episodes 7-13) was released on May 10, 2013.

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