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Anime television series
title Digimon Data Squad
Original title デ ジ モ ン セ イ バ ー ズ
transcription Dejimon Seibāzu
Digimon Savers.gif
Country of production JapanJapan Japan
original language Japanese
Year (s) 2006-2007
Studio Tōei animation
length 23 minutes
Episodes 48
genre Shōnen , adventure , science fiction , fantasy , comedy
Theme music Gou-ing! Going! My Soul !! by Dynamite SHU (1st opening credits)
Hirari by Kōji Wada (2nd opening credits)
idea Akatsuki Yamatoya, Michiko Yokote, Ryota Yamaguchi
production Atsushiya Takase (Fuji TV), Atsutoshi Umezawa, Hiroaki Shibata, Koji Kaneda, Shinichi Ikeda
music Keiichi Oku
First broadcast April 2, 2006 on Fuji TV
first broadcast
November 30, 2007 on RTL II

Digimon Data Squad ( Jap.デジモンセイバーズDejimon Seibāzu , "Digimon Savers" ) is the fifth anime - series of Digimon - franchises . It was produced by the Toei Animation studio and broadcast on television in Japan and several other countries, including Germany.


World and technology

The world and technology of Digimon Data Squad are essentially based on that of the first series and expand it.

Not much is known about the Digiwelt in which the Digimon live. It is monitored by a computer program called Yggdrasil , which is a kind of god for the Digimon, and is separate from the human world. But there are digitors that create a connection between the worlds and that can be artificially opened, but also sporadically arise by themselves. In the fight defeated Digimon will Digieiern and after some time reborn from this, but can not remember her life itself. However, if the Digimon are destroyed, the Digimon is definitely dead.

The Digivice of the main characters of the series is called "Digivice iC", or later further developed "Digivice Burst". For the first time, the respective Digimon partners can be stored there. The Digivice essentially serves to transfer the Digisoul , i.e. the mental power of the human partner, to the Digimon so that it digits.

Digimon can also digitize in Digimon Data Squad in order to achieve a new level and thus more combat power. In contrast to the previous seasons, only the first digitation to a new level is associated with difficulties until the Ultimate Evolution . Therefore, the next higher digit replaces the previous one almost completely. The Digimon partners of the main characters carry out the following digitations in the course of the series:

Note: Since the names of the digitations can only be read as text on the digivices and are not mentioned, the localized German names are not known.

Digitation / evolution

During the Digitation, a Digimon of rookie level digits to champion level. In order to be able to carry out this Digitation, the Digisoul of the human partner must be charged. As a rule, this happens through his determination, only Marcus Damon has to land a direct hit on the opposing Digimon with his fist.

Perfect Evolution

The Perfect Evolution is the digitation from the champion to the ultra level. It happens through the particularly high charge of the digisoul, i.e. a strong emotional excitement and great determination of the human partner.

Ultimate evolution

The further developed Digivice iC Burst is required for the ultimate evolution from the rookie to the mega-level. In order to be able to carry it out, the human partner must be able to control his Digisoul and thus his emotions and to focus them specifically on the Digimon.

Burst mode

In Burst Evolution, a mega-level Digimon switches to burst mode. His strength is directly linked to the mental strength of the human partner. So it can clearly exceed that of an ordinary mega-level digimon. If the concentration is insufficient, the Digimon can become uncontrollable or even turn into a Digiei again.


Around 10 years before the series began, the Crier couple managed to open a Digitor. However, her son Keenan Crier was drawn into the Digiwelt. Together with other researchers and soldiers they went to the Digiwelt to look for the child and to find out more about the Digiwelt. After everything initially went according to plan, Prof. Akihiro Kurata , one of the researchers on the expedition team, attacked a Digimon out of panic. From that moment on, the Digimon saw humans as enemies and attacked them.

With the help of an oscillation bomb, the team was able to open a digitor and escape, Dr. But Spencer Damon stayed behind. This met Merukimon and concluded with him a peace agreement between humans and Digimon. Then he began to search for Yggdrasil, the ruler of the Digiworld, and met BanchoLeomon who accompanied him. Just as he had found Yggdrasil, however, Prof. Kurata reappeared elsewhere and attacked the digiworld with the artificial Digimon Gizmon he had developed . Yggdrasil then wanted to kill Spencer Damon, but BanchoLeomon managed to save his soul.


The street fighter Marcus Damon accidentally meets Digimon Agumon, who entered the human world through a Digitor, and starts a fight with him. In the end, however, both of them become friends. In order to prevent Agumon from being sent back to the Digiwelt, Marcus joins the DATS ( Digital Defense Tactics Special Unit ), which is responsible for repelling Digimon invading the human world and for keeping any incidents secret from the public. He joins a team with Thomas Norstein, with whom he doesn't get along very well at the beginning, and Yoshino Fujieda, who also have Digimon partners.

Together, the three repeatedly fend off Digimon attacks and send the Digimon eggs back to the Digiwelt. Only when Merukimon appears one day, the team fails and has to withdraw. Then the team of three goes to the Digiwelt to face Merukimon again. It meets Keenan Crier, who accidentally came to Digiwelt as a baby and was raised there by Digimon. He considers himself a Digimon and has a great hatred of all people because Prof. Kurata killed his Digimon mother Frigimon . Merukimon is disappointed with people as they see the Dr. Spencer Damon, Marcus' father, broke the peace treaty and attacks the DATS team. But this manages together with Keenan to flee into the human world.

After the friends have made it clear to Keenan that he is human himself and have converted him to their side, they dare to try again together with Prof. Kurata from DATS. Merukimon informs Marcus and his friends about the past and Prof. Kurata's cruelty, but he kills Merukimon, destroys his egg and plans to wipe out the entire Digiwelt.

Back in the human world, Prof. Kurata dissolves the DATS, takes Marcus, Thomas, Yoshino, Keenan and their Digimon prisoners and wants to attack the Digiwelt with his improved Gizmon XT . But the friends can escape with their Digimon and face Kurata. But he manages to gradually destroy almost all Digimon including their eggs, to transfer the collected energy to Belphemon , an old, demonic Digimon and finally to transfer his spirit into it. With the help of BanchoLeomon, the former DATS team and Keenan manage to digitize their Digimon to the mega-level and thus defeat Belphemon.

With the last of his strength, however, Prof. Kurata ignites several oscillation bombs at the same time and thus destroys the entire boundary between the digital world and the human world. Both worlds threaten to collapse and thus annihilate each other. BanchoLeomon gathers all its strength and manages to stop the process briefly. The newly established DATS team is now trying to ask Yggdrasil for advice, but he controls the body of Marcus father and is ruthless towards people because he does not forgive Prof. Kurata's behavior. At the same time he sends his royal knights to defeat the team around Marcus.

Their Digimon, however, reach burst mode, defeat some of the knights and face Yggdrasil. Eventually, BanchoLeomon reveals to Marcus that his father's soul resides within it and it sacrifices itself to stop Yggdrasil. But this is still alive, is now even stronger and of the opinion that both worlds no longer deserve to exist. With the strength of all humans and Digimon, Markus and Agumon finally manage to defeat Yggdrasil for good. Just as Marcus is about to tell his mother and little sister that his father did not survive the fight, the latter appears again and explains that he was resuscitated by Yggdrasil with his last strength.

Now that the worlds are normalizing again and the transition is closing, the Digimon partners of the people believe that they should return to the Digiwelt in order to achieve the goal of creating a peaceful coexistence of both worlds. Just as they are about to leave, Markus shows up and explains that he wants to go to the Digiwelt together with the Digimon and ensure law and order there.

In the epilogue , which takes place five years after the events of the main plot , it is shown that Yoshino became a police officer, Thomas healed his sister and won the Nobel Prize for Medicine, Keenan now lives with his parents and his little sister and goes to school with Marcus' sister , and Marcus still lives in the Digiwelt and settles disputes between the Digimon there.


Marcus Damon ( Masaru Daimon )

14-year-old Marcus is brave, determined and self-confident, but often also reckless and cocky. He is a passionate street fighter and the leader of the DATS team. He lives with his mother Sarah Damon (Sayuri Daimon) and his little sister Kristy Damon (Chika Daimon) . His Digimon partner is also the very cocky Agumon .

Yoshino Fujieda

18-year-old Yoshino is happy and exuberant, but gives up quickly when problems arise. She is a member of the DATS team and has several sisters whom she used to be very often jealous of, but little is known about her further private life. Her Digimon partner is Lalamon , who is always concerned about her .

Thomas H. Norstein ( Thoma H. ​​Norstein )

14-year-old Thomas is the thinker of the DATS team. He is intelligent, athletic but rather solitary. His father, Franz Norstein , is an Austrian aristocrat. Thomas also has a little half-sister, Relena Norstein , who is dependent on a wheelchair due to an unknown illness. His Japanese mother was killed in an accident when he was little. His Digimon partner is the Gaomon, who is deeply subordinate to him .

Keenan Crier ( Ikuto Noguchi )

10-year-old Keenan accidentally came to Digiwelt as a baby and was raised there by Digimon. He therefore sees himself as such at first, but later also has a particularly strong relationship with them. He is brave and very emotional. His Digimon partner is the selfless Falcomon .


In the series, the original "partner" principle was resumed in the first three series, the chosen ones are not like in Digimon Frontier itself Digimon . Unlike in the previous series, the main characters are no longer based on those of the first series. However, the organization DATS is very similar to Hypnos from Digimon Tamers .


Television series

Digimon Savers was produced by the Japanese animation studio Toei Animation and took over the broadcasting slot of the anime Konjiki no Gash Bell on April 2, 2006 !! on Fuji TV . The series was broadcast Sunday morning until March 25, 2007, on which it was replaced by the fourth remake of the anime Gegege no Kitarō . All 48 episodes were broadcast in Japan using the NTSC standard .

The series ran in the US on the station Jetix on October 1, 2007 at 8:30 pm under the title Digimon Data Squad . Further broadcasts followed in Latin America , France , Italy , Denmark , Thailand and the Philippines .

The German-language first broadcast in Germany began on November 30, 2007 and ended on February 14, 2008. The series was broadcast under the title Digimon Data Squad on the private broadcaster RTL II and ran in Pokito format from Monday to Friday afternoon at 2:45 pm. The television series was broadcast using the PAL method .

Changes in international broadcasts

The series was heavily edited in many of the countries where it was broadcast. In the US version, many of the Japanese names were Anglicized by the dubbing studio Studiopolis Inc., scenes that either contained violence or appeared to be insignificant were cut and dialogues and names changed. The past of the main character Marcus Damon (Masaru Daimon) as a street fighter has been completely removed. Furthermore, the original background music was removed and replaced with original compositions.

The German version was based on the Japanese original. Neither dialogues nor scenes were shortened or edited. For marketing reasons, however, the Anglicised names had to be used, which were specified by the Munich licensor CTM Concept-TV & Merchandising. In addition, only the first opening and closing credits are shown in the German version, although the credits have been shortened.

DVD release

KSM Anime also released Digimon Data Squad on DVD box after the first four seasons . Vol. One with the first 16 episodes in a limited slipcase was released on September 20, 2018. The second box with episodes 17 to 32 was released on January 24, 2019. Only the German dubbed version is included; as extras there are various trailers and picture galleries.


The German version of the television series was provided with German-language dialogues by the Berlin studios of MME Studios GmbH on behalf of RTL II .

Role (jp./dt.) Japanese speaker ( seiyū ) German speaker
Masaru Daimon / Marcus Damon Sōichiro Hoshi Julius Jellinek
Tohma H. ​​Norstein / Thomas Norstein Hirofumi Nojima Ricardo Richter
Yoshino Fujieda Yui Aragaki Julia Stoepel
Ikuto Noguchi / Keenan Crier Rie Kugimiya Nicolás Artajo
Captain Rentarō Satsuma / Commander Sampson Taiten Kusunoki Michael Iwannek
Miki Kurosaki Ai Nagano Anita Hopt
Megumi Shirakawa Yukiko Hanioka Anne Helm
Hiroshi Yushima / Chief Homer Yushima Yūichi Nagashima Frank Ciazynski
Professor Suguru Daimon / Doctor Spencer Damon Hozumi Gōda Julien Haggége
Chika Daimon / Kristy Damon Kokoro Kikuchi Lily Sumner
Sayuri Daimon / Sarah Damon Mariko Koda Susanne Geier
Agumon Taiki Matsuno Gerald Schaale
Gaomon Kazuya Nakai Timm new
Lalamon Yukana Nogami Daniela Reidies
Falcomon Chie Kojiro
Kudamon Nanaho Katsuragi Sarah Riedel
Kamemon Naozumi Takahashi
BanchōLeomon / BanchoLeomon Eiji Takemoto Gerrit Schmidt-Foss
Piyomon / Biyomon Haruhi Terada Anja Rybiczka
Gotsumon Ken Maeda
SaberLeomon Hitoshi Bifu Frank Muth
Mercurimon / Merukimon Kōsei Hirota Gerald Paradise
Professor Akihiro Kurata Masami Kikuchi Eberhard Prüter
Kōki Ken'ichirō Ōhashi Kim Hasper
Nanami Ryoko Ono Tanya Kahana
Ivan Takanori Hoshino Tilo Schmitz
teller Taiki Matsuno Dirk Mueller


For the series, the two opening credits “Gōing! Going! My Soul !! " (強 ing! Going! My soul !!) by Dynamite SHU and " Hirari " (ヒ ラ リ) by Kōji Wada . For the credits were "One Star" by Ito Yosuke and "Ryusei" (流星) used by MiyuMiyu. The last episode ends with the first opening title “Going! Going! My Soul !! " .

The opening credits of the German broadcast are underlaid with the melody of the Japanese opening credits with German singing, the song has the title “Give me a sign” . A 15-second cut of episodes and the opening credits with part of the opening credits is used as credits.

For the end credits of the film, Kōji Wada produced the title "Hirari" .


Toei Animation produced the film Digimon Savers the Movie Kyūkyoku Power! Burst Mode Hatsudō !! (デ ジ モ ン セ イ バ ー ズ THE MOVIE 究 極 パ ワ ー! バ ー ス ト モ ー ド 発 動 !!), directed by Tatsuya Nagamine. The film is only 21 minutes long and was released in Japanese theaters on December 9, 2006. It was released on DVD on April 25, 2007 and costs ¥ 1900.

In the film, the human world is attacked by an unknown force. All people are put to sleep with poisoned thorns. The three Digimon Agumon, Gaomon and Lalamon now have to fight on without their partners. They are supported by the girl Rhythm, whom they were able to save from the thorns. It turns out that the originator of the thorn attack is a particularly powerful, supposedly perfect Digimon named Argomon, against whom the four now fight together.

Video games

At the start of the new series, three new video games were also released that play against the background of the series. The first was Digimon World DS by Bandai , which in June 2006 in Japan for the Nintendo DS was released. This was followed by Digimon World Data Squad for PlayStation 2 in November and Digimon World Data Squad for Nintendo DS in March 2007 , both from Bandai.

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