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German title Bandidas
Original title Bandidas
Country of production USA , France , Mexico
original language English , Spanish
Publishing year 2006
length 93 minutes
Age rating FSK 6
Director Joachim Rønning
Espen Sandberg
script Luc Besson
Robert Mark Kamen
production Luc Besson
Jean-Michel Lacor
Ariel Zeitoun
music Eric Serra
camera Thierry Arbogast
cut Frédéric Thoraval

Bandidas is an American - French - Mexican western comedy directed by Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg from 2006. Salma Hayek and Penélope Cruz can be seen in the leading roles .


The action takes place in Mexico in the 1880s . Tyler Jackson is hired by New York's Capital Bank and Trust to secure land from indebted Mexican farmers needed to build a railroad line. To this end, he forms an alliance with a Mexican bank that is in financial difficulties. He uses rude methods and finally poisons the renowned Mexican banker Don Diego in order to secure control of the debts of the poor farmers. As the representative of the New York Bank and authorized representative of the merged Mexican bank, he is taking their land from the farmers at gunpoint. He doesn't shy away from murder either.

Don Diego's daughter Sara Sandoval does not believe in her father's natural death. She flees to evade Tyler's access. She wants revenge on Tyler, whom she blames for the death of her father, and decides to rob the little bank that used to belong to her father. During the bank robbery, she meets Maria Alvarez, who is also long-suffering: Her father was shot by Tyler's helpers and her farm burned down. Since fate has brought them together, they unceremoniously join forces for their campaign of revenge. With the help of the bank employees, the two manage to steal prey and escape. The money is intended to benefit the dispossessed and protect them from Tyler.

After this coup, in which they were more fortunate than sensible, both of them have to understand that such a bank robbery requires a lot more than the active help of well-meaning bank employees. The well-known bank robber Bill Buck therefore gives them the necessary skills and knowledge. Your plan to raid all branches of the New York Capital Bank and Trust can now be put into practice. They become “Bandidas” that are wanted in wanted letters.

Tyler Jackson hires the criminologist Quentin to investigate Don Diego's death. And he quickly comes to the conclusion that the banker was poisoned and joins the two bandidas. The trio now goes on a foray together and raids a number of banks, which are constantly tightening their security measures.

The main branch of the bank has even decided to move the entire gold reserves, consisting of gold bars from the Republica Mexicana, for safety with the train of the Nacionales de Mexico railway company. During the gold transport, Tyler, who now works on his own account, wants to get rid of his confidants. He threw the Mexican governor off the train and was threatening the banker of the New York banking company when he was caught by the trio. Sara and Maria can eventually isolate Tyler and then shoot them.


The production cost of the film were 32 million US dollars estimated.


Chris Cabin praised the collaboration between Salma Hayek and Penélope Cruz on, but criticized the portrayal of Steve Zahn. He also criticized the script and the direction. The film would completely lack tension and humor.

The lexicon of international films describes the film as "a lively mixture of quotation-rich Western, lustful homage and anarchist fairy tale, which thrives on the actors' apparent enthusiasm and entertains as a rock-solid mainstream film". According to Cinema , the "Western slapstick [...] doesn't take itself seriously for a second". The film is "an easily digestible female counterpart to male poser westerns like Maverick or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid ". The main actresses are "[z] wei sexy warhorse" in a "stereotypical, but heavily cast [n] Wild West Schwank".

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