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Robert Anthony Rodriguez (born June 20, 1968 in San Antonio , Texas ) is an American film director , screenwriter , film composer and film producer of Mexican origin. He has also worked as a cameraman and film editor on some of his films . Since 2013 he has had his own television station with El Rey Network .

life and career

Due to poor grades, Rodriguez was not accepted into the film class after undergraduate studies at the University of Texas at Austin . Only after winning a local film festival with a video short film was he subsequently admitted to study film. After countless video films made as a teenager, he was able to shoot on real film for the first time. His first project was the 16mm short film Bedhead in 1991 , with which he won over a dozen film awards. During the 1991 summer vacation, he made the action film El Mariachi , inspired by the films of John Woo . He borrowed the 16 mm film camera for this shoot and as an actor he hired friends and acquaintances. Since he did without a crew and did everything on set himself, a budget of only $ 7,000 was enough for him. He made some of the money, $ 3,000, testing drugs. During the 30 days at the medical institute, he not only wrote the script, but also met one of its leading actors. After shooting the film in the Mexican city of Ciudad Acuña within two and a half weeks , Rodriguez initially unsuccessfully tried to sell it to Spanish-speaking video distributors in Hollywood. After a while, however, he found a large agency that recognized the potential of the film and got him a contract with Columbia Pictures . The studio put another $ 200,000 into the film to prepare for release and submitted it to various festivals. In January 1993, Rodriguez won the Audience Award as the greatest success at the Sundance Film Festival .

Rodriguez reports on his experiences in the book Rebel Without a Crew , which aims to show young filmmakers that films are possible without a large budget. Rodriguez founded the production company Los Hooligans Productions in Texas in 1991 together with producer Elizabeth Avellan in order to produce films from then on. In 2001 the company Troublemaker Studios was added.

His next film was Desperado , a continuation of the El Mariachi story . In the film, Salma Hayek had her first appearance in a major American film.

Rodriguez worked with Quentin Tarantino , with whom he is still close friends today, on the vampire thriller From Dusk Till Dawn . In 1998 Robert then shot the horror film The Faculty with Kevin Williamson .

Rodriguez had his biggest financial success to date in 2001 with the comedy Spy Kids , to which there were three sequels. At the end of 2003 he completed the mariachi trilogy with the film Sometime in Mexico . Rodriguez shot Spy Kids and Sometime in Mexico on the HDCAM system, making him one of the pioneers in the use of digital cinema cameras . He also no longer recorded his other films on film , but digitally. Rodriguez also plays a pioneering role in the field of "3D films". The film Mission 3D and later also the film The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl was filmed and published in 3-D using the 3D process.

In 2004, while filming Sin City , Rodriguez insisted that the comic book author, Frank Miller , also be featured as a director because he found his visual style to be formative to the film. Therefore, he resigned from the Directors Guild of America , as this refuses such mentions. In 2007, Rodriguez's contribution to the double-feature Grindhouse , called Planet Terror, appeared . The other part called Death Proof was shot by Quentin Tarantino . In July 2010 appeared the Rodriguez-produced sci-fi film Predators , a continuation of the movie Predator in 1987. In 2010 Machete published.

On December 13, 2013, his television channel El Rey Network launched in the United States, which can be received by 40 million households via cable or satellite. The television series From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, developed by him, also appeared there . The films The Jetsons , and Nervewreckers are currently announced . For the sequel to Machete , Machete Kills , he wrote the script with his brother Marcel and Kyle Ward.

For Rémy Martin and their cognac Louis XIII , he shot a short film with John Malkovich entitled 100 Years in 2015 , which is under lock and key until 2115.


Rodriguez is the guitarist of the band Chingon , which he originally founded only for the soundtrack to Sometime in Mexico . He also put together the soundtrack for Quentin Tarantino for Kill Bill 2 - for a fee of one dollar. In return, Tarantino guest-directed Rodriguez Sin City , also for a dollar.

Private life

From 1990 to 2007 he was married to the film producer Elizabeth Avellan , together they have four sons who have the unusual names Rocket Valentino, Racer Maximilliano, Rebel Antonio , Rogue Joaquin, and a daughter by the name of Rhiannon Elizabeth. Avellan was and is active as its producer. Together they run the production company Troublemaker Studios. Their collaboration began as early as 1990 in the production of the short film Bedhead , in which his ex-wife was still involved as an animator .

Rodriguez was engaged to the actress Rose McGowan until 2009 , who dedicated the chapter Destruction of her autobiography Brave to her relationship with him . There she describes him as a domineering and pathologically jealous tyrant who, among other things, demanded a polygraph test to clarify whether she was having a relationship with Quentin Tarantino. Rodriguez is a cousin of actor Danny Trejo . Trejo is a regular actor in his films, as are Rodriguez 'sisters, actress Angela Lanza and musician and actress Patricia Vonne .

Weinstein scandal

In the course of the numerous allegations of sexual harassment and rape by producer Harvey Weinstein published in October 2017, Rodriguez alleged in a statement to industry magazine Variety that he had deliberately cast Rose McGowan against Weinstein's will in his film Planet Terror , but not about it because of a confidentiality agreement can speak his true reasons. McGowan reported that he was raped by Weinstein and that he was blacklisted. Rodriguez's statement, which followed an earlier statement on , was received critically due to a number of contradicting statements, especially since the director continued to work with Weinstein later. McGowan himself had already published a tweet in 2016 that shows Rodriguez's later portrayal in a different light.


In Scream 4 there is a reference to Robert Rodriguez: He is listed as a director in the opening credits of the fictional film "Stab".

Awards and nominations

year Award category Movie Result
1993 American Film Festival Audience award El Mariachi Nominated
1993 American Film Festival Critic award El Mariachi Won
1993 National Board of Review Top 5 foreign language films El Mariachi Won
1993 Sundance Film Festival Audience Award - Best Feature Film El Mariachi Won
1993 Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize - Best Feature Film El Mariachi Nominated
1994 Independent Spirit Award Best debut film El Mariachi Won
1994 Independent Spirit Award Best director El Mariachi Nominated
1994 Premio ACE Best debut film El Mariachi Won
1996 Saturn Award Best director From Dusk Till Dawn Nominated
1996 Silver Scream Award Best movie From Dusk Till Dawn Won
1999 Berlin International Film Festival Berlinale camera Unit price Won
1999 ALMA Award Outstanding Latin American director of a feature film The Faculty Nominated
2002 ALMA Award Outstanding direction of a feature film Spy kids Won
2002 ALMA Award Outstanding script Spy kids Nominated
2003 ASCAP Award Top Box Office Films Spy Kids 2 - The Return of the Super Spies Won
2003 Imagen Award Best director Spy Kids 2 - The Return of the Super Spies Won
2003 Imagen Award Norman Lear Writer's Award Unit price Won
2003 Satellite Award Best movie song Sometime in Mexico Won
2004 ASCAP Award Top Box Office Films Mission 3D Won
2005 ASCAP Award Top Box Office Films Sin City Won
2005 Cannes International Film Festival Golden palm Sin City Nominated
2005 Cannes International Film Festival Prix ​​Vulcain de l'artiste technicien Sin City Won
2005 Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards Best cut Sin City Won
2005 Satellite Award Best camera Sin City Nominated
2005 Satellite Award Best cut Sin City Nominated
2005 Satellite Award Best film score Sin City Nominated
2005 Satellite Award Best tone Sin City Nominated
2005 Satellite Award Best visual effects Sin City Nominated
2005 Austin Film Critics Association Austin Film Award Sin City Won
2005 Austin Film Critics Association Best animated film Sin City Won
2006 ALMA Award Outstanding direction of a feature film Sin City Nominated
2006 ASCAP Awards Top Box Office Films Sin City Nominated
2006 Český lev Best foreign film Sin City Nominated
2006 Imagen Award Best director Sin City Nominated
2006 Imagen Award Best director The adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D Nominated
2006 Online Film Critics Society Award Best camera Sin City Won
2006 Online Film Critics Society Award Best cut Sin City Won
2007 Austin Film Critics Association Austin Film Award Planet terror Nominated
2007 ShoWest Award Director of the year Unit price Won


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