Sparkasse Aurich-Norden

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Logo of the savings banks  Sparkasse Aurich-Norden
Emden branch
Emden branch in the administrative district
Country GermanyGermany Germany
Seat Aurich and north
legal form Institute of public right
Bank code 283 500 00
Association Savings Bank Association of Lower Saxony
Business data 2019
Total assets 2.404 billion euros
insoles 1.745 billion euros
Customer credit 1.949 billion euros
Employee 434
Offices 36
Board of Directors Olaf Meinen, chairman
Board Oliver Löseke, chairman;
Jörg Reinhardt
List of savings banks in Germany
Greetsiel branch

The Sparkasse Aurich-Norden is a public savings bank based in Aurich and North . The business area is the district of Aurich .

Sparkasse Aurich-Norden reported total assets of EUR 2.404 billion in the 2019 financial year and customer deposits of EUR 1.745 billion. According to the 2019 Sparkasse Ranking List, it ranks 177th in terms of total assets. It has 36 branches / self-service locations and employs 434 people.

organization structure

The Sparkasse Aurich-Norden is an institution under public law. The legal basis is the Lower Saxony Savings Banks Act and the statutes issued by the Sparkasse sponsor . The organs of the Sparkasse are the board of directors and the administrative board .

Sparkasse Aurich-Norden is run by the special purpose association of Sparkasse Aurich-Norden in Ostfriesland -Ostfriesische Sparkasse- . The Aurich district and the city of Norden are members of the Zweckverband.

Savings Banks Finance Group

The Sparkasse Aurich-Norden is part of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe and therefore also belongs to its liability association. He secures the existence of the institutes and ensures that they can meet all liabilities even in the event of individual savings banks becoming insolvent . The Sparkasse arranges home loan and savings contracts from the regional building society , open investment funds from Deka and insurance from VGH Versicherungen . In the area of leasing Sparkasse Aurich-Norden works with the Deutsche Leasing together. Nord / LB performs the function of the savings bank central bank .


The Leih- und Sparcasse in the city of Norden (1840) can be seen as the oldest predecessor. Three other predecessors are among the roots of today's Sparkasse: the Ostfriesische Sparkasse, the Amtssparkasse Aurich and the Sparkasse of the former district of Emden .

In the course of time, these savings banks merged into two institutes in today's business area: the Kreissparkasse Aurich -Ostfriesische Sparkasse- for the old district of Aurich and the Kreis- und Stadtsparkasse Norden for the old district of the north . As part of the municipal regional reform in 1978, the former districts of Aurich and Norden were merged to form today's district of Aurich. The two savings banks initially continued to exist unchanged. The two savings banks only merged in the early 2000s. Since then, the official name has been Sparkasse Aurich-Norden in Ostfriesland -Ostfriesische Sparkasse- . The merged Sparkasse has two headquarters in Aurich and Norden.

Sparkasse Aurich-Norden used its 175th anniversary to be the first Sparkasse in Germany to shed light on the company's history during the Nazi era . The result is the exhibition "Sparkasse under National Socialism - An attempt at a reconstruction based on an attic find".

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