X-Factor: The incomprehensible

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Television series
German title X-Factor: The incomprehensible
Original title Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 1997-2002
length 45 minutes
Episodes 45 episodes in 4 seasons
genre Mystery , anthology
idea Lynn Lehmann
music Al Kasha
Moderation James Brolin (Season 1) ,
Jonathan Frakes (Seasons 2-4)
First broadcast May 25, 1997 (USA) on Fox
first broadcast
November 4, 1998 on RTL 2

X-Factor: Das Unfassbaren (Original title: Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction ) is an anthology - mystery television series of the US broadcaster Fox , which was produced from 1997 to 2002. In the first season, X-Factor: The Unbelievable was hosted by US actor James Brolin . From the second season, 1998, Brolin was replaced by Jonathan Frakes . In Germany it is broadcast by the private television broadcaster RTL II , in Austria by Puls 4 .

Structure and content

In X-Factor: The Inconceivable , five mysterious stories are shown in each episode, each of which is either based on true events or was invented by the authors of the series. The presenter of the show introduces each episode with an optical illusion that is supposed to describe the fine line between truth and fiction (so the topic of the show). After each story, the moderator offers the viewer options for explaining this unbelievable situation and questions it at the same time. At the end of the program, the viewer can guess which of the five stories are true and which are false. In contrast to the original version and other international versions of the series, the narrator, who was an integral part of the program, was removed and replaced by fading in the German version. Before each short story, he announced what would be shown in it or whether there was a commercial break. He also set the opening credits to music. In English, the narrator is spoken by Don LaFontaine for the first three seasons and by Campbell Lane for the fourth and final season .

It is usually unclear whether the stories described as true actually happened, as these can hardly be proven independently, such as the frequently told ghost apparitions . The events are difficult to verify because the information on the show about the time and space of the incident is imprecise. Most of the time, the sources are very imprecise and are limited to a geographic region that includes several US states and a decade, such as the US East Coast in the late 1970s. Other stories are about the bandits Frank and Jesse James , Abraham Lincoln , Robert Todd Lincoln , John Wilkes Booth and Edwin Booth .

The series is still very popular in German-speaking countries, which even led to the third and fourth seasons being broadcast synchronized in Germany before the US premiere. For the fourth season, due to its great popularity, a separate opening credits for the German version were also created. The original title music was removed and "Under Investigation I" by Simon Russell was used instead.

In 2012, after more than 14 years of repetition, it was found that the program, by mixing truth and fiction and declaring certain episodes as true, is harmful to minors and affects the development of under-twelve year olds. The episodes Red Eyes and The Woman in the Mirror are particularly scary .

Exemplary, supposedly true stories

Below are some exemplary stories that are referred to as true on the show:

  • The story Die Titan ( Titan ), which is about the novel Titan and its parallels to the sinking of the Titanic.
  • The story Praise the Lord ( A Joyful Noise ), in which all members of a church choir were late for a choir rehearsal and thus avoided a gas explosion in the church. Something like this happened on March 1, 1950 at the West Side Baptist Church in Beatrice, Nebraska. The probability of such a coincidence is given as 1 in 1,000,000.
  • The story The Funeral ( The Burial ), which says that the mother of Confederate General Robert E. Lee one year was declared before it is born dead about and should be buried. In fact, there are reports that something like this happened to Anne Hill Carter Lee. However, it is not clear whether this is an actual event or an urban legend .
  • The story The Curse of the mansion ( The Curse of Hampton Manor ) is based on the property Dunnellen Hall, 1983 by Harry and Leona Helmsley was purchased. Several owners of the property went bankrupt. But unlike the story portrayed, real estate agent Bev alias Leona Helmsley did not die in the bathtub, but lived until 2007.
  • The story of The Sleepwalker ( Malibu Cop ), in which a policeman kills his neighbor while sleepwalking and then convicts himself. Something like this happened in northern France in 1887 when Paris policeman Robert Ledru shot another person while sleepwalking. He turned himself in and spent the rest of his life under surveillance.
  • The story Graffiti ( graffiti ), in a school two days before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor all the words Remember Pearl Harbor show up. On June 30, 1957, a newspaper reported that two years before the attack, someone had written the words Remember Pearl Harbor in chalk on the sidewalk outside a school in Owensville, Indiana, and titled it as a prediction. In contrast to the episode, the text was only written once and not en masse.
  • The story Room 245 ( Room 245 ), in which a woman's mother disappears without a trace and this woman subsequently goes insane because no one can remember her mother, is based on an incident that is said to have occurred during the 1889 World's Fair in Paris. The incident was already used as a template for the films Eerie Tales from 1919, Gone Waves from 1938 and Paris at Midnight from 1950 and is just a modern legend . It can be assumed that it never happened.
  • The story Friedhof der Kuschelkatzen ( Precious ), in which a dead cat can be photographed, is similar to a story that appears in the book World's strangest "true" ghost stories by the author John Macklin , published in the early 1990s . The author did not name any sources.
  • The story Das Zirkuspferd ( Count Mystery ), which is about a clairvoyant horse. In the middle of the 20th century there was a horse, Lady Wonder , who was said to have this ability.
  • The story The Bloody Hand ( The Wall ), in which the handprint of an innocent cannot be removed even with the most costly means. Such a handprint is an attraction at the Old Jail Museum in Jim Thorpe , Pennsylvania. The handprint is said to come from a member of the Molly Maguires . However, nothing is reported of a mysterious death or handprint disappearance as told in the X-Factor story.
  • The story of The Poker Player ( Poker Justice ) is based on an incident that occurred in San Francisco in 1858. The poker player Robert Fallon was shot dead by a teammate and his pot was taken over by a person who happened to be picked up on the street. This person managed to increase the pot from $ 600 to $ 2,200 and turned out to be the deceased's son when the police arrived.
  • The story The fire station ( Firestation 32 ), in which a dead boy calls the fire brigade to a source of fire. A story with a distant resemblance can be found in the book Strange Events Beyond Human Understanding, by Robert Tralins , who was a personal contributor to X-Factor.
  • The history of Red Eye ( Red Eyed Creature ), in which a mysterious, red-eyed appearance is seen in a kitchen and frightened people. A similar story, with different characters but a similar core, appeared in Fate magazine in the 1990s.
  • The story Zwei Schwestern (Two Sisters) , in which a bride wears a wedding dress that she stole from her deceased friend who was buried in this dress and collapses dead at the altar because she was allergic to the corpse balm, is a variation of the urban legend of the "deadly dress" that has been popular in the US since the 1940s. According to this, a young woman buys a dress that previously clad a corpse and dies of poisoning. It is unclear exactly how and when this should have happened, and there is no evidence that it ever happened.
  • The story The Legacy (Last Rites) , in which a woman was the only one to attend a funeral service and inherited all of his property from the deceased because the person was hated and had decreed that his inheritance should be shared among the guests at his funeral service. Similar stories, in which the sole guest at a memorial service receives a great inheritance, have been common since at least 1986; Particularly known is a version, which was distributed by the Bild newspaper from 1996 onwards , in which a Spanish businessman in Sweden (in other versions in Poland) happened to visit an empty memorial service and received an inheritance of millions. However, this could not be proven; it can be assumed that it is an urban legend.

Episode overview

The titles of stories marked as true are shown in bold below.

No. Stories First
in the USA
in Germany
People involved
total St. German English Recording manager script Actor (role)
Season 1 (1997)
01 01 The woman in the mirror The Apparition May 25, 1997 November 4, 1998 Alison Macean
Dan Jackson
Skip Schoolnik
John Hart Angelo
Chris Taylor
Scott Peters
Thomas C. Chapman (2, 3)
Paul Chitlik
J. Larry Carroll & David Bennett Carren
Toni Kalem , David Underwood, Jean St. James, Elayn Taylor
The electric chair The Electric Chair Tim De Zarn , Kevin Jackson, Raymond Lynch, Roger Hampton, Gary Imhoff
The blues singer On the road Thom Barry, Persia White , Stefanie Spruill
The wedding day Number One With a Bullet Danielle Nicolet, Laura Stockman, Al Sapienza, Raquel Gardner
The dream home Dream House Jennifer Tighe, David Andriole, Maray Ayres, Shannon Wilcox
02 02 The medals The viewing June 1, 1997 November 11, 1998 Daniel J. Caruso
Allison Liddi
Marty Pasetta, Jr.
Skip Schoolnik
Jack Hart Angelo
Scott Peters
David Bennett Carren & J. Larry Carroll
Leslye A. Gustat & Sol Feldman (3–5)
Eric Christian Olsen , Rance Howard, Jim Metzler, Kitty Swink, Jean Speegle Howard, Caleb White
Subway to nowhere The Subway Jazsmin Lewis, Dwayne L. Barnes, Laura James, Tony Ervolina
Monster in the closet Kid in the Closet Daphne Ashbrook, Jordon Blake Warkol, Josh Wolford, Haven Hartman, Del Zamora, Tabby Hanson, Colin MacDonald
The murder trial Justice is served John Furey, Terri Hanauer, Carmen Zapata, Terry Bozeman, Leslie Bevis, Joe Basile, Conrad Bachmann, Louis Dauber
The tractor The tractor Max Gail, Jr., Trixia Leigh Fisher, Joe Howard
03 03 The Prophecy The Prophecy June 8, 1997 November 18, 1998 Daniel J. Caruso
Dan Jackson
Chris Taylor
Marty Pasetta, Jr. (4, 5)
Leslye A. Gustat & Sol Feldman (1, 4, 5)
Scott Peters
Naomi Janzen
Marisa Coughlan , J. Robin Miller, Alissa Ann Smego
The couch potato Couch Potato Joe Costanza, Mary Stein, Ty Stoller
Love over death Love over the counter Ashley Gardner, David Starzyk
The invisible friend Imaginary friend Brittany Alyse Smith, Barbara K. Whinnery, Rende Rae Norman, Elizabeth Swackhamer
The second chance Last Man on Earth Lewis Smith , Sydney Walsh, Kevin West, Kim Oja, Cynthia Basinet, Steve Moloney
04 04 e-mail e-mail June 15, 1997 November 25, 1998 Dan Jackson (1-3, 5)
Jeanne Van Cott
Naomi Janzen
Emily Skopov
Thomas C. Chapman
Leslye A. Gustat & Sol Feldman
Paul Chitlik
Chick Vennera, Jennie Vaughn, Phyllis Lyons, Monica Lundry
detour Cup of Joe Christie Lynn Smith, Secunda Smith, Wendy Cooke, EJ Callahan, Robert Harvey
Family grave Secret of the Family Tomb Dennis Cockrum, Carlos Le Camara, Les Lannom, Steve Eastin, Catherine McGoohan
Frankenstein's dog Wheezer Jameson Baltes, Anne von Herrmann, Kelsey Klein, Zack Duhame, Justin Mercado
The unknown patient The Unknown Patient Tony Plana, Lee Purcell, Lisa Kaminir, Edward Edwards, Marsha Clark, Raquel La Fayette
05 05 Taunts Needle Point June 22, 1997 December 2, 1998 Daniel J. Caruso
Allison Liddi (2, 4)
Marty Pasetta, Jr.
Leslye A. Gustat & Sol Feldman (1, 3, 4)
Thomas C. Chapman
Laurie Lathem, Charles Carroll, Thomas Morgan
Super bear Toy to the Rescue James McDonnell, Krystee Clark, Christopher & Kevin Graves, Sue Bugden
The mysterious castle Mystery lock Ellen Albertini Dow, Eric Tecosky, Frank Doubleday, Randy Crowder, Michael Hegedus, Allan Kolman, Ingo Neuhaus
The haunted house The House on Baker Street Holly Fields, Gloria Gifford, Harley Venton, Meg Wittner, Chad Bartulis, Robert Budaska
On the platform The train told by James Brolin
06 06 The candlestick The candlestick August 3, 1997 December 9, 1998 Marty Pasetta, Jr.
Daniel J. Caruso
Dan Jackson
Allison Liddi
Leslye A. Gustat & Sol Feldman (1, 4)
Naomi Janzen
Malcolm marble stone
Belinda Montgomery, Nicholas Walker, Jeff Doucette, Linda Dangcil
The lost Son The diner Alan Young, Marjorie Lovett, Ronald L. Dorn, Mickey Jones, Jeff Daniel Phillips
temporary work From the Agency Judith Hoag, Tim Maculan, Christine Romeo Ltes, Nicole Saletta, Dierk Torsek, Wendell Grayson, Victoria Reid Taylor
The magical rose garden The Magic Rose Garden Josh Finnegan, Beth Peters, Allison Mackie, Vince Grant, Jimmy Galeota
The bomb The jeep told by James Brolin
Season 2 (1998)
07 01 The crash The plane January 23, 1998 August 5, 1998 Duwayne Dunham (1, 3-5)
Skip Schoolnik
Leslye A. Gustat (1, 3)
Scott Peters (2, 4, 5)
Brian Van Holt (Michael), Chuck McCann, Ruth DeSosa, Brian Vickers, Skip Holm
The revolver The gun Molly Cheek, James Stephens
Lord of life and death The portrait James Morrison (William Korsine), Kimberly Bailey, Melissa Piro, Eve Brenner, Huck Liggett, Bruno Alexander
The morgue The Pass Matthew Bartilson (Eddie / Chad Anderson), Justin Urich (Kevin O'Connell), Marcy Goldman, Jodie Mann, David Ruprecht
The talkshow The caller Kevin Meaney (Clive Cincaid), Brian Klugman, Jane Edith Wilson, Charles Bouvier
08 02 The fire station Firestation 32 January 30, 1998 August 12, 1998 Duwayne Dunham (1-3)
Skip Schoolnik
Tracy Lynch Britton
Scott Peters
Naomi Janzen (2, 5)
Leslye A. Gustat (3, 4)
Sam Gifaldi (Stevie), Brian Haley (Roger Parks), Felton Perry, Elliot Woods
housebreaker The computer Mark L. Taylor (Mr. Drummer), Lisa Long (Mr. Drummers), Cara Jedell
The Casanova The Girl Next Door Réal Andrews (Curtis), Dawn Stern (Florence), Hector Elias
The millionaire inheritance The wallet Josh Marchette, Ted Rooney, Gary Bullock, Chad Gabriel
The stranger The Woods Courtland Mead (Freddy), Ben Reed (Father), Alan Toy, Wendy Schaal
09 03 The bloody hand The Wall February 6, 1998 August 19, 1998 Dan Jackson (1, 4)
Duwayne Dunham
Tracy Lynch Britton (3, 5)
Scott Peters (1, 5)
Leslye A. Gustat (2–4)
J. Kenneth Campbell, Kris Kamm, John Billingsley, John Hostetter, Gavin I. Glynn
Silent cries for help The chalkboard Mariam Parris, Blayne Weaver, Harvey Silver, Judd Funnel, Sandy Kenyon
The escape The Getaway Michelle Hurd, Nancy Fish
The recipe The Prescription Sean Bridgers, Don Perry, Gloria Dorson, Patricia Place
A nightmare Summer camp Adam Wylie, Tom Byrd, Cody McManis, Preston Maki Wamsley, Aldis Hodge, Edwin Hodge
10 04 The last fight The wrestler February 13, 1998 August 26, 1998 Dan Jackson (1, 2, 5)
Duwayne Dunham (3, 4)
Scott Peters (1, 2, 5)
Tom Chapman (3, 4)
Jack Carter (Tony), Terry Funk (Demolition Dirk), Larry Thomas (Grant), Nils Allen Stewart (Moammar)
Bad luck The Escape James Georgiades, Neal Matarazzo, Bill Ferrell, Rick Cramer
horror Dead Friday Bridget Flanery, Kayren Ann Butler, Kenny Morrison, Aaron Nelms, Sarah Purcell
Witching hour Ghost visitor Steve Bean (Jim McDaniel), Michael Ensign (Donald T. Blanchard), Richard Morrison, Kimmy Robertson
The bad conscience The Lady in a Black Dress Sara Botsford, Mathea Webb, Fiona Hale, Veronica Bach
11 05 harvest The country February 27, 1998 September 2, 1998 Christopher Taylor (1-3, 5)
Marty Pasetta Jr.
Scott Peters
Leslye A. Custat (2, 3, 5)
Ann Elder
Daryl Anderson (Joss), Laurie O'Brian (Paula), Heidi Miller (April), Christopher John Fields (Harold)
The Titan titanium Joseph Fuqua (Harris Fisher), Michael Fairman (Zachary), Betty McGuire (Mrs. Clark)
The diary The Diary Caitlin Mowrey, Tami-Adrian George, Dawn Worrall
City of memory Town of Remembrance Sydney Walsh (Jane), Don Hood (bartender), Lorna Scott (Susan), Pat Crawford Brown (Annie)
Fire The House on Barry Avenue Tony Carlin (Stewart), Vanessa Parise (Laura), Kenneth Danzinger (Dr. Lloyd Cameron)
12 06 High beam Bright light March 6, 1998 September 9, 1998 Marty Pasetta Jr. (1-3)
Jeanne Van Cott (4, 5)
Mitchell Schneider Patricia Charbonneau (Traveler), Don Gibb (Gunnar), Robin Bernardi
The magical cloak Magic Mightyman Nick Toth (Lenny), Lynn Moyses (Gloria), Chris Ufland, Todd Gorang
Rudi Hernandez The student Julia Glander (Vanessa), Dianne Turley-Travis, Dante Basco , Lou Plante, Joshua LeCour
Children's pictures Scribbles Elena Wohl, John Prosky, Mary Snyder-Fox, Alan Fudge, Ben Slack, Brian McLaughlin
The circus horse Count mystery Robert Harvey, Lisa Langlois, Joe Ruskin, Antonia Bogdanovich, David Carpenter
13 07 The Mummy The mummy March 20, 1998 September 16, 1998 Tony Randel (1, 2, 4, 5)
Robert Shapiro
Bob Wolterstorff & Mike Scott Julian Stone (Daniel), Ian Abercrombie (Emilie), Hildy Brooks (Mandy), Jean-Paul Vignon (Marcel Ducroix), Janelle Paradee
To make sure The Perfect Record LL Ginter, Gale Hansen , Michael Kopolow, Julian Vincente
Night watch Grave sitting Jane Leigh Connelly, Mick Cain, Jamie Lyn
The black giant Murder on the Second Floor Ed O'Ross, Harris Shore, Carlos Cervantes, Ann Ryerson
Towed They Towed My Car Michael Corbett, Arthur J. Evans, Cleavon McClendon III, Dennis Fimple, Buck Flower
14th 08 King Kirby Kirby April 3, 1998 September 23, 1998 Alec Gillis
Skip Schoolnik (2, 4, 5)
Robert Shapiro
Bob Wolterstorff & Mike Scott Karl Wiedergott, Steve Vinovich, Tom Woodruff, Jr.
Footprints Dust Trevor Lissauer, Sebastian Tillinger, Shirlee Elliott, Lou Richards
The sleepwalker Malibu cop Francis Guinan, Catherine MacNeal, Murray Rubinstein, Michael A. Nickles
Praise the Lord A joyful noise Roz Ryan, Stoney Jackson, Jeff Coopwood, Craig Kirkwood, Victoria Platt, Bill Long, Jr.
Napoleon's chair The hooded chair Franc Luz, Janice Lynde, Erin J. O'Brien
15th 09 Rock and roll Rock & Roll Ears April 17, 1998 September 30, 1998 Skip Schoolnik Bob Wolterstorff & Mike Scott Gregory Sierra (Lyle), Matthew Hurley (Assa), Jan Schwieterman, Heather McClurg
The milk can The bucket Brian Fitzpatrick, Marnie McPhail, Aria Noelle Curzon, Bill Erwin
The bridesmaid The Bridesmaid Nealla Gordon (Lucy), Bruce Thomas, Sibel Ergener, John O'Leary
Voice of death Voice from the Grave Diana C. Weng, Charles Chun, Richard Vidan, Fran Solomita
Chess with the afterlife The Chess Game Dick Van Patten (Chester), Helen Siff, Larry Marko, Maria O'Brien
16 10 Harley Davidson The Motorcycle April 24, 1998 October 7, 1998 Matt Earl Beesley (1, 3–5)
Tom Woodruff, Jr.
Bob Walterstorff & Mike Scott Christopher Titus , Mary Jo Catlett, Dave Powledge
The guide dog Blind Man's Dog Bill Henderson, William Marquez, Jean Iavelli, Phil Klipa
Hunter Deer Hunters John Whitaker, Robert Peters, AT Montgomery
The legend of the crow Tribal Curse Matthew Kaminsky, Tamara Lynch, Aki Aleong
poker The Card Game Brandon Cruz, Tony Dow, Barry Livingston, Paul Petersen, Charles Dierkop
17th 11 The zeppelin Bon Voyage May 1, 1998 October 14, 1998 Tony Randel Bob Wolterstorff & Mike Scott Henry Woronicz, Rebecca Balding , James Ingersoll, Amanda Carlin, Chuck Carrington, Renee Weldon
flea market The Man in the Model T Rip Taylor, Julie Araskog, Beans Morocco, Morgan Nagler
The reporter The Scoop Mason Adams, Dew Ebersole, DC Douglas
Angel Angel on board Stephanie Erb, Rick Scarry, Lisa Summerour, Kevin Cooney
Buenos dias Buenos dias Cliff Bemis, Danielle Wiener, Jon Van Ness, Mimi Savage
18th 12 The carousel Merry-Go-Round July 17, 1998 October 21, 1998 Christopher Taylor (1, 2, 4, 5)
Chris De Faria
Bob Wolterstorff & Mike Scott Jennifer Crystal, Henry Darrow, Matt Flanders, Michael Potter
Red eyes Red Eyed Creature Maree Cheatham , Coleman McClary, Jamie Austin, Colton James
The used car dealer Used car salesman Robert Cicchini, Byron Keith Minns, Jon Melichar, Danna Hansen, Jeff Harlan
monitoring Surveillance Camera Pavel D. Lychnikoff , Penny Santon, Borah Silver, Gwen McGee, Ralph Joseph Votrian, Jeff Parise
graffiti graffiti David St. James , Nathan Adams, Larry Gelman
19th 13 The white coffin The Warning July 24, 1998 October 28, 1998 John Baldecchi
Bruce Hendricks
Jack Angelo (3, 5)
Rene Manzor
Tom Chapman Roy Brocksmith , Richard Eden, Rosalind Allen
Bus stop Bus stop John Livingston, Mia Cottet, Anita Barone, John Brennan
Emergency medicine The Cure Michael Gallagher, Bryn Erin, Kristen Meadows , Elliott Gray
The Guardian angel The Guardian Leonard Jackson, Brad B. Wright, Marquise T. Wilson, Cherene Snow, Gary Anthony Williams
The hidden gift The Gift Frances Bay, Charlotte Chatton, Nancy Linari, Wylie Small
Season 3 (1999, 2000)
20th 01 Pregnant Morning sickness May 19, 2000 February 17, 1999 Skip Schoolnik Bob Wolterstorff & Mike Scott Heather Miller (Marissa), Mary Cadorette (mother), Don Cettinger, Joel Polis
The curse of the manor
(mention of an estate and of Harry and Leona Helmsley still after the story)
The Curse of Hampton Manor Mary Frann ( Broker Bev Conklin), Josh Clark (Don Mackle), Laura Meshell, Julie Pop
Death of a wax figure
(wax museum in Canada)
Wax Executioner
("Wax museum in Canada")
Pierre Du Lat, Jean Louis Darville, Christiana Barrou, Brian Poth
Blood bank
("about 20 years ago in a New York hospital")
Blood Bank
("happened to a registered nurse at the East Coast about 20 years ago")
Michele Lamar, Adam Cierasch, Janet Rotblatt, Andrew Hawtrey
Ring throw Ring toss Lyle Kanouse, Billy Beck , Brittany Laurie, Marla Phillips, Robert Z'Dar
21st 02 Truck stop One for the Road May 26, 2000 April 7, 1999 Rachel Feldman (1-3, 5)
Tony Randel
Thomas C. Chapman Robert F. Lyons (Hal), Joel Gretsch (Dan), Madalyn Morris (Waiting for Gloria)
The Music Box
(1995 in Western California)
The Music Box
(West Coast, 1995)
Danielle Weeks, Gretchen Morgan, Laurel Lockhart, Bo Clancey
Pawn Shop
("a few years ago in *, Minnesota")
Two to One
(around 1990 in the Midwest)
Gabriel Dell, Avery Schreiber, Josh Adell, Jeff Bowser
The Fortune Teller
(Miama, Florida)
(Miama, Florida)
Ashley Laurence, Maureen McGovern, Peter Suarez, Josh Randall
The Horn The horn Victor Talmadge, Nicholas Mele, Michelle Blakely
22nd 03 On the wayside
(southwest, mid-1960s)
The Find
(American South West in the mid 1960s)
June 2, 2000 April 14, 1999 Tony Randel (1, 3, 4)
Topper Carew
Rachel Feldman
Bob Wolterstorff & Mike Scott Adam Stradlin, Constance Zimmer, Miguel Najera
billiards The golden cue Fred Ornstein, John Snyder, Milton James, Elise Muller
A case for the FBI The FBI story Frederick Coffin, David O'Donnell, Jesse Henecke
The Gravedigger
(East Coast, 1980s) (cut / censored)
The Gravedigger's Nemesis
(South East Coast, late 1980s)
Angus Scrimm, Herta Ware, Joe Dain, Craig Schoen, John McLaughlin
The Legacy
(Los Angeles in the late 1940s)
Last Rites
(Los Angeles, *)
Allan Rich, Dayna Winston, Robert Mont, Jacqueline Klein
23 04
  • Hieroglyphics
  • Sleepless
  • The stonemason
  • Hand embroidered
  • Soldier
    (South Vietnam) (cut / censored)
  • e-mail
  • Blood donor
  • epitaph
  • Stitches in Time
  • Soldier
    (South Vietnam)
June 16, 2000 May 5, 1999

Cyia Batten , Ann Turkel

24 05
  • The gardener
  • The Pursuer
    (Washington, DC, in the early 1980s)
  • The incredible dream car
  • The decorator
  • The funeral
    ("based on published accounts of Robert E. Lee and his father Light-Horse Harry")
(Dream Special)
  • The Nightmare
  • The Stalker
    (Washington, DC, area in the 1980s)
  • The Impossible Car Dream
  • The dresser
  • The Burial
    ("published stories about Robert E. Lee and his father Light-Horse Harry")
June 23, 2000 March 17, 1999
25th 06
  • Car racing
    (1980s on the west coast)
  • Two sisters
  • werewolf
  • ice
  • Witches Coven
    (East Coast)
  • Red Line
    (West Coast, *)
  • Two sisters
  • Eclipse
  • The Ice Box
  • The Gathering
    (East Coast)
June 30, 2000 March 3, 1999

Dave Florek , Paul Le Mat (Sheldon Ludovic)

26th 07
  • Connie
  • The Clear Evidence
    (New York in the early 1980s)
  • Big Joe
  • Family reunion
    (Florida in the 1980s)
  • The good spirit
    ("from the farmland in the American Northeast")
  • Connie
  • Positive ID
    (New York area, early 1980s)
  • Truckers
  • Cook Out
    (Florida area, late 1980s)
  • The New House
    ("in the farm country of the American North East")
July 7, 2000 May 13, 1999
27 08
  • The Forces of Madness
    (late 1960s on the west coast) (cut / censored)
  • The Pickpocket
    (New Jersey)
  • The Whimper
    (early 1980s in the Midwest)
  • The invisible
  • The ceremony
    (England, late 1970s)
  • Creepy Comics
    (late 1960s, West Coast) (cut / censored)
  • Louie the Dip
    (New Jersey)
  • The Wailing
    (Mid West, early 1980s)
  • The Landlady
  • Curse
    (New England, late 1970s)
July 14, 2000 March 24, 1999

Paul Gleason , Steve Valentine (Izzy Wilson), Mark Moses (author Frank), Sara Paxton , Lorna Raver

28 09
  • Swapped
    (Northwest Couple, late 1970s)
  • Scream (cut / censored)
  • Cuddle Cat Cemetery
    ( near Paris in the 1950s)
  • Motel 66
    ("Between the World Wars in the American Southwest")
  • The Hitchhiker
    (New York State Highway)
  • For the Record
    (couple in the North East in the late 1970s)
  • Halloween
  • Precious
    (near Paris in the mid 1950s)
  • Get Your Kicks at Motel 66
    (*, American South West)
  • Phantom Drifter
    (High Way in New York state)
July 21, 2000 April 28, 1999 David Denman
29 10
  • Stigmata (cut / censored)
  • Save the rainforest
  • Dead are fast asleep
    (Europe, "from the time of the great depression")
  • Where did all the heroes go?
    (Hollywood in the 1950s)
  • Life insurance
    (midwestern man, 1990s)
  • Devil's Tattoo
  • Static Man
  • The Bloody Hand
    (Europe, around the time of the Great Depression)
  • Where Have All the Heroes Gone
    (Hollywood, 1950s)
  • War Surplus
    (Mid West, early 1990s)
July 28, 2000 April 21, 1999 Christopher Murray
30th 11
  • Heads or tails?
    (Grill restaurant, 1970s)
  • Ghost town
  • Blown by the wind
  • Sleepwalker
    (Florida, author Robert Tralins saw the doll)
  • The wonderful laundromat
    ("near our capital" = near Washington, DC)
  • Dead Beat Daddy (Deadbeat Dad)
    (late 1970s)
  • Ghost town
  • The sewing machine
  • The Sleepwalker
  • Money Laundry
    ("* nation's capitol")
August 4, 2000 February 24, 1999
31 12 The Craftsman The Handyman August 11, 2000 March 10, 1999 Matt Earl Beesley (1, 2, 5)
Tony Rendel (3, 4)
Bob Wolterstorff & Mike Scott Julie Sanford, David Beron, Nina Savelle
(around 1982 in New York)
(New York City area, * 1982)
Don Swayze, Kay E. Kuter, Jody Wood, Alleta Michelle Darby, Bradley James
The wallflower Makeup Magic Elise Ballard, Tiffany Atwood, Chris Northup, Melissa Lechner, Tom Jourden
Forgetful Screwdriver Harrison Page, Berlinda Tolbert, Brent Jefferson Lowe
("1979 [..] in a Miami eatery")
(Miami restaurant, 1979)
John Fugelsang, William Newman, Suzanne Ventulett, Wayne C. Dvorak
32 13 The dealer The dealer August 18, 2000 March 31, 1999 Chris Taylor (1-4)
Tom Woodruff, Jr.
Bob Wolterstorff & Mike Scott (1, 3, 4)
Melanie Finn
Ann Elder
Robert Bauer, Eric Gustavson, Gene Mitchell, Kate Rodger
Tip Gratuity Matt Nolan, Virginia Keehne, William Francis McGuire, Lance E. Nichols
The Baker
The Cake
(Chicago *)
Nick Vallelonga, Scott Galbreath, Donna Ponterotto, Sonya Stephens
The talisman 1st time offender Kate Randolph Burns, Robert David Hall, Yannis Bogris, Sam Shamshak
The Mirror of the Soul
(Florida Gulf Region)
The Mirror of Truth
Robin Stapler, Jodi Bianca Wise , J. Martin Kutney, Brad Meyer
Season 4 (2002)
33 01 Devil's Autograph
(New York State attorney in the 1970s)
The Devil's Autograph
(* New York, 1970s)
June 27, 2002 April 8, 2002 Steve Anker (1, 2)
Mick Mackay
Penelope Buitenhuis / Nicholas Kendall
Bob Wolterstorff & Mike Scott (1-3, 5)
Tom Chapman
Dion Luther, Byron Lucas, Mary Black, Jennifer Ryan
Mail Jobs
(1980s New York City)
Mail Order Degree
(New York City, late 1980s)
Bill Mondy, Michelle Harrison, Omar Forrest
The newsstand The News Stand Justin Chatwin , Keith Martin Gordey, Preston Cook, Bo Olsson
Murder of Roy Hennessy The Murder of Roy Hennessey Lauren Lee Smith , Jody Thompson, Fred Keating, Christopher Sumpton
The mysterious strangers
(around 1870 in *)
Mysterious Strangers
(Ozark Foothills in 1870)
Brenda McDonald, David Kopp, Chris Kramer, Patrick Keating
34 02 The unscrupulous agent Writer's agent June 27, 2002 April 15, 2002 Steve Anker / Penelope Buitenhuis (2, 3) / Robert Lee / Mick MacKay Bob Wolterstorff & Mike Scott (1-4), Tom Chapman Jeff Seymour, Alison Matthews, Julie Sinclair, Julia Taffe
The spirit in the crypt Crypt Ghost Shane Meier, Benjamin Rogers, Grace Park , John Hainsworth
The lost doll
("many years ago", "teacher in Florida")
The Doll
("Florida area decades ago")
Emmanuelle Vaugier , Gabrielle Rose, Alexandria Mitchell, Chantel Sarazin
Hubert's curse
("about 15 years ago near the Mexican border")
Hubert's Curse
("on the Golf Coast about 15 years ago")
David MacKay, Aaron Pearl, Ben Cotton, Darryl Scheeler
Voices in the head Shared vision Ocean Hellman, Kirsten Prout, Allan Lysell, Ingrid Tesch
35 03 No signal Out of service 4th July 2002 April 22, 2002 Nicholas Kendall (1, 5)
Mick MacKay (2, 3)
Robert Lee
Bob Wolterstorff & Mike Scott (1, 2, 4)
Tom Chapman
Lark Zonka
Tristin Leffler, Dale Johnson, Jason Simpson, Daniel McKellar
When I was big
(late 1970s on the east coast)
When I Was Big
(East Coast, late 1970s)
William Pavey, Tom Pickett, Lorraine Landry, Tabitha St. Germain
The greedy broker The Greedy Investor Matthew Bennett, Kendall Cross, Lillian Carlson
Seven Hours of Bad luck
(Reports, "Years Ago," Washington, DC)
Seven Hours of Bad Luck
(reports, Washington, DC, area, "several years ago")
Patricia Zentilli, Benita Ha, Robert Smith
Coin secret
(newspaper report, "about 10 years ago in the Midwest")
The Secret of the Coins
(report, Mid West, "about 10 years ago")
TJ Riley, Scott Swanson, Don Thompson, Allan Morgan
36 04 The New Eyes
(1980s in Florida)
Second Sight
(in Florida, late 1980s)
4th July 2002 April 29, 2002 Robert Lee (1, 2, 5)
Penelope Buitenhuis
Steve Anker
Bob Wolterstorff & Mike Scott (1, 3, 5)
Tom Chapman (2, 4)
Stefanie Von Pfetten , Ted Kozma, Caron Prins, Malik McCall
Supernaturally connected
(early 1990s)
The Fine Line
(Mid West, early 1990s)
Jewel Staite (twins Carly and Shannon), Kyle Cassie
("about 20 years ago")
The Wrong Turn
("about 20 years ago in the Mid West")
Adrian Holmes, Michael P. Northey, Lorena Gale, Devon Jones
Who was i Who What I Linnea Sharples, Jason Gaffney, P. Lynn Johnson, Frank C. Turner
You are the next one! You are next Andrew Johnston, Chilton Crame
37 05
  • The Eerie Cellar
    (in the early 1980s on the California-Oregon border)
  • On the wrong path
    ("20 years ago [...] in the northwestern Pacific region")
  • Mr. Teasdale's classic car
  • Stop the bus!
  • The dead lawn
  • House of Shadows
    (around the Oregon-California state line in the early 1980s)
  • One Hand in the Till
    ("in the Pacific North West about 20 years ago")
  • Teasdale's Motor Car
  • The vision
  • The Grave
July 11, 2002 May 6, 2002
38 06
  • The student dorm
  • The Little Artist
    (1970s in the Southwest)
  • The weather man
  • Laugh until the doctor comes
  • Room 245
    (Paris, "around the turn of the century" = around 1900)
  • The Dorm
  • The Child Artist
    (South West, mid 1970s)
  • The Weatherman
  • Sit-Down Comedian
  • Room 245
    (Paris, "at the turn of the last century" = around 1900)
July 18, 2002 May 13, 2002 Merrilyn Gann
39 07
  • The Wreath
    (late 1980s on the Gulf Coast)
  • The Water Spirit
    (late 1980s, east coast)
  • Tants
    (New York in the 1970s)
  • Election campaign
  • The diamond ring
  • The Wreath
    (Golf Coast area, late 1980s)
  • Terror Night
    (East Coast, late 1980s)
  • Tants
    (New York, mid 1970s)
  • The candidate
  • The Ring
July 25, 2002 May 27, 2002 Camille Sullivan
40 08 The protective light
(east coast, early 1980s)
Caitlin's Candle
(in the East, early 1980s)
August 1, 2002 June 10, 2002 Mick MacKay (1, 4, 5)
Peter Dashkewytch
Nicholas Kendall
Bob Wolterstorff & Mike Scott Tanja Reichert, Eric Schneider, Ryan Zwick, Claude Duhamel
A flower as a witness
(New York, late 1970s)
The Flower Jury
(New Yeark area, late 1970s)
Alfred E. Humphreys, Aaron Douglas (Detective Dean Santoni), Warren Takeuchi, Bill Mackenzie
Deadly spell The mentor Vince Fera, Ryan Robbins, Linden Banks
The old bike
(New England)
The Old Bike
Chris Bradford, Chris Moon, Ken Camroux
The piano teacher The Music Teacher Mackenzie Gray, Eva de Viveiros, Tom Shorthouse, Ron Chartier
41 09 The wealthy widow The Wealthy Widow August 8, 2002 June 17, 2002 Nicholas Kendall (1, 3)
Penelope Buitenhuis (2, 4)
Steve Anker
Bob Wolterstorff & Mike Scott (1, 3, 5)
Mark Cushman & Melody Fox (2, 4)
Johnna Wright, Steve Bacic (Dirk Sidwell), Dean Hinchey, Brock Johnson
Witness from Beyond
(Michigan, 1990s)
The Witness
(Michigan, 1990s)
Kristie Marsden, Debi Wong, Brittney Irvin (Shay), Ari Solomon
The repeated accident
("about 70 years ago [...] in the state of Texas")
The Accident
("state of Texas about 70 years ago")
Sean Campbell, Lisa Ann Beley, Rob Lee, Cyndi Mason
Dark promise Bad dreams Kathleen Duborg, David Kaye, Tracy Hway, William Samples
("Happened to a Midwestern couple about 20 years ago")
(Mid Western couple, late 1980s)
Jennifer Copping, Christopher Shyer, Peter New, Gerry Rousseau
42 10 Moonstruck Beach Moonstruck Beach August 15, 2002 June 24, 2002 Ken Jubenvill (1, 3)
Mick MacKay (2, 5)
Penelope Buitenhuis
Bob Wolterstorff & Mike Scott (1, 3-5)
Mark Cushman & Melody Fox
Jill Teed (Valerie Sims / Simms), Frank Topol (Jerry Corbin), Lynda Riley (Deanna Lindsey)
The Miraculous Healing
(late 1980s)
Healing Hands
(in the Pacific North West, late 1980s)
Julie Patzwald (Nurse Joannie Payton), Carla Stewart (Ruth Atkins), Jenny Mitchell (Nurse), Graeme Roberts (Martin Atkins)
Mountain Biking
("about 20 years ago in Colorado")
Aspen Sunny Side
("around Colorado about 20 years ago")
Bob Frazer (Gary), Jano Frandsen (CJ Mattson), John MacDonald (Kenny), Boyan Vukelie
night owls Night walker Michael Rogers, Ona Grauer, Gustavo Moreno, Ulla Friis
Hippie trauma
("covers a period of 5 years [...] in various places from California to Canada")
Hot Car
("span a 5 years period, covering locations from North West California to Eastern Canada")
Curt Bechdholt, Amber Rothwell, Wendy Chmelauskas, Howard Storey
43 11 The mysterious Mr. Hibbard The Mystery of Douglas Hibbard August 22, 2002 July 1, 2002 Ken Jubenvill (1, 5)
Nicholas Kendall
Ron Orieux
Penelope Buitenhuis
Bob Wolterstorff & Mike Scott Gordon Currie, Don MacKay, Yvonne Campeau, Aaron Craven
The Man in the Wheelchair
(Virginia, mid-1980s)
Wheelchair Man
(Virginian North Carolina border, mid 1980s)
Bill Marchant, Dion Johnstone (Detective Hanson), Eil Gabay, Kurt Evans
Ambulance Station
(near the Rockies in the 1990s)
The Vigil
(Rocky Mountain area, early 1990s)
Jesse Moss (Gary), Sarah Ezer, Sandra Ferens, Roger Barnes
The peel of the mandarin The Mandarin's Bowl Craig March, Deborah DeMille, Calum Worthy, Helena Yea
Unexpected confession Ghost writer Haig Sutherland, Duncan Frazer, Linsea O'Shea
44 12 I see dead people!
("Shortly after the 2nd World War in England")
Witness to Murder
("England in the years following World War 2")
August 29, 2002 July 8, 2002 Steve Anker
Ken Jubenvill (2, 5)
Robert Lee
Nicholas Kendall
Bob Wolterstorff & Mike Scott Rhonda Dent, Philip Granger, Stephen Park, Maggie Blue O'Hara
The wheel of fortune Roulette wheel Robin Mossley, Andrew Laurenson, Irene Karas, Louis Chirillo
The Head of the Phrenologist
(1990s in Florida)
The Phrenologist's Head
(state of Florida, 1990s)
Laurie Murdoch, Angela Moore, Jayme Knox, Jason Griffith
The Bridge in the Woods
(1960s in Texas)
The Bridge
(Texas, late 1960s)
Sadie Lawrence, Catherine Rachey, Christine Upright-Letain, Reg Tupper;
Filming location: Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge
The Cigar Box
(1980s in Ohio)
The Cigar Box
(Ohio, early 1980s)
Megan Leitch , Kyley Statham, Campbell Lane (War Veteran John August), Andrea Barclay
45 13 The hand The hand September 5, 2002 July 15, 2002 Steve Anker (1, 2)
Nicholas Kendall (3, 4)
Robert Lee
Bob Wolterstorff & Mike Scott (1-3, 5)
Lark Zonka
Alan C. Peterson, Kim Kondrashoff, Ben Eberhard, John Gingell
The Heidi doll
("about 20 years ago [...] in the state of New Jersey")
The Battered Doll
("state of New Jersey about 20 years ago")
Catherine Zak, Terry O'Sullivan, Arnie Walters, James Crescenzo
The Poker Player
(1850 in San Francisco)
Poker Justice
(San Francisco, 1850s)
John Payne, Mark Gash, Scott McNeil, Billy Wickman
Above the clouds Above the clouds Kimberley Warnat (Melanie), Juliana Wimbles, Adrienne Carter, Mitchell Kostermann;
Location: Harbor Center
Screen saver Screen saver Marya Delver, Byron Lawson, Ellen Ewusie, Tyler Foley


The German-language synchronization of the series was created in Berlin , initially by Michael Eiler Synchron GmbH and later by MME Studios . Thomas Maria Lehmann wrote the dialogue books.

The German dubbing voice for James Brolin was Ernst Meincke . Jonathan Frakes was spoken by Detlef Bierstedt and Michael Christian .

Michael Brennicke (seasons 1 and 4) and Wolfgang Kühne (seasons 2 and 3) spoke the prologue (“Can you tell the difference between truth and lies?” ).


The German Commission for Youth Media Protection of the State Media Authorities (KJM) determined in May 2012 that X-Factor: The incomprehensible through the mixing of truth and fiction has a burdensome effect on children under the age of twelve. From the KJM's point of view, the program could affect their development.

DVD releases and streams

On September 28, 2006, the 13 episodes of the fourth season of X-Factor: The Unbelievable were released on DVD. There are four DVDs in a folding box with about ten hours of playing time. The DVD version of X-Factor: The Unbelievable has not changed, apart from the DVD menu.

In 2007, the first season, consisting of six episodes, was released on DVD in the US under the original title Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction .

After an episode has been broadcast on RTL II , it can be viewed as a stream on TVNOW for several weeks .

In addition, since March 2018, all seasons of X-Factor: The Incredible in the United States have been available as a stream on Amazon .

Further series

X-Factor: The fifth dimension

In X-Factor: The Fifth Dimension (also written after the logo X-Factor: The 5th Dimension ; original title: The Paranormal Borderline ) reports of mysterious events are shown. In contrast to the films from The Unbelievable, these are factual. An example is often shown videos of yetis or UFO appearances recorded by surveillance cameras, as well as eyewitness accounts.

X-Factor: True Lies

X-Factor: True Lies was a German program that was based on X-Factor: The Unbelievable . For this purpose, several articles from the True or False section of the SAM program were cut together. However, while the American original told almost exclusively about ghosts and inexplicable events, True Lies were often about very human and harmless, but astonishing occurrences (e.g. gourmet restaurants for dogs). In addition, no stories were reenacted as short films with actors, but rather reported on the stories in a pseudo- documentary style , with amateur actors being "interviewed" as supposedly involved. As with the US model, real events were mixed with invented stories so that the viewer could guess which story was completely invented and which was based on a true core. The dissolution took place at the end of the broadcast. First Isabella Müller-Reinhardt was the presenter, she was replaced by Thomas Fuchsberger from the second season .

X-Factor: The Real Dimension of Fear

X-Factor: The true dimension of fear (original title: Scariest Places on Earth ) was broadcast in Germany at irregular intervals by RTL II. This show, which was produced from 2000 to 2006, is about places that are supposed to be haunted , such as Ohio University in Ohio, USA, or Chillingham Castle in England. Often times a group visits this said place and scouts it for paranormal events. The show is moderated by Linda Blair .

X-Factor: The incomprehensible returns

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the program on November 4, 2018, RTL II produced a homage called "X-Factor: The Incredible Returns", which was based on the content and style of the original series. These episodes are moderated by Detlef Bothe . The show achieved good ratings, but was downright torn apart by critics on social media.

On October 31, 2019, the station broadcast two more episodes (0003 and 0004) of the format.

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