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World's Finest Comics (Eng. The world's best comics or, based on the characters covered, Der Welt Beste Comics ) was the title of a comic series that was published by the US publisher DC between 1941 and 1986 and played in its comic universe . Initially, the comic series was published with issue number 1 under the title World's Best Comics (1941). However, after DC received an injunction obtained from Better Publications , which had been publishing a series of issues under the title Best Comics since November 1939 , the title was changed to World's Finest Comics with issue number 2 and until the series was discontinued in 1986 under the Keep title.

In August 2003, however, the concept of the magazine was resumed with a new series of magazines under the title Superman / Batman (published in German-speaking countries with the reverse name Batman / Superman ). In addition, other series with a comparable title appeared at DC Comics, but they could also deal with other characters (mostly with reference to Batman and Superman ).


World's Finest Comics

The series, whose Issue # 1 was still titled World's Best Comics before it was changed to the more popular World's Finest Comics in Issue # 2 , routinely included adventures of the two most popular DC-owned characters in each issue: Batman and Superman. Due to the “ leitmotiv ” theme of the series, the adventures of the two best-known - or at least best-selling - comic characters in the world, the publisher with a wink in the title of World's Finest claimed that between the cover pages of every issue “the world's best comics " to publish.

The idea for a comic series that would bring Superman and Batman together on a regular basis every month for adventures came about during the New York World's Fair of 1939/40. A special comic edition was sold to the visitors there, on the cover of which the superheroes Superman, Batman and his junior partner Robin were gathered (without, of course, meeting each other inside the said booklet). The title was later justified - mainly fictional - through a game with the ambiguity of the English word pair World's Finest , stating that the title was due to the fact that the hero duo Superman and Batman are the world's finest hero team, meaning "the best team with." which planet earth can offer to rescue it in the event of a serious threat ”.

Each World's Finest issue originally comprised 96 pages and, in addition to the Batman and Superman story (s), also included several other stories about other characters owned by the publisher. Beginning with issue # 71 from 1954, the number of pages in the series was drastically reduced so that there was only room for a single 22- to 24-page story. This always told a common "hero" adventure of Superman and Batman. This scheme was retained until the series was discontinued with issue # 323 in 1986.


In the following years further miniseries and one shots were published by DC, which took up the title World's Finest - mostly supplemented by a more precise attribute - as an homage to the "good old days". These mini-series and one-shots include:

  • A three-part miniseries by Dave Gibbons and Steve Rude from 1990
  • A three-part miniseries from 1994
  • A two-part mini-series about Superboy and Robin, the two junior partners of the two “big ones”, from 1996
  • The One Shot Elseworlds' Finest: Supergirl / Batgirl from 1998
  • The One Shot Superman and Batman: World's Funnest about Mr. Mxyzptlk and Bat-Mite
  • A ten-part miniseries from 1999

Superman / Batman

Superman / Batman (in German at Panini Comics Batman / Superman ) was a series that was published by DC Comics from August 2003 to autumn 2011 ( restart of the DC universe ) and reached 87 issues. The series appeared on a monthly basis.

The central theme was the exploration of the camaraderie and rivalry between the two characters. This made the series a direct continuation of the World's Finest Comics , which were based on the same content concept. In terms of narrative method, the double narrative perspective from the point of view of both main characters was an essential characteristic of the series.

The main authors of the series were Jeph Loeb (# 1-25), Mark Verheiden (# 27-36) and Alan Burnett (# 37-42). Sam Loeb (# 26) and Joe Kelly (Annual # 1) appeared as guest authors, and illustrators were Ed McGuinness (# 1–6, 20–25 and Annual # 1), Michael Turner (# 8–13), Carlos Pacheco ( # 14-18) and Dustin Nguyen (# 37-42). Guest artists include Pat Lee (# 7, 34-36), Ian Churchill (# 19), Kevin Maguire (# 27), Ethan Van Sciver (# 28-31), Matthew Clark (# 23-33), Ryan Ottley (Annual # 1), Sean Murphy (Annual # 1) and Carlo Barberi (Annual # 1).

Worlds' Finest

The Worlds' Finest series was started as part of New 52 . It covers the adventures of Huntress and Power Girl from Earth 2 .

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