Love and other drugs - side effects included

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German title Love and other drugs - side effects included
Original title Love and Other Drugs
Love & other drugs.png
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2010
length 112 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
JMK 14
Director Edward Zwick
script Edward Zwick
Charles Randolph
Marshall Herskovitz
production Edward Zwick
Scott Stuber
Marshall Herskovitz
Charles Randolph
Pieter Jan Brugge
music James Newton Howard
camera Steven Fierberg
cut Steven Rosenblum

Love and other Drugs - Side Effects Included is a 2010 American film directed by Edward Zwick based on the bestselling Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman by Jamie Reidy . The film was released in German cinemas on January 13, 2011.


Jamie Randall works in an electronics store. He is fired after sleeping with the manager's girlfriend. Jamie then works as a pharmaceutical representative at the Pfizer Group , where the Womanizer can use his trained charm particularly well. Jamie visits office assistants and gains access to a well-known doctor. After a while, he can convince the doctor to prescribe his patient Zoloft instead of Prozac .

While he is accompanying the doctor during his examinations, he meets the attractive Maggie, who suffers from Parkinson's disease . They get to know each other better, and a sexual alliance with heated quickies develops . Maggie repeatedly emphasizes that she wants to be free, because she doesn't seem to want to burden anyone with her illness. After Jamie had erectile dysfunction one night , Viagra happened to appear on the market some time later . Apparently Jamie is the right man to get the pills to the man.

Jamie's and Maggie's life suddenly becomes complicated when love gets in their way. You both choose a relationship. In time, Jamie understands how serious Maggie's illness is and how severely it will affect their lives together in the future; therefore he tries everything possible to learn about alternative therapies. He travels all over the country with Maggie, attending lectures and having her tested. Maggie is all too much, and she realizes that Jamie is not coping with her illness. She separates from Jamie, who initially allows this. After a while, however, he realizes that he needs her and she needs him, so he follows her towards Canada, and they end up getting back together. Jamie decides to study medicine instead of moving to Chicago for his job.


  • With Love and Other Drugs - Including Side Effects, director and screenwriter Edward Zwick found his way back to the genre in which he made his cinema debut in 1986 ( again like last night ) .
  • Filming began on September 21, 2009 in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania . The city was chosen for its medical history.
  • Hathaway believed that her nudity in the film wouldn't scare socially conservative people off, saying, “Just because nudity is such a controversial issue in America, people believe that when they're naked, they automatically put off conservative parts of America . But I give more credit to the American public. I think people are curious and they love love stories. I'm sure you will like it, even if it's a little daring. "
  • About 10% of all Parkinson's patients become ill before the age of 40. Accordingly, the film has a realistic background.
  • On a budget of $ 30 million, the film grossed about $ 10 million in the United States alone during the first weekend. Overall, the film grossed almost $ 32.4 million in North America, slightly more than its cost, nearly $ 103 million worldwide.


Considered by the press as a promising Oscar candidate early on, the reviews were mixed, but the main actors who played their roles convincingly were repeatedly praised. According to Rotten Tomatoes , 49% of the critics rated the film as positive. The film received 6.6 out of 10 points in the Internet Movie Database .

Filmstarts described the film as “a mediocre genre hybrid that rarely finds the lightness, absurdity and depth that it simultaneously strives for,” but praised the acting performance of Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway by “not just bare-chested and buttocks, but also through a lot of chemistry and playfulness ” .

The British magazine Empire wrote that the film waned towards the end and returned to the cliché after an unusual and interesting start ( "The film flounders in its final stages. After doing so much to be unusual it reverts to cliché, winding up with a big neat bow that was much more interesting as a tangle. " ).

The Aargauer Zeitung wrote: “There hasn't been that much bare skin in a US film for a long time”, but criticized the sappy happy ending: “The dissonant change of key, the sex fixation and the absurd happy ending make this moral romance so manic Rhythm, as if anyone had been upset with an overdose of Prozac. "

The American magazine The Hollywood Reporter accused the film of behaving like a patient who has stopped taking his medication (Edward Zwick's "Love and Other Drugs", an offbeat romantic drama set in the world of pharmaceutical sales, plays at times like a patient who has gone off his meds.) .


Golden Globe Awards 2011

Satellite Awards 2010

  • Nomination for Best Actor - Comedy / Musical: Jake Gyllenhaal
  • Award in the category Best Actress - Comedy / Musical: Anne Hathaway

Washington DC Area Film Critics Association

  • Nominated for Best Actress: Anne Hathaway

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