ABF's - very best friends

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Episode of the South Park series
title ABF's - very best friends
Original title Best Friends Forever
Country of production United States
original language English
length 22 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
classification Season 9, episode 4
129th episode overall ( list )
First broadcast March 30, 2005 on Comedy Central
Director Trey Parker
script Trey Parker
production Frank C. Agnone II ,
Jennifer Howell (Supervisor)
music Jamie Dunlap ,
Scott Nickoley
cut Keef Bartkus

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ABF's - Best Friends ( . English Title: Best Friends Forever ) is the fourth episode of the ninth season and the 129th episode of South Park . The plot of the episode revolves around Terri Schiavo and won the Primetime Emmy Award in 2005 in the category "Best Animated Program (less than an hour)".


The episode begins with Eric Cartman waking his mother and persuading her to take him to the toy store before school starts to get one of the first copies of the newly released PSP , which should be available from 7 a.m. that day. Once at the store, however, Cartman realizes that a huge queue has already formed and the first - his friend Kenneth McCormick ("Kenny") - has been waiting since Friday. Cartman has to queue up and - unlike Kenny - doesn't get a PSP.

On the PSP, Kenny plays the game "Heaven vs. Hell" continuously and very successfully. While playing, he carelessly walks into the street in front of his house. When he has just reached level 60, he is run over and fatally injured by an ice cream truck - the driver of which is also playing "Heaven against Hell" at this moment. Kenny or his soul ascends to heaven . Once there, he is informed by Peter that his death was no accident and that Satan is planning an attack on the gate of heaven. Since the sky army was far outnumbered (ten thousand sky warriors to 10 billion Satan's warriors), God had created the PSP in order to find among the people the one who had the strategic abilities to defeat Satan's army. And since Kenny is the only person who has reached level 60 in Heaven versus Hell, he was chosen to lead the Heavenly Army into battle against Satan.

Kenny plays Heaven against Hell on the PlayStation Portable

At a meeting, Archangel Michael briefed Kenny on the strategic situation and his role in this battle ("In short, Kenny: you are Keanu Reeves !"). When he was just told how to command the sky army (using a gold PSP, just like in the game) and the news arrives that the hell army has been set on the march, the doctors in the earthly world succeed after almost one Day to revive Kenny. Thereby he or his soul is torn from heaven again. The doctor explains to Kenny's parents that all of their son's organs are working properly, but that they cannot talk to him and that he has to be fed artificially because he is in a persistent vegetative state ("like a tomato") due to dead brain cells (see also coma ). But his soul is still here ("I almost want to say: trapped in his body"). In heaven one is angry about Kenny's resuscitation and artificial feeding, because it is against nature or the will of God.

Meanwhile, Kenny's best friends Stanley Marsh ("Stan"), Kyle Broflovski and Eric Cartman are reading Kenny's will. In it, he bequeathed all of his possessions to Kyle and Stan. Cartman is awarded the PSP. When the attorney is about to read Kenny's wishes for life support at the end, he finds that he has misplaced the last page.

When Kenny's friends find out that he has not yet died, Cartman is shocked - after all, the PSP does not fall to him until Kenny's death. Cartman succeeds by an ABF chain - (ABF " A serial b este F riends", English BFF ". B est F riends F to convince a court that he was the instance to decide orever") whether or not Kenny is being artificially kept alive. Since he claims that Kenny had expressed a wish to him not to want to be artificially kept alive in such a case, the court orders the removal of the gastric tube against the parents' wishes. Stan and Kyle, seeing through Cartman's plan, decide to go to the press to get the feeding tube reinserted.

As expected, general controversy breaks out over Kenny's case. On the one hand, around Eric Cartman, there are supporters of the "ABF model" who want Kenny to die because that is exactly what his supposed ABF wants and otherwise the ABF chains would be completely pointless. On the other hand, around Kyle and Stan, there are those who do not want Kenny to be "killed" because removing the feeding tube would play God. While the demonstrators from both camps face each other in Kenny's hospital room and the whole thing is being broadcast live on television, Kenny's lawyer enters the scene and reads the last page of the will, which has since appeared again:

"Should I ever fall into a coma and be connected to life-support machines: please don't show me, for anything in the world, in this miserable state on television!" "

Kyle and Stan realize they have gone too far, that Cartman was right "for the wrong reasons" and they were wrong "for the right reasons". You decide to let Kenny die.

Kenny arrives in heaven just in time for battle. When Satan realizes that he cannot defeat the Heavenly Army, he orders the retreat. Kenny, who saved the entire universe from the forces of evil, is rewarded with a golden Keanu Reeves statue.

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