Rosa Roth

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Television series
Original title Rosa Roth
Country of production Germany
original language German
Year (s) 1994-2013
Moovie - the art of entertainment GmbH
length 90 minutes
Episodes 31 ( list )
genre Thriller
Director Carlo Rola
production Oliver Berben
music Georg Kleinebreil
First broadcast November 5, 1994 on ZDF

Rosa Roth is the title of a German television crime series that was broadcast by ZDF from 1994 to 2013 . The protagonist is the detective commissioner of the same name, played by Iris Berben . With the 31st episode broadcast on October 12, 2013, the series was discontinued.


Rosa Roth is a detective with body and soul and works in Berlin . Working for the police is very personal for her, her colleagues Karin von Lomanski, Charly Kubik (took over his own department in The case of Jochen B. ) and Jürgen Röder (died in the three-part series The day will come ) are like a family for her . Together they work on a large number of cases in and around the capital, which often have an impact on their private life. As a result, The Girl from Sumy , Rosa Roth was put at Markus Körber's side as a new colleague.


Rosa Roth has been producing around two new episodes per year of Moovie the art of entertainment for ZDF since 1994 . Carlo Rola directed almost all of the episodes, and Iris Berben's son Oliver was the producer . Apart from Iris Berben, the other actors were also there for a long time from the start. Thomas Thieme replaced Jockel Tschiersch and Zacharias Preen , who had long-term roles as employees.

In 2007, the highly budgeted three-part film The Day Will Come , the highlight of the series, shows Commissioner Roth in the fight against international terrorism . Numerous well-known actors such as Mario Adorf , Jasmin Tabatabai and Ulrich Tukur appear in it, soul singer Xavier Naidoo composed his own title song for the episode.


Role name actor consequences
Rosa Roth Iris Berben 1-31
Charly Kubik Jockel Tschiersch 1-22, 24-25
Karin von Lomanski Carmen-Maja Antoni 1-22, 24-31
Günther Zorn, criminal inspector Gunter's lap 1-3, 5-7, 9-14, 16-22, 25-31
Jürgen Roeder Zacharias Preen 1-24
Markus Koerber Thomas Thieme 26-31
Kurt Steinkopf, chief detective Dieter Kirchlechner 1, 7, 9-11, 19, 22
Dr. Schiller-Bregentz, coroner Ernst Meincke 20-22, 26-29

Episode list

episode title First broadcast
1 In love and death 5th November 1994
2 lying November 11, 1995
3 Lost life January 27, 1996
4th Nowhere November 16, 1996
5 Monday November 26th December 28, 1996
6th The voice November 22, 1997
7th Berlin December 27, 1997
8th Jerusalem or the journey to death December 12, 1998
9 Winter seed January 16, 1999
10 The savior 4th December 1999
11 Kisses and bites February 19, 2000
12 Death of a bull December 30, 2000
13 Deceive your neighbor as yourself December 29, 2001
14th The billing February 2, 2002
15th Closed society December 28, 2002
16 Thoughts are free March 15, 2003
17th The quiet dying of the hummingbird December 27, 2003
18th circle of friends March 13, 2004
19th Escape to the front March 12, 2005
20th In the name of the father October 15, 2005
21st In good hands March 11, 2006
22-24 The day will come (3 parts) April 23, 25 & 28, 2007
25th The fall of Jochen B. November 1, 2008
26th The girl from Sumy February 7, 2009
27 The deal of the day September 18, 2010
28 Self-defense 17th September 2011
29 Am I dead? November 19, 2011
30th trauma March 31, 2012
31 The shot October 12, 2013


The three-part film The Day Will Come was released on DVD at the same time as it was broadcast on television . On May 25, 2012, Rosa Roth Box 1 was released on DVD. It includes episodes 1-6.

In addition, the novels Rosa Roth and Rosa Roth - Lost Life were published.

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