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In some heterosexual as well as homosexual circles, the mostly derogatory term queen is used to describe gays who stand out for their affected behavior. This term is often mistakenly equated with tranny in order to use it as a swear word . However, especially when it comes to self-labeling among gays, it does not have to be negative in every case. The self-definition as a nun is often associated with wearing women's clothing, which is why it can be confused with travesty artists.

Sexologist Richard Green describes a boy before and during puberty with stereotypical female occupations and behaviors as a sissy-boy. The term tune for a boring old young woman (used for example by Günter Grass in Die Blechtrommel ) is now out of use.


Clichéd ideas that are often associated with the term:

  • A queen's affectation is often expressed in voice (often elevated) and gestures . Classic is the splayed little finger when holding a cup and the arms bent upwards with hands hanging down at the same time. In addition, the choice of words is noticeable due to the frequent use of interjections such as “Huch”, “Ih” or “Pfui”.
  • Sometimes, but not necessarily, a certain inclination towards feminine or flashy clothing is part of being a fool. Most drag queens behave in a fun manner.
  • Funtiness is sometimes interpreted as a preference for the role of the passive partner in sex .
  • Some gays flirt with the queer image as a more socially accepted form of expression of homosexuality compared to the leather scene , for example in Japan (see Homosexuality in Japan ).
  • Every now and then one also finds “indicators” of tuna-like behavior in the relevant literature, such as “rocking, hips emphasizing, feminine gait”, silly, suggestive and obscene speech and the use of female breasts.

Sociopolitical attribution to homophiles from 1971, who were often hidden at the time:

“The majority of homosexuals resemble the type of inconspicuous son from a good family who attaches great importance to appearing male. His biggest enemy is the conspicuous queen. Tunten are not as mendacious as the bourgeois gay. Tunten exaggerate and make fun of their gay characteristics. You are questioning the norms of our society and showing what it means to be gay. "

- from: quotez.net: "It is not the homosexual who is perverse, but the situation in which he lives - quotes"


In fact, since the queue dispute in 1973 , the term queer has been given a new rating, especially in gay circles, especially by prominent queens who naturally deal with the categorization of queens. In Berlin in particular, many openly gay artists consciously and proudly refer to themselves as queers. Ovo Maltine said: “The committed Berlin girl does not present herself in feathers and sequins. To be a nun in Berlin means that you also have the will to shape politics. ”In doing so, she coined the term political nun in particular . The filmmaker Rosa von Praunheim portrayed the scene in 2001 using protagonists like Ovo Maltine under the title Tunten don't lie , thereby making it better known.

On the other hand, people who correspond to the above-mentioned stereotypes are called rather derogatory "Tucke" or "Trine".

Well-known queens


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