Trevor Von Eeden

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Trevor Von Eeden 2008

Trevor Von Eeden (born July 24, 1959) is an American comic artist .

Life and work

Von Eeden, who comes from an Afro-American family and is often referred to as “Trevor Von Eden” in the author's statements of the notebooks he has drawn, began working as a full-time comic artist in the 1970s. His most notable work is generally considered to be the series Black Lightning from the 1970s, which went down in comic history as the first American superhero comic with a black-skinned man as the main character. While the stories for Black Lightning came from the pen of Tony Isabella , Von Eeden was responsible for the design of the figure, whose most noticeable feature was her bushy afro hairstyle .

Other series for which Von Eeden has drawn include Batman , Power Man , Iron Fist , Urth 4 and Robert Loren Fleming's Thriller, as well as a miniseries about the archer Green Arrow , for which he worked with the ink artist Dick Giordano . Von Eeden is currently illustrating the Joe in the Future series for Heavy Metal Magazine and preparing a biography of boxer Jack Johnson .