At the first time

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German title At the first time
Original title Knocked up
The first time. Png
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2007
length 129 (unrated 133) minutes
Age rating FSK 12
JMK 12
Director Judd Apatow
script Judd Apatow
production Judd Apatow,
Shauna Robertson ,
Clayton Townsend
music Loudon Wainwright III ,
Joe Henry
camera Eric Alan Edwards
cut Craig Alpert ,
Brent White

Successor  →
Always trouble at 40

For the first time (Original title: Knocked Up, English slang for: G eschwängert ) is a comedy film from 2007 by Judd Apatow , who directed and wrote the screenplay. The main characters are Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl .


Ben Stone, a 23-year-old from Canada who lives in the United States without a permit , does not have a job and lives on the scarce money he received as compensation ten years ago when he was hit by a postal vehicle. The somewhat infantile and not very ambitious Ben lives in a house with his friends who, like him, primarily only want to have fun and are not averse to drugs like marijuana or magic mushrooms . Together they have the plan to open a website that lists the exact duration of nude scenes by famous actresses in films.

Alison Scott lives at the house of her sister Debbie, who has a husband and two children. Alison is a responsible, ambitious woman who works for E! Entertainment Television is working and has just been promoted: instead of working as an assistant behind the camera, she will now interview celebrities in front of the camera. Alison wants to celebrate with her sister and they both go to a club that evening.

There they run into Ben and his friends by chance. Ben and Alison drink and dance together and finally end up in Alison's bed for the one-night stand . Ben is supposed to be using a condom , but has trouble putting it on. After the aroused Alison gets impatient, he throws it next to the bed and sleeps with her. The next morning, the two decide to go their separate ways, as they have little in common. Eight weeks later, Alison finds out that she is pregnant and contacts Ben about it.

A parallel plot shows the story of Alison's sister Debbie and her problems with her husband Pete. Debbie suspects Pete of infidelity. It turns out, however, that he only needs a break from married life every now and then and goes to the movies or plays fantasy baseball with friends without her .

Alison wants to keep the child and also give the relationship with the "loser" Ben a chance. Ben desperately wants a life together with Alison, since he has now realized that he loves her. Ben wants to take on responsibility and starts reading pregnancy literature and also finds a job as a web designer. He manages to break away from his regular marijuana intoxication and childish friends and looks for an apartment of his own.

After Alison can no longer hide her pregnancy from her employer, she is summoned to her boss. Surprisingly, this is not followed by being thrown out, but being transported to his own “pregnancy show”. The happy ending comes with the birth of their daughter.


The film is co-produced by Universal Pictures and Apatow Productions , the production amounted to 30 million US dollars . They were shown in US cinemas again on the opening weekend for over 30 million dollars . Total box office income is over $ 219 million, over 148 million (67.91%) in the US alone. The shooting was carried out under the working title Untitled Judd Apatow Project .


The film was shot in Los Angeles , Pasadena , Santa Monica and Las Vegas . At the Paseo Colorado Mall , the Huntington Memoriol Hospital in Pasadena, and the E! Entertainment Television studios were filmed indoors.


Debbie is played by Leslie Mann , who in real life is the wife of director Judd Apatow . Debbie and her husband Pete's children are played by Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow's actual daughters: Maude Apatow and Iris Apatow. Several well-known people have guest appearances in this film: Ryan Seacrest as the presenter and James Franco as a guest on the show “E! News ". Jessica Simpson , Jessica Alba , Andy Dick , Eva Mendes and Steve Carell as guests at the MTV Movie Awards . Steven Brill received a guest role as Ben's new boss.


  • Lead actress Katherine Heigl said in an interview that she didn't like the fact that women are portrayed in the film only as bitches and bad guys. She thought the film would have become “a bit sexist ” because it portrayed women as quarrelsome women who are uptight and lacking in humor, while men are lovable, silly and fun-loving types.
  • The official soundtrack Strange Weirdos: Music From And Inspired By The Film Knocked Up was composed for the film by folk singers Loudon Wainwright III and Joe Henry.
  • There are always film clips from Wild Things , Cheaper by the Dozen and Carrie - Satan's youngest daughter on TV screens.

movie theater

The world premiere was on May 21, 2007 in Los Angeles . The film was shown at the Seattle International Film Festival on May 26, 2007 and opened in US and Canadian cinemas on June 1. The cinema release in Germany was on August 23, 2007. On September 23, 2007, was screened for the first time at the Sea Film Festival in the Netherlands, before it was shown in theaters four days later. In Japan, the film was also previously shown at a film festival (on November 24, 2008 at the Old Town International Comedy Film Festival ) before it was released on December 20, 2008 in theaters.


The sequel to The First Time was released in 2013 under the name Always Trouble at 40 . Two trailers for Judd Apatow's comedy Always Trouble at 40 were released on December 11, 2012.


James Berardinelli wrote on ReelViews that the film was similar to the successful debut film by the director Virgo (40), Male, Looking ... The “often rough” humor is “really funny”. The film is also "surprisingly touching". wrote that the film was “a wonderful comedy about love and life”, that had “a big heart for outsiders” and “a perfect sense for funny situations”.

Cinema magazine wrote that the film was a "smart comedy with heart and mind" and a "mirror for anyone who has ever had a serious relationship". "The balance of unrestrained folly and deeper truths about the relationship between the sexes" makes the "charm of this romance."

The lexicon of international films judges: “A light-weight comedy that avoids the more delicate conflict materials of the subject. At best, the film makes you sit up and take notice through an outmoded understanding of roles when the woman becomes dependent on her partner and devotes a large part of her life to his "re-education" to become responsible citizens. "



The synchronization was carried out by Berliner Synchron GmbH in Berlin under the direction of Kim Hasper .

actor Dubbing voice role
Katherine Heigl Antje von der Ahe Alison Scott
Joanna Kerns Heike Schroetter Alison's mother
Andy Dick Rainer Fritzsche Andy Dick
Seth Rogen Tobias Kluckert Ben Stone
Harold Ramis Jürgen Kluckert Ben's father
Bill Hader Tommy Morgenstern Brent
Leslie Mann Bianca Krahl Debbie
JP Manoux Gerald Schaale Dr. Angelo
Louden Wainwright III Ernst Meincke Dr. Howard
Ken Jeong Stefan Krause Dr. Kuni
Tim Bagley Hans Hohlbein Dr. Pellagrino
Eva Mendes Sandra Schwittau Eva Mendes
Alan Tudyk Frank Schaff Jack
James Franco Kim Hasper James Franco
Jason Segel Olaf Reichmann Jason
Jay Baruchel Marcel Collé Jay
Jessica Alba Marie Bierstedt Jessica Alba
Kristen Wiig Victoria Storm Jill
Charlyne Yi Dorette Hugo Jodi
Jonah Hill Gerrit Schmidt-Foss Jonah
Martin Starr Julien Haggége Martin
Paul Rudd Norman Matt Pete
Ryan Seacrest Torsten Michaelis Ryan Seacrest
Maude Apatow Julia Igelbrink Sadie
Adam Scott Robin Kahnmeyer Samuel
Steve Carell Uwe Büschken Steve Carell
Craig Robinson Matti Klemm Doorman

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