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An umbrella organization is an organization that consists of several thematically, technically or regionally related sub-organizations. Associations of this kind are characterized by the fact that the members are usually not natural but legal persons .

Here, the umbrella organizations restrict their visibility mostly on general interests of members summarily in public to represent what is to serve the pursuit of common goals. Such concerns can include B. international or interdisciplinary cooperation with other organizations, better training of members or the holding of conferences . The geoscientific union is an example of how such umbrella organizations also represent an international normative force .

Internally, their task is usually to bundle, select and publish interests as well as professional or regional integration . The specific interests of the sub-organizations are to be harmonized as well as possible in order to achieve a coherent image and thus a greater impact on the public.

The second important task is the service function towards the members.

Some federations have with other umbrella organizations for national associations joined forces and have the general tasks, the function of such.

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