Arrow (TV series)

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Television series
German title Arrow
Original title Arrow
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2012-2020
Warner Bros. Television ,
Berlanti Television,
DC Comics
length 42 minutes
Episodes 170 in 8 seasons ( list )
genre Crime , mystery , science fiction , action , drama , fantasy
idea Marc Guggenheim ,
Greg Berlanti ,
Andrew Kreisberg
music Blake Neely
First broadcast October 10, 2012 (USA) on The CW
first broadcast
September 16, 2013 on VOX

Arrow is an American action series based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow and produced by Warner Bros. Television and Berlanti Television for The CW from 2012 to 2020 . The series is about Oliver Queen, a billionaire and industrialist who has set himself the task of ridding his hometown Starling City of criminals. For this reason he adopts the secret identity Arrow and from then on lives a secret double life . The series represents the prelude to the so-called Arrowverse .


After a shipwreck in which his father died, playboy Oliver Queen was stranded on the deserted island of Lian Yu . He was officially believed dead and was later believed to be the only survivor. At the beginning of the series, Oliver is found on the island where - it seems - he has spent the last five years on his own. Before his death, Oliver's father gave him a list of the names of people who exploited their hometown, Starling City. Plagued by guilt, he told his son that he was not the person Oliver thought he knew. Oliver should absolutely survive to make up for his father's mistakes and to bring the wicked to account.

Stephen Amell (2013)

The plot takes place on two levels: most of the story shows the life of Oliver after returning to his hometown. In doing so, he builds a secret identity as a crime fighter with a bow and arrow and fulfills his father's last wish by trying to bring the people on the list to their just punishment. At the same time, scenes from the protagonist's past are shown, initially on Lian Yu Island and later in Hong Kong. The flashbacks are thematically related to current events.

season 1


Upon his return to Starling City, Oliver Queen lives the easy life of a playboy , while he secretly builds a second identity as a crime fighter. With the help of his best friend Tommy Merlyn, he opens Club Verdant (dt. Green ) in the slums of Glades and sets up the secret base for Oliver's alter ego in the basement of the building .

Often referred to as "The Archer", "Hooded Man" or "Green Arrow" (or The Hood in the original version) by the media and the police , he begins to hunt down the people on his father's list. He makes them confess to their crimes and offers them a chance to redress. If they don't take this chance, he'll kill them. With the martial arts he has acquired on the island and with a bow and arrow, he brings down the criminals and forces them to make amends for the damage they have caused. He has many opponents, such as the hit man China White , who works for the Triads , the serial killer Deadshot or the Dark Archer , who is linked to the list of Oliver's father and has his own plans with Starling City. But Oliver is not on his own in the crime hunt, he gets support in the form of his former bodyguard John "Dig" Diggle, and later from the computer expert Felicity Smoak, who works in the IT department of Queen Consolidated .

Dig convinces Oliver that in Starling City, besides the people on the list, there are other bad people who also need to be hunted down. Oliver realizes that some of these cases are more urgent than the names on the list, and that helping the city is more important than taking personal revenge. For a short time Oliver receives support from the crime fighter Huntress aka Helena Bertinelli. But Helena does not share Oliver's sense of justice, for her only personal revenge counts, so the two separate in an argument.

Oliver also faces some difficulties in his private life. To his horror, he discovered that the accident five years ago hit the family badly psychologically. His return cannot heal all wounds. His sister Thea shows a behavior that is very similar to his own life before the stay on the island. Although she is still a minor, she drinks a lot of alcohol and uses drugs. Moira, Oliver's mother, has trouble coping with Thea, and Oliver's frequent absence to hunt down criminals makes the situation worse. Only Moira's new husband Walter Steele seems to hold the family together. But when he investigates irregularities in the Queen Consolidated company , which are directly related to the accident five years ago, Walter is kidnapped and the family threatens to break up.

Oliver therefore tries to look after the family in the best possible way in addition to his double life, even if he does not always succeed. He also tries to build a friendship with his ex-girlfriend Laurel Lance, who initially blames him for the death of her sister Sara. To make matters worse, Laurel's father Detective Quentin Lance, who hated Oliver even before the island, was charged with the capture of the "Green Arrow".

Thea is sentenced to social service in Laurel's office because of her increasing antics; then her behavior changes and she begins to develop a sense of responsibility. By chance she meets the street boy Roy Harper, falls in love with him and tries to keep him away from all illegal activities. Roy however begins to develop a fascination for him after "Green Arrow" has saved his life. He tries to find out his identity, and Thea helps him.

During the series it is learned that the ship accident was deliberately staged five years ago; Responsible was a small group of people directly related to Robert's list. Robert himself was once part of this group but was eliminated when he tried to get off. Robert's wife Moira is also part of the group, albeit not of her own free will. Malcolm Merlyn, Tommy's father, is the leader of the group and also the Dark Archer .

As Oliver progresses with both the list and the family and Laurel, he and Tommy grow apart. Tommy is now Laurel's new boyfriend and although Oliver doesn't stand in the way, Tommy soon realizes that Oliver and Laurel still have feelings for each other. When he learns the truth about Oliver's second identity, the friendship begins to break down. With a heavy heart, he comes to the conclusion that if she knew the truth, Laurel would vote Oliver and leaves her.

Meanwhile, Oliver reveals the Dark Archer's identity and learns of his plans. Driven by the murder of his wife, Malcolm wants to destroy everything bad in Starling City in one fell swoop and completely destroy the Glades with the help of a machine. Tommy doesn't believe Oliver's story, but his father soon teaches him better. With the help of Dig, Felicity and Detective Lance, Oliver manages to defeat the Dark Archer and deactivate the machine, but Malcolm had hidden a second machine as a contingency plan. The machine is activated and parts of the Glades are hit by a strong earthquake.

At the end of season one, Laurel in the Glades is trapped in a collapsing building during the earthquake, but is rescued by Tommy. He himself no longer manages to leave the building and is buried. Oliver manages to find Tommy, but Tommy is already too badly injured. The two make up before Tommy succumbs to his injuries.


The sporadic glimpses of life on Lian Yu Island are mostly related to the action of the present, as their effects influence Oliver's actions in the now. He often remembers situations he faced on the island that are similar to contemporary events.

However, both the events of the present and those on the island are told chronologically; at the end of the first season, about six months have passed. The main theme on the island is survival. Little by little it turns out that the island is not as deserted as it first appears; Oliver meets the Chinese Yao Fei, who fights with a bow and shows him his first tricks to survive. There are several confrontations with a group of armed men under the command of Edward Fyers. Yao Fei changes sides; as it turns out later, he does this to ensure the safety of his daughter Shado, who is being held by Fyers. Nevertheless, he helps Oliver fake his death and thus escape Fyer's men.

Oliver joins a man named Slade Wilson, who is also trying to leave the island. Slade begins to instruct Oliver in hand-to-hand combat. The two finally free Shado and she teaches Oliver archery. Yao Fei reveals the whereabouts of Wilson, Shado and Oliver to prevent their deaths, after which they are captured by Fyers. In Fyers Camp, he revealed to the prisoners his plans to weaken China's economy by means of rocket attacks on several Chinese commercial aircraft. He wants to push the blame on Yao Fei by forcing him to plead guilty in a video; afterwards, Fyers kills Yao Fei. Yao Fei is able to slip a blade into Oliver before his death with which he can free himself, Shado and Slade. Together they can prevent the attack and destroy the camp.

In the end, Fyers takes Shado hostage; Slade is injured in the leg and so Oliver is alone with Fyers. Fyers offers to leave the island for Oliver if he gives up Shado. However, Oliver shoots Fyers with Yao Fei's bow. So the three are still trapped on the island for the time being.

season 2


Five months after the destruction of the Glades, Oliver lives in seclusion again on Lian Yu. Diggle and Felicity find it difficult to get him to return because the seedy Isabel Rochev wants to take over the company. With the help of his former stepfather Walter, Oliver is able to prevent Isabel from gaining the majority of the shares and becomes managing director with equal rights through a 50% stake. At the same time, Oliver resumes his work as an archer and begins to call himself "Arrow". However, after Tommy's death he is no longer willing to kill other people.

At the same time, city councilor Sebastian Blood, who comes from Glades, plans to become mayor and is becoming increasingly popular. Oliver initially supports Blood and with his help also promotes the reconstruction of the Glades. However, Blood is up to no good. As the season progresses, it becomes clear that he runs a cult under the pseudonym Brother Blood that operates underground and, with Deathstroke's help, seeks power in Starling City. His blood cult kidnaps several people in order to test the Mirakuru serum on them.

Oliver finds out that his former affair, Laurel's sister Sara, is still alive and has returned to Starling City as The Canary . Sara was trained to be a killer by the League of Assassins and has illegally left the organization. Oliver helps her to defend herself against approaching killers and helps her to leave the organization behind. However, she leaves the city for the time being so as not to endanger anyone, but reveals herself to her father Quentin, who has been demoted to a patrolman and is happy to see her again.

Oliver's sister Thea is now firmly with Roy and runs the nightclub that she took over from Oliver. Roy goes on patrol in the Glades at night and is arrested several times. Thea leaves him, but later reunites with him when, instead of going on patrol, Roy becomes Oliver's alias Arrow's informant. During the season, Roy is kidnapped by Brother Blood and treated with the Mirakuru serum. Roy barely survives and develops superhuman strength as a result, which, however, also makes him extremely aggressive. Oliver takes him under his wing and, after he has also revealed his identity, takes him on to the team.

Meanwhile, Laurel, as a member of the prosecution, is trialing Moira Queen, who has been in prison since then. Laurel has taken on the task of arresting Arrow from her father, who is now on the archer's side and works with him several times. As a result of Tommy's death, she developed an addiction to tablets and alcohol, which she threatened to let go. Only later, after being rescued by Arrow from Blood's henchmen, does she give up this plan and instead investigate Blood. When he realizes that Laurel could be dangerous to him, he makes her drug addiction public in order to discredit her.

The ARGUS organization appears several times and reveals that it knows about Oliver's identity. So they ask him for help when Diggle's ex-wife Lyla is arrested in Moscow and to help find a killer named Deadshot. After the rescue, Diggle and Lyla start dating again.

In the eighth episode, Barry Allen, a forensic investigator from Central City, comes to town. He can save Oliver after he was kidnapped and poisoned by Blood. He develops feelings for Felicity before heading back to Central City. In Central City, he is struck by lightning from an exploding particle accelerator that caused a thunderstorm over the city and falls into a coma (this is the launch of spin-off The Flash ).

Moira is being tried in which she faces the death penalty. However, she was surprisingly acquitted. It turns out that Malcolm Merlyn survived and obtained her acquittal for discovering that Thea was really his daughter. Moira contacts the League of Assassins to get rid of him. Malcolm flees for breaking the League's code and swears revenge. Later, on Walter's advice, Moira also runs for the office of mayor.

Sara returns and, after she finally manages to leave the league and be reunited with her family, becomes part of Oliver's team. Laurel is initially unwilling to forgive her sister for blaming her for everything bad that happened to her. But they get along again. Sara and Oliver get together, which makes Felicity temporarily jealous. Laurel gets her job back with the prosecutor by blackmailing the prosecutor. Laurel had used this as bait for Helena Bertinelli, who has also returned.

It later emerges that Sebastian Blood and Isabel Rochev are working with Slade Wilson, who now calls himself Deathstroke . He had sworn vengeance for Oliver on the island (see the Past section) and made the Mirakuru serum from his blood to create an indomitable army that was to destroy Oliver, his family and all his friends. Among other things, Isabel ensures that Oliver loses the company. After Thea was kidnapped by Slade, Roy leaves the team, having become more and more unpredictable due to the Mirakuru. Thea finds out that Malcolm is her father and breaks up with her family. Slade is driven to all of this by hallucinations of Shado that he has through the Mirakuru. Sara also leaves the team after trying to kill Roy instead of simply silencing him when the serum makes him out of control.

Moira, meanwhile, is killed by Slade after she and her family slowly grow closer. Felicity tries to create an antidote for the Mirakuru with the help of two STAR Labs employees from Central City, while Isabel converts all of Queen Consolidated's research facilities for Mirakuru production. At the same time she takes the Club Verdant away from Thea and tells her to leave town. Blood then becomes mayor.

Meanwhile, Laurel has discovered Oliver's secret and encourages him to fight Slade instead of sacrificing himself to him. At the same time she tells him that she found out that Slade and Blood are in cahoots. Oliver reveals his identity to him and asks him not to trust Slade because he will destroy the city. Sebastian says that when threatened, people will look up to him and he will stand as a savior. Slade orders the Mirakuru Army to attack the city. During the attack, the police are incapacitated and Thea is attacked by one of the men at the train station while she was about to leave town. However, she is saved by her father Malcolm. He wants her to come with him. But she turns away from him and shoots him. He survived through a bulletproof vest and skillfully persuaded her to come along, also because she learned of Roy's secret.

Blood, meanwhile, has found out that he has only served as Slade's puppet and helps Oliver get hold of the antidote that was stolen from Slade. He admits that he made the mask he wears as Brother Blood to deal with his father's abuse and that he trusted the wrong people. Even so, he continues to believe in remaining mayor. He is then killed by Isabel. Oliver heals Roy from the Mirakuru and together they fight against Slade and his army. He kidnaps Felicity and Laurel to give Oliver another choice. Felicity rams the antidote down Slade's throat and escapes. After a brutal fight, Oliver is able to capture Slade. He still swears revenge.

Sara leaves town for good after returning with some members of the League of Assassins to help Oliver. Quentin collapses and has to be taken to the hospital by Laurel. Diggle learns from Waller that Lyla is pregnant while they try to stop Waller from destroying the city to prevent the Mirakuru army from spreading. Thea leaves town with Malcolm.

Finally you see Oliver, Felicity and Diggle traveling to Lian Yu. ARGUS has set up a prison there, in which Slade is now to be incarcerated. Felicity, who has strong feelings for Oliver, is especially sad that he is leaving.


A few months have passed since Fyer's death and Oliver continues to practice fighting and archery with Slade and Shado. In the meantime Oliver and Shado have become a couple and he has also learned Mandarin for them. Normal island life ends when the Amazo, a ship full of pirates led by Dr. Anthony Ivo, docks at the island. Ivo is looking for a sunken Japanese submarine in which a miracle drug called Mirakuru (“Miracle”) is said to be stored. The serum gives people increased strength and improved their senses, but it also leads to severe aggression.

Ivo is stopped several times by Oliver and his friends, but Slade is seriously injured in an attack and Oliver is kidnapped on the pirates' ship. There Oliver meets Sara, who survived the sinking of the Queen's Gambit thanks to Ivo and has lived on the Amazo ever since and has worked for Ivo. On the ship, Ivo conducts experiments on people in order to be able to resell the Mirakuru later. Oliver is locked in a cell for the time being, where he makes the acquaintance of the Russian Anatoly. Sara changes sides, she frees Oliver and the two flee from the ship, but before that Oliver promises Anatoli that he will come back to free him.

Meanwhile, Shado is tending to Slade's wounds, but he is badly burned and is likely to die soon. Oliver and Sara join them and together they decide to look for the submarine, because the only chance to save Slade's life now is Mirakuru. They manage to find the submarine and administer Slade Mirakuru, but apparently too late. Slade confesses his love to Shado before he appears to die. Ivo has meanwhile also found the submarine, so those who remain have to flee. The three are still captured and tied up. Ivo forces Oliver to decide whether Shado or Sara should survive. Oliver cannot make this decision, whereupon Ivo threatens to kill both of them. He puts the pistol on Sara's head, causing Oliver to throw himself in her direction, screaming. Ivo interprets this as a decision and kills Shado. Meanwhile, Slade has awakened, his wounds healed and he is stronger than ever. He kills the remaining pirates with ease, but Ivo has already escaped.

Sara warns Oliver against telling Slade the full truth about Shado's death, because there are already signs that Slade's psyche has become unstable. The three forge a plan how they can capture Ivo's ship, take revenge and then finally disappear from Lian Yu . They manage to infiltrate the Amazo, free Ivos prisoners and start a revolt. Oliver sets Ivo alone, but Slade secretly overhears their conversation, and so he learns the truth about Shado's death. Then Slade begins to direct all his anger against Oliver. Sara and some prisoners, including Anatoli, escape the ship and swim to Lian Yu , but Oliver has to stay behind and is imprisoned by Slade.

Slade takes command of the Amazo and has Oliver tortured. Ivo is also in Slade's captivity and to demonstrate how a “real man” would have saved Shado, he cuts off Ivo's hand. However, in order to get the ship seaworthy again after the attack, Slade needs a technician who escaped together with Sara. So he proposes a barter, Oliver for this man. Before that, however, he has Shados tattooed on Oliver's back so that he never forgets to be responsible for her death.

Oliver and Ivo are then left behind on Lian Yu , where both are supposed to die with no hope of escape. Meanwhile, Slade wants to set sail to pay a visit to Oliver's family. Ivo tells Oliver that there is an antidote for Mirakuru to kill him and save him from a slow death. Oliver gets into the submarine with Sara and two other prisoners. After someone has sacrificed himself to blast the submarine from the seabed, Anatoli manages to make the submarine seaworthy, but Sara is kidnapped by Slade. Oliver wants to go to the Amazo to save Sara and orders Anatoli to destroy the ship if he doesn't return. Anatoli reluctantly agrees, but assures Oliver in return that he has made a friend for life with his deeds on the island. Should Oliver ever need his help of any kind, he will get it.

Oliver infiltrates the ship and finds Sara, but is captured. He watches as Slade tries unsuccessfully to administer Mirakuru to his men. Oliver makes one last attempt to bring Slade to his senses. But Slade sees Shado in his delusions, who blames Oliver for her death. Just as Slade Oliver is also about to administer Mirakuru, Anatoli fires the torpedo and the ship is damaged. Similar to the shipwreck a year and a half ago, Sara is torn from the ship into the waters and is believed to be dead by Oliver and Slade.

The two fight each other one last time, with Slade being buried in the wreckage of the ship. Oliver holds the antidote in one hand and an arrow in the other. Slade provokes Oliver to give him the antidote. It won't prevent Slade from taking everything away from Oliver, and Sara was just the beginning. Oliver decides to kill Slade with the arrow and pierces his eye in the process. Then Oliver is also torn from the ship.

After an indefinite period of time, Oliver wakes up in a room in Hong Kong. There he meets Amanda Waller, from ARGUS. She knows his name and tells him that she needs his help. Then Oliver climbs into a limousine with her.

In another flashback that takes place shortly before the shipwreck, Oliver tells his mother that he has made a woman pregnant. Moira contacts the woman and pays her a total of $ 2 million to tell Oliver she lost the child and never contact him again.

season 3


A few months have passed since Slade's attack, Roy is now also wearing a costume and helps Oliver, Diggle and Felicity hunt down criminals. Together, Team Arrow has almost completely eradicated crime in Starling City in the past few months. The happy times come to an abrupt end when Sara visits town and is murdered by an archer. Laurel decides to keep these facts a secret from her father as she is afraid that he will not be able to cope with the "renewed" death of Sara. Together with Team Arrow, she begins to look for the killer. Although a few suspects, such as the assassin Komodo and Malcolm Merlyn, are quickly found, in the end all leads lead nowhere.

Diggle becomes a father and from now on will no longer participate in field missions. Queen Consolidated is bought by the multi-millionaire Ray Palmer and Felicity starts working for him. Roy, meanwhile, confesses to Oliver Thea's true intentions for leaving town. Team Arrow manages to track her down in Corto Maltese and Oliver can convince her to travel home with him. Laurel is frustrated that the search for Sara's killer is not making progress. She meets the boxer Ted Grant. A few years before Oliver's return, Ted also protected the city as an outlaw under the name Wildcat , but has since given up the hunt for criminals. Ted Laurel begins to train under the pretext of wanting to learn self-defense. In truth, Laurel wants revenge on Sara's murderer. Roy, who has not yet had a secret identity, adopts the name Arsenal .

Barry Allen has now woken up from his coma and thanks to the superpowers he has acquired, he is active as the superhero Flash . He is supported in this by the employees of STAR Labs. Arrow and Flash work together a few times, and Felicity turns to STAR Labs for assistance in analyzing the DNA sample from Sara's murderer. Meanwhile, Nyssa and the League of Assassins give Oliver an ultimatum. He should hand over Sara's murderers or innocents will die. Analysis of the DNA sample suggests that Oliver is Sara's killer, but Team Arrow has a different theory. Since Thea's DNA is very similar to Oliver's, she could be Sara's murderer. The fact that her stature matches the killer's position and the trajectory of the arrows reinforces this suspicion.

Oliver doesn't want to hear about it, but when it becomes increasingly clear that Thea is lying to Oliver about her relationship with her father, Oliver confronts Thea as Arrow and is amazed when she can repel his attacks and then flees over the balcony. Thea tells Malcolm about Arrow's attack, whereupon he seeks Oliver. He admits to having robbed Thea of ​​her will with a drug, whereupon she murdered Sara. Thea herself cannot remember the act, however. Since Oliver cannot hand his sister over to the League of Assassins, he poses himself as a murderer and claims the right to fight the leader, Ra's al Ghul, in a life and death duel. This duel had been Malcolm's plan from the start, because if Oliver were to win, he would no longer have to fear for his life.

Oliver says goodbye to the team and begins the journey to a "holy place" of the assassins, where he meets an old friend named Maseo, among others. Oliver got to know him 5 years ago in Hong Kong. Maseo has changed a lot and has joined the League of Assassins under the name Sarab . Oliver fights against Ra's al Ghul, but is far inferior to him. Ra's drills his sword into Oliver's body and then knocks it off a cliff.

Several weeks go by and the team is very worried about Oliver, who has not returned from his duel. Malcolm also wants to know how the duel turned out and travels to Nanda Parbat and finds the bloody sword with which Oliver was pierced to bring it to Team Arrow. A blood analysis confirms the fear that it is Oliver's blood. Meanwhile, the city is ravaged by a new gang, led by a man named Brick. Without Oliver, John, Felicity and Roy manage to protect the city rather badly than right. When Laurel learns of Oliver's alleged death, she puts on a black costume, which was inspired by her sister, and begins the hunt for criminals as Black Canary . Although Laurel is still very inexperienced, she helps Team Arrow fight Bricks Gang. At the same time Ray is working on a combat suit called ATOM, which will also be used for the hunt for criminals. With the help of Felicity, Ray manages to finish the suit.

Meanwhile, Oliver's body is recovered by Maseo. He barely survived the fight with Ra's, but is very badly injured. Maseo was in Oliver's debt and therefore brings him to his ex-wife Tatsu, whom Oliver also met in Hong Kong. She starts by taking care of Oliver. During Oliver's absence, Brick succeeds in taking larger and larger parts of the city or the Glades, until even the police withdraw from there. It turns out that Brick is the real killer of Merlyn's wife. Malcolm had murdered the wrong man years ago; now he wants to murder Brick to end the matter. A street fight ensues between Team Arrow, Ted, Laurel and some civilians against Bricks gang. During this battle, Sara's friend Sin realizes that Black Canary is not Sara and reports this to Laurel's father.

When Bricks Gang threatens to win, Oliver suddenly appears as Arrow and although he is still injured, his appearance causes enough fear in Bricks Gang that it can be finally smashed. And he prevents Malcom from murdering Brick. Diggle, Felicity, Roy and Laurel are overjoyed that Oliver is still alive, but are stunned when he reveals his plan to take Malcolm against the League of Assassins. Oliver finally decides to tell Thea the truth and lets her in on his secret. Together they travel to Lian Yu to train and spend time together. But during the stay they are attacked by Slade, who escaped from his cell and swore revenge. Together the two manage to recapture Slade, but the latter swears that this was not the last meeting. During Lian Yu's stay, Thea realizes that Oliver still has a secret and urges him to give the prize until he confesses the truth to Sara's murder.

Thea then reveals Malcolm's whereabouts to the League of Assassins, who is captured and brought to Nanda Parbat. Oliver has several reasons, however, to free Malcolm. He is certain that Thea will not be able to cope with being responsible for her father's death for a long time. He also needs Malcolm's help to train for another fight with Ra's al Ghul. Oliver and Diggle enter the assassin's fortress in Nanda Parbat, but are captured. When he faces Ra's again, Oliver asks that Diggle be spared. Ra's, who is meanwhile very impressed by Oliver, offers Oliver to become his successor. As a token of his goodwill, he, Diggle, and Malcolm are released.

When Oliver refuses to accept this deal, Ra's systematically begins to destroy Arrow's reputation. First, his henchmen in Arrow's costume murder criminals. Then innocent civilians and politicians are murdered and finally he kidnaps Captain Lance and tells him Oliver's secret identity. Lance, who has since found out about Sara's death, blames Oliver for it. He publishes his secret identity on television and begins hunting Arrow. Oliver sees only one way out to face. But during the drive to the prison, Roy attacks the transporter in Arrow's costume and poses as a “real” Arrow in front of everyone. Without informing Oliver, John, Roy and Felicity have devised a plan to fake Roy's death in prison. Oliver is now free, but in order to maintain the illusion, he can no longer slip into the role of Arrow. Roy can no longer stay in the city either and leaves Starling City.

Meanwhile, Ra's al Ghul attacks and injures Thea life-threateningly and makes Oliver a new offer, which he cannot refuse. Thea's life can be saved with the help of the Lazarus Pit if Oliver agrees to become the next Ra's al Ghul. Oliver agrees, Thea is saved and Oliver says goodbye to family and friends. It is particularly difficult for Felicity to say goodbye, the two have become very close over time and have fallen in love with each other. Nyssa, who has disagreed with her father's decisions for some time, leaves the League of Assassins and begins training Laurel.

A few weeks go by and Oliver is brainwashed and given the name Al Sahim . To be able to succeed Ra's, he must first bring Nyssa to Nanda Parbat and murder him. Oliver returns to Starling and, despite Team Arrow and Thea's best efforts, manages to kidnap Nyssa. Team Arrow is appalled by Oliver's extreme transformation. Convinced of Oliver's loyalty and devotion, Ras' Oliver keeps Oliver from murdering Nyssa and determines that she should be his wife from now on. Furthermore, he demands from Oliver to split off from his old life for good by destroying Starling City. For this purpose, Oliver is said to use a bio-weapon called the Alpha-Omega. Oliver already knows this weapon from his time in Hong Kong and realizes that Ra's got this weapon from Maseo.

Malcolm meets with Team Arrow and explains that Oliver only joined the league to destroy it from the inside, his change is only an act. He announces Ra's plan to destroy the city and together they set out to strike back with Oliver. They are supported by Tatsu. However, the group is ambushed and taken prisoner. Oliver personally locks his former friends in a cell, where Ra's breaks a vial containing the Alpha Omega virus. Oliver then sets out with Ra's to destroy Starling. Meanwhile, Team Arrow wakes up in the cell and Malcolm explains that all of this is part of Oliver's plan. Malcolm himself made an antidote with the help of Oliver's blood and administered it to all members of Team Arrow without their knowledge. Although Team Arrow is suspicious, they are freed by Flash, who was also revealed in Oliver's plans. The group returns to Starling to stop the League of Assassins.

Meanwhile, Oliver and Ra's plane catches fire en route to Starling City. Oliver manipulated the engine so that the league and its bio-weapon would crash and be destroyed. The plan fails and Ra's manages to escape with a parachute. Oliver manages to make an emergency landing and also arrives in Starling City. Although Team Arrow feels betrayed by Oliver, the differences are put aside and a counterattack against the League of Assassins is launched. They get support from Thea, who has now put on Roy's old costume. Together they manage to turn off 3 of the 4 virus carriers without activating the weapon. The last virus carrier can release the virus, but with the help of Ray the vaccine can be distributed in the air in good time, so that the number of victims is comparatively low. Meanwhile, Oliver takes on Ra's al Ghul again and can win this duel. Before his death, Ra's presents Oliver with the league leader's mark, a ring.

Following these events, Oliver realizes that his original path of wanting to do everything by himself was wrong. Ra's has taken Oliver's identity from Arrow. Since the city is safe thanks to Diggle, Laurel and Thea even without him, he decides to give up the life of the outlaw and to travel with Felicity. Before that, apparently as part of an agreement, he gives Malcolm the token of his victory over Ra's al Ghul. Oliver issues a warning to Malcolm that he will never forgive him for Sara's death or what he did to Thea. Malcolm travels to Nanda Parbat and becomes the successor of Ra's al Ghul, to the displeasure of Nyssa. In the end, Oliver and Felicity drive down a street in their car and Oliver says he is happy for the first time.


Amanda Waller forces Oliver to work for ARGUS in Hong Kong. He lives with the ARGUS agent Maseo, together with his wife Tatsu and his son Akio. Oliver, who cannot come to terms with this situation, tries constantly to flee, but Maseo always manages to stop Oliver. Since Oliver no longer values ​​his own life, Waller finds another means of exerting pressure. Maseo does not volunteer for ARGUS either, he tells Oliver that should Oliver escape, his son Akio will die. Oliver has no choice but to work for Amanda.

Oliver and Maseo work together to do some jobs for ARGUS that initially seem to have no connection. Oliver has to overcome his limits repeatedly. For example, Oliver has to retrieve hidden memories from his subconscious. Furthermore, Oliver is forced to torture people for the first time in order to reveal their secrets. After a certain assignment, Oliver manages to organize a laptop unnoticed and to analyze the data on the USB stick from the last mission. He realizes that the owner worked for Fyers. Oliver had to kill this man on behalf of Waller and thus he realizes that Fyers worked for Waller.

Oliver then confronts Amanda with these allegations, who then confesses that Fyers worked on behalf of ARGUS. Fyers himself did not know what his real goal was. Fyers thought he should shoot down a plane to weaken China's infrastructure, but ARGUS's real goal was to kill a specific person on board, Chien Na Wei better known as China White . Amanda watched Oliver on Lian Yu for the last two years of his life. On the one hand, she is impressed by his abilities and Oliver himself, together with Slade, prevented the attempt on the plane at that time, so he should help to eliminate China White for good. Reluctantly, Oliver agrees.

Together with Maseo, Oliver takes on further assignments for Amanda Waller. Tatsu can't stand Oliver the whole time. She is annoyed by having to accommodate a stranger and although Maseo assures her that this situation will soon change, she is accordingly unfriendly to Oliver. The relationship between the two only improves when Maseo apparently disappears during an assignment and Oliver Tatsu helps him with the search. Although the two of them can't find Maseo and he returns by himself, the two become friends.

ARGUS recognizes China White's real plan: it wants to steal a bio-weapon and needs two components for this: the alpha component and the omega component. Since Oliver and Maseo prevent China White from stealing both components, Tatsu kidnaps them to exchange them for the bio-weapon. Oliver and Maseo manage to free Tatsu. Oliver and Maseo then follow China White to Starling in order to eliminate them for good. Oliver secretly spies on his family. He kills a drug dealer who sold Thea drugs. He also breaks into Queen Consolidated to get data for the mission. He discovers a secret message from his father, which he left for Oliver and Thea. Oliver copies the message and then helps Maseo prevent China White's plans. Back in Hong Kong, Waller explains that Oliver and Maseo's debts are settled and that both are now free. But while trying to leave the city, the two are attacked by soldiers along with Tatsu and Akio.

They come to the conclusion that Waller betrayed them, so Oliver breaks into ARGUS. There he finds an injured Amanda Waller, who was betrayed by General Shrieve herself. This had arranged the murder of Oliver and Maseo. He also plans to release the Alpha-Omega bio-weapon in Hong Kong. Oliver, Maseo and Tatsu steal the vaccine and Shrieve's plans to infect Hong Kong. They try to prevent the weapon from being released, but fail.

The weapon is released in Hong Kong and Akio is infected in the process. Oliver kidnaps Shrieve to force him to cure Akio with the antidote. On the spot, however, Shrieve explains that there is no cure for the virus. The vaccine only works preventively, as soon as a person is infected, they will die. Since Oliver kidnapped Shrieve, his men now know Oliver, Maseos, Tatsus and Akios whereabouts. Knowing too much about Shrieve's attack on Hong Kong, they are supposed to be murdered. Oliver manages to fend off the men, but Akio dies in the meantime.

Akio's body is cremated and Maseo, Tatsu and Oliver are each given a container with his ashes. Hateful, Oliver tortures Shrieve almost to death until Maseo kills him. Tatsu is appalled by Oliver's actions, but Maseo, who couldn't protect his family, thinks he is too weak himself and should have acted the same. He leaves Tatsu as he is reminded of Akio every time he looks at her. Tatsu and Oliver say goodbye at the harbor. She will henceforth lead a life of solitude. When asked if Oliver is returning home, Oliver explains that after what he did to Shrieve, he cannot go home. He doesn't want his mother and sister to see what has become of him. He too will live in solitude for the time being.

Season 4


After battling the League of Assassins, Oliver moves Felicity to Ivy Town to lead a quiet normal life in the suburbs. Retirement was quickly over when a series of attacks panicked Starling City. The new threat comes from Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough), while the team around Oliver do everything in their power to defeat Damien, Sara Lance is brought back from the dead by John Constantine. In season 4, Oliver learns that he has a son named William. Oliver is running for mayor and seems to have a good chance. Later on, Darhk's wife also runs for mayor so that she has even more power on behalf of her husband. As Oliver still has the better odds, Darhk decides to put Oliver under pressure and forces him to withdraw his candidacy. Oliver gives in and does so. When the city threatens to collapse in a panic, Oliver gets on a car in public and gives a speech to encourage the city. In an attack by Team Arrow on Damien Darhk and his people, Darhk stabs Laurel Lance / Black Canary, who later dies in hospital. Arrow and Co swore to take revenge on Damien Darhk and kill him. At the showdown between Darhk and his followers and Arrow, Arrow gets support. Namely by the citizens of Star City. They stand behind their hero and go with him into battle. In the fight Oliver succeeds in stabbing Damien Darhk with an arrow and the renewed suffering of Star City has come to an end.


After the job in Hong Kong is finished, Oliver is sent back to Lian Yu Island, where he is supposed to stop Baron Reiter.


main characters

Oliver Queen ( The Hood / Arrow / Green Arrow / The Hooded Man / Al Sah-him, Heir of the Demon ) is the main character of the series and the son of Moira and Robert Queen; Thea is his little half-sister. Before the series action began, he lived a carefree life, but when his father sacrifices himself for him, he begins to change and take on responsibility. After his apparently five-year stay on Lian Yu Island, he has become a different person. After he's back in Starling City , he takes up the fight against criminals who have enriched themselves at the city's expense. He had a relationship with both Sara Lance and her sister Laurel. He also develops feelings for Helena Bertinelli, but decides against her when he realizes that for her only revenge is important. In the Glades he sets up a nightclub that serves as a cover for his secret headquarters. In the third season he develops feelings for Felicity Smoak and gets together with her. In the fourth season, the two move in together and Oliver proposes to Felicity, which she accepts. When Oliver learns that he has a son, he hides this from Felicity, when she finds out, Felicity breaks up with him because he still has secrets from her. In the course of the fourth season, Oliver runs for the office of mayor, which he also takes up at the end of the season.

Felicity Smoak ( Overwatch ) works in the IT department at Queen Consolidated . When Walter gives her a book - which has striking similarities to the list that Oliver received from his father - and then disappears, she entrusts it to Oliver, who in turn reveals his secret identity. Since then she has been helping him, and her computer skills are often an important help. Her first goal is to find out what happened to Walter because he was "good to her". After finding a trace of his whereabouts, Oliver rescues him. After the rescue, Oliver asks her to join the team and, like John Diggle, has worked with Arrow ever since. In Season 3, Oliver and Felicity develop feelings for each other and come together. At the beginning of Season 4 they live together outside of Star City, but come back again. Felicity supports Oliver in his election campaign and also accepts his marriage proposal. In the middle of season 4 she is shot by a ghost, whereupon she is initially paraplegic, but can later walk again thanks to a bio-implant developed by Curtis. After learning that Oliver still has secrets from her, she breaks up with him.

Laurel Lance ( Black Canary / Black Siren ) is Oliver's ex-girlfriend and the daughter of Quentin and Dinah Lance. She works in a law firm, where she mainly represents cases that harmonize with her keen sense of justice. Over the course of the series, she began a relationship with Tommy Merlyn, although she still has feelings for Oliver. At the beginning of the series, she often works with the Green Arrow . However, Oliver realizes that he is unnecessarily endangering Laurel and breaks off this collaboration. From the second season, Laurel works as a prosecutor and leads the trial against Moira Queen. Later she also discovers Oliver's secret and supports him in the fight against his enemies. After the death of her sister, she will work as a Black Canary . Laurel is fatally injured with an arrow by Damien Darhk and taken to the hospital by Oliver, where she collapses and dies.

John Diggle ( Spartan ) is a veteran of the Afghanistan War . As a soldier he was briefly married, but soon divorced. He has been working as a bodyguard since he stopped serving in the army . Originally he was hired by Moira to protect Oliver. He is later taken into the trust of Oliver and works with him, often acting as his conscience . Diggle holds a personal grudge against serial killer Deadshot for allegedly murdering his brother Andy. At the end of the second season it is revealed that Diggle is going to be a father. His daughter is named after Sara.

Thea Queen ( Speedy ) is Oliver's sister, who is initially seventeen. She has a relationship with the initially petty criminal Roy Harper. Thea looked up at Oliver and when he was believed dead she fell into a deep depression and turned to drugs. When she was in a car accident while intoxicated, she was sentenced to community hours and worked with Laurel in their law firm. In the second season she runs Oliver's nightclub in the Glades, where Roy is also employed. She is Tommy's and Oliver's half-sister, having emerged from a previous affair between Moira Queen and Malcolm Merlyn. She goes away with the latter, but comes back after being trained by Merlyn. She later joins the Arrow team .

Moira Queen is the mother of Thea and Oliver. in the years following the death of her husband Robert, she married Walter Steele. When Oliver returns to Starling City, she orders that he be kidnapped to find out if Robert Queen has entrusted him with secrets about the dirty business of some companies. As the series progresses, you learn that she is not as ruthless as it first appears. She is not part of Malcolm's group by choice and tries to get out but is afraid for herself and her family. She doesn't know that Malcolm and the Dark Archer are the same person, but she believes that this person works for him. In the second season she runs for mayor and is killed by Slade Wilson.

Quentin Lance is a police detective in Starling City and initially has a strong dislike for the Queen family, especially Oliver, as he blames him for the death of his daughter Sara. He has an ambition to catch The Hood , whom he describes as a vigilante . He was married to Dinah Lance, but the marriage did not withstand the death of their daughter. Oliver helps Quentin with some of his cases, and while he doesn't want to admit it, Detective Lance slowly realizes that "Green Arrow" is important to Starling City. Towards the end of the first season he helps deactivate the earthquake machine. At the beginning of the second season he finds out that his daughter Sara is still alive and discovers her identity as The Canary . In the third season he becomes captain of the police.

Tommy Merlyn is Oliver's best friend. Together they opened a nightclub. When he learns of Oliver's secret identity, he is hurt and feels like he doesn't know him. He has a relationship with Laurel. His father is Malcolm Merlyn, of whose machinations he knows nothing. He dies during the earthquake after saving Laurel.

Slade Wilson ( Deathstroke ) is an agent of the Australian government who was sent to Lian Yu with his partner to rescue Yao Fei from the island. Slade was betrayed by his partner, who joined Fyers. Slade and Oliver team up to increase their chances of survival. Wilson's preferred weapons are swords. In the course of the series, he kills his ex-partner. In the second season he becomes a dangerous killer thanks to the Mirakuru serum.

Roy Harper ( Arsenal / Red Arrow ) grew up in the run-down Starling City neighborhood, The Glades . He became Thea's friend after he was injured while trying to defend Thea against a group of petty criminals. He had previously turned down several offers from her to find him a job after stealing her handbag. He's a traceur and doesn't want handouts. After The Hood has saved Roy's life, he tries to uncover his identity so that he can teach him. In the second season, he is injected with the Mirakuru serum, which gives him superhuman strength. When he discovers Oliver's identity, he becomes part of the team. After he got out of control from the serum, he was placed in an artificial coma. Later, the Mirakuru antidote is tested on him, which shows its effect.

Malcolm Merlyn ( Dark Archer / Al Saher / R'as Al Ghul ) is a wealthy businessman and Oliver's adversary. He is involved in some dirty machinations and has secretly assumed the identity of the Dark Archer , who wears a black hooded cloak and also fights with the bow. Malcolm and Oliver's paths cross several times and it soon becomes clear that Malcolm is superior to Oliver both in close combat and with the bow. Malcolm's wife was murdered many years ago when Tommy was a young child. Driven by revenge, he wants to drive all bad things out of Starling City. To this end, he begins to buy up Starling City and has an earthquake machine developed that will destroy the Glades and enable the city to be rebuilt according to his ideas. After the destruction in Starling City, he is believed dead, but reappears during the second season. Furthermore, it turns out that he is the biological father of Thea; he can convince them to go away with him.

More figures

Robert Queen was with Oliver on the family yacht Queen's Gambit when it was shipwrecked. He was able to save himself on a boat with his son, confessed to his misconduct and gave him the list of the people who were exploiting the city. He then shot himself so that Oliver could survive, as their supplies were too short for both of them.

Sara Lance died in the shipwreck, according to Oliver Queen. She was in love with Oliver behind her sister's back. After the earthquake, she returns to Starling City as The Canary to keep her family safe. She was trained to be a killer by the League of Assassins , but has turned away from them, which she says will result in death. Therefore, she leaves Starling City after informing her father that she is still alive. In season three, she is murdered by Thea, who was drugged by Malcolm Merlyn. In the fourth season she is resuscitated with the help of the Lazarus Pit. She then leaves the city and joins the Legends.

Walter Steele is an executive at Queen Consolidated and Moira's second husband, making him Theas and Oliver's stepfather. When he gets wind of some of his wife's crooked dealings, he becomes suspicious and shortly afterwards he is kidnapped by Malcolm Merlyn. After several months, Walter is freed by Oliver and returns home. But he's had enough of all the secrets and leaves Moira.

McKenna Hall is working with the police and also tried to Selbstjustizler to catch. You and Oliver enter into a relationship. When McKenna Hall is badly injured by Helena Bertinelli, she leaves town to live with her sister for rehabilitation and the relationship ends.

Deadshot ( Floyd Lawton ) is a hit man who appears as an opponent of Oliver. He was given the name Deadshot in the Interpol series because as a sniper he never misses his targets. Its projectiles are coated with the deadly poison curare . He killed Diggle's brother. After each murder, he tattoos his victim's name on his skin. After a confrontation with Oliver, he is mistakenly believed to be dead after an arrow hits his eye. He later returns with a mechanical eye to aid in aiming. He is being held for some time in a prison in Russia, where Diggle's ex-wife is also being held. When Diggle frees his ex-wife, Lawton escapes too. In the second season he is used by ARGUS in a unit that Lawton calls the Suicide Squad .

Helena Bertinelli ( Huntress ) is a young woman armed with a crossbow. Her ambition is, in revenge for the murder of her fiancé by her father, to destroy his criminal empire. For this she allies herself briefly with Oliver Queen and also has a sexual relationship with him. The alliance falls apart as Oliver disagrees with their methods. She leaves Starling City for a short time and then returns to kill her father. Oliver stops her and she is arrested by the police.

Yao Fei is a Chinese on the island of Lian Yu, he teaches Oliver how to survive, but then joins Fyers because he kidnapped his daughter and used her as leverage. Nevertheless, he still helps Oliver from time to time, even if only under cover. He is a very experienced archer. By the end of the first season, he is murdered by Fyers.

Shado is Yao Fei's daughter. She was kidnapped by Fyers and used as leverage until she is finally rescued by Oliver and Slade. She teaches Oliver how to shoot the bow and begins a relationship with Oliver. After Fyers is defeated, she and her allies fight Ivo. This gave Oliver the choice between Sara and her. Oliver chose Sara and Ivo killed Shado. She appears as a ghost during the second season.

Edward Fyers is Oliver's opponent on Lian Yu. He has great resources of soldiers and war material. Fyers works for a previously unknown woman and is said to weaken China's economy with terrorist attacks, while Yao Fei is supposed to take the blame. Since Oliver disturbs him during his operations, he tries several times to kill him. Fyers is then killed by Oliver at the end of the first season.

Amanda Waller is the head of the ARGUS secret service. She repeatedly uses the services of Oliver or John Diggle, although they rarely have a choice. She is also the boss of Lyla Diggle. In the fourth season, she isshot deadby the leader of the Shadowspire unit.

Lyla Diggle is John Diggle's ex-wife and an agent at ARGUS. She and John get back together in the course of season two, have a daughter and get married in season 3. The daughter is named Sara Lance in memory of the late Sara . After Amanda Waller's death she will be the new head of ARGUS

Ray Palmer ( The Atom ) is an inventor, scientist, and businessman who is acquiring Queen Consolidated to succeed Isabel Rochev as CEO of Queen Consolidated . He starts a relationship with Felicity Smoak.

Ra's al Ghul ( head of the demon ) is the leader of the League of Assassins and the father of Nyssa al Ghul . His shelter is Nanda Parbat , a hidden city in the Hindu Kush . He's the antagonist in season three. In a duel, he defeats Oliver, who nevertheless survives. As a result, Ra's sees a prophecy fulfilled, because of which he offers Oliver to become his successor as leader of the League of Assassins . He is killed by Oliver at the end of Season 3.


The series was developed by Andrew Kreisberg, Marc Guggenheim and Greg Berlanti . After they submitted the script to the broadcaster The CW , they commissioned a pilot episode in January 2012 . The production companies Bonanza Productions Inc., Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television are involved in the production. It is mostly produced in Vancouver and Victoria, Canada . The aerial photographs of the skyline of the fictional city of Starling City come from major cities all over the world. The skyline of Frankfurt with the Commerzbank Tower can be seen repeatedly and the Minato district in Tokyo with the Tokyo Tower in the background. Additional shots show the historic Back Bay district in Boston and the Singapore skyline .

The casting started in early February 2012 with the engagement of Stephen Amell for the leading role. Later that month, David Ramsey , Susanna Thompson , Colin Donnell , Paul Blackthorne , Katie Cassidy and Willa Holland were cast for the remaining leading roles. After viewing the pilot episode, The CW gave the series the green light in May 2012 and initially ordered 13 episodes. After only two episodes broadcast, the broadcaster commissioned ten more episodes for the first season, so that this came to 23 episodes.

The broadcaster made a similarly quick decision in February 2013 when it prematurely extended Arrow for a second season. For the second season there were some changes to the cast, so Colin Donnell left the series, while Colton Haynes , Emily Bett Rickards and Manu Bennett were promoted to lead actors.

Cast and dubbing

The synchronization is created for dialogue books by Dirk Hartung under the dialogue director of Hartung and Christian Weygand by the synchronous company FFS Film & TV sync GmbH in Munich .

Main cast

Role name Actress image Main role Supporting role Voice actor
Oliver Jonas "Ollie" Queen / Arrow / Green Arrow  /
Al Sah-him  / Warith al Ghul  / Ra's al Ghul  / Dark Arrow (Erde X)
Stephen Amell Stephen Amell 1.01-8.10 Johannes Raspe
John "Dig" Diggle / Spartan / Green Arrow David Ramsey David Ramsey 1.01-8.10 Ole Pfennig
Thea Dearden "Speedy" Queen / Red Arrow Willa Holland Willa Holland 1.01-6.16 7.12, 8.03, 8.10 Farina Brock
Quentin Larry Lance Paul Blackthorne Paul Blackthorne 1.01-6.23 7.12, 8.06, 8.10 Michael Roll
Dinah "Laurel" Lance / Black Canary Katie Cassidy Katie Cassidy 1.01-4.19 5.01, 5.08-5.10, 5.22, 6.18, 7.12, 8.08 Stephanie waiter
Laurel Lance / Black Siren / Black Canary (Earth 2) 6.01-7.22 5.09-5.10, 5.22-5.23, 8.01-8.07, 8.09-8.10
Moira Dearden Queen Susanna Thompson Susanna Thompson 1.01-2.20 2.23, 3.12, 5.08, 5.23, 8.01, 8.10 Daniela Hoffmann
Thomas "Tommy" Merlyn / Prometheus-X (Earth-X) Colin Donnell Colin Donnell 1.01-1.23 2.09, 3.02, 3.14, 6.08, 6.21, 7.21, 8.01, 8.10 Alexander Brem
Felicity Megan Smoak / Overwatch Emily Bett Rickards Emily Bett Rickards 2.01-7.22 1.03–1.04, 1.06, 1.08–1.09, 1.11–1.12, 1.14–1.23, 8.10 Andrea Wick
Slade Wilson / Deathstroke Manu Bennett Manu Bennett 2.01-2.23 1.13–1.20, 1.22–1.23, 3.14, 5.22–6.01, 6.05–6.06, 8.10 Tobias Kluckert
Roy William Harper Jr. / Arsenal Colton Haynes Colton Haynes 2.01-3.19, 7.01-7.22 1.15, 1.17–1.18, 1.20, 1.22–1.23, 3.22, 4.12, 6.15–6.16, 8.05, 8.07, 8.10 Patrick Roche
Malcolm Merlyn / Dark Archer / Al Sa-Her / Ra's al Ghul John Barrowman John Barrowman 3.01-4.23 1.04–1.05, 1.07–1.09, 1.11, 1.13, 1.16, 1.18–1.19, 1.21–1.23, 2.07–2.08, 2.22–2.23, 5.08, 5.17, 5.22–5.23, 7.09, 8.01 Peter Flechtner
Curtis Holt / Mister Terrific Echo Kellum Echo Kellum 5.01-7.13 4.02-4.06, 4.09, 4.12, 4.14, 4.17, 4.22-4.23, 7.22, 8.04, 8.10 Nils Dienemann

Benedikt Gutjan

Adrian Chase / Prometheus Josh Segarra
Michael Dorn (Prometheus' voice)
Josh Segarra 5.03-5.23 6.18, 8.01 Uwe Thomsen
Mike Carl (Prometheus' voice)
Rene Ramirez / Wild Dog Rick Gonzalez Rick Gonzalez 2017.jpg 6.01-8.10 5.01-5.16, 5.18-5.21, 5.23 Paul Sedlmeir
Dinah Drake / Black Canary Juliana Harkavy Juliana Harkavy 6.01-8.10 5.10-5.16, 5.18-5.21, 5.23 Janina Dietz
Ricardo Diaz / Richard Dragon Kirk Acevedo 7.01-7.14 6.06, 6.09-6.10, 6.12-6.13, 6.15, 6.17-6.23 Markus Pfeiffer
Emiko Queen / Green Arrow Sea Shimooka 7.08-7.22 8.10 Jacqueline Belle
William Clayton Jack Moore (young) 4.08, 4.14-4.15, 5.20, 5.23-6.03, 6.05-6.07, 6.11, 6.13, 6.16, 6.18, 6.20-7.01, 7.04, 7.12-7.13, 8.10 Tim Eitner
Ben Lewis (adult) 8.01–8.09 7.01-7.02, 7.04, 7.06, 7.08, 7.13-7.16, 7.21-7.22 Maximilian Belle
Mia Smoak / Blackstar Katherine McNamara Katherine McNamara - November 2014 (cropped) .jpg 8.01-8.10 7.08, 7.12-7.16, 7.18-7.19, 7.21-7.22 Lea Kalbhenn
Connor Hawke Joseph David-Jones 8.01–8.09 7.12-7.14, 7.16, 7.19, 7.22 Nick Forsberg
Mar Novu / Monitor (Earth 90) LaMonica Garrett 8.01–8.08 7.08-7.09, 7.22 Ralf David
  1. From season 6.

Guest and supporting cast

Role name Actress Supporting role Voice actor
Robert Queen Jamey Sheridan 1.01, 1.06, 1.21, 3.14, 5.08, 5.21, 7.17 Hans-Georg Panczak
Walter Steele Colin Salmon 1.01-1.05, 1.07-1.09, 1.21-1.22, 2.01, 2.12-2.13, 2.21 Oliver Stritzel
Joanna de la Vega Annie Ilonzeh 1.01-1.04, 1.06, 1.10, 1.23, 2.12 Kathrin Gaube
Raisa Kathleen Gati 1.01, 6.01, 6.18, 6.20-6.22 Monika Kockott

Dorothea Anzinger

Chien Na Wei / China White Kelly Hu 1.02, 1.07-1.08, 1.15-1.16, 2.02, 3.09, 3.11, 3.14, 5.14, 7.11, 7.14, 8.02 Solveig Duda
Yao Fei Byron man 1.03–1.05, 1.09, 1.11–1.12, 1.14, 1.18, 1.20, 1.22, 5.22, 8.07 Wei Kang
Floyd Lawton / Deadshot Michael Rowe 1.03, 1.16, 1.20, 2.06, 2.16, 2.23, 3.17, 4.01, 5.03 Olaf Becker
Carly Diggle Christie Laing 1.03-1.04, 1.08, 1.11, 1.15, 1.19-1.20 Kalpna Joshi
Edward Fyers Sebastian Dunn 1.05, 1.09–1.12, 1.14, 1.17–1.18, 1.22–1.23, 8.07 Jakob Riedl
Helena Bertinelli / Huntress Jessica De Gouw 1.07-1.08, 1.17, 2.17 Shandra Schadt
Frank Bertinelli Jeffrey Nordling 1.07-1.08, 2.17 Jacques Breuer
McKenna Hall Janina Gavankar 1.12, 1.15-1.17 Annina Braunmiller
The Earl Seth fork 1.12, 1.19, 2.07 Dominik Auer
Frank Pike Adrian Holmes 1.13, 1.16, 1.23-2.02, 2.18, 2.22, 3.19, 4.16, 5.01, 5.14-5.16, 6.01, 6.11 Oliver Mink
Shado Celina Jade 1.14, 1.18–1.20, 1.22–2.04, 2.06–2.09, 2.15–2.16, 2.18, 2.23, 4.12, 6.06 Katharina Schwarzmaier
Mei 3.16, 3.18
Dinah Lance Alex Kingston 1.16-1.18, 2.13-2.15, 3.09, 4.19 Peggy Sander
Lyla Michaels / Harbinger Audrey Marie Anderson 1.19–1.20, 2.04, 2.06, 2.16, 2.23–3.01, 3.03, 3.07–3.08, 3.15, 3.17, 3.21, 4.01, 4.06, 4.10–4.11, 4.20–4.21, 5.03–5.04, 5.07, 5.09, 5.19–5.20, 6.06, 6.17, 6.22, 7.03, 7.08, 7.10–7.11, 7.14, 8.02–8.03, 8.05–8.07, 8.10 Ulla Wagener
Isabel Rochev Summer Glau 2.01, 2.04, 2.06, 2.08, 2.18-2.19, 2.21-2.23 Sonja Spuhl
Adam Donner Dylan Bruce 2.01, 2.03-2.05, 2.07, 2.10-2.11, 2.17 Herbert Schäfer
Sebastian Blood / Brother Blood Kevin Alejandro 2.02, 2.04, 2.07-2.11, 2.13, 2.18, 2.20-2.22 Christian Weygand
Ben Turner Michael Jai White 2.02, 2.12, 2.16, 7.01-7.03, 7.06-7.07, 7.15, 7.22 René Oltmanns
Cindy "Sin" Bex Taylor-Klaus 2.03-2.04, 2.08-2.09, 2.11, 2.14, 2.20, 3.12, 7.12 Peggy Pollow
Anatoly Knyazev David Nykl 2.04, 2.06, 2.15, 2.17–2.19, 2.21–2.23, 5.01–5.06, 5.12, 5.14–5.18, 5.21, 6.02, 6.09–6.10, 6.12–6.13, 6.15, 6.17, 6.20, 6.22–6.23, 7.05–7.06, 8.05, 8.10 Gerhard Jilka
Dr. Anthony Ivo Dylan Neal 2.05-2.11, 2.15, 2.18-2.19 Matthias Klie
Amanda Waller / Mockingbird Cynthia Addai-Robinson 2.06, 2.12, 2.16, 2.21-3.01, 3.04, 3.08, 3.10, 3.13-3.14, 3.17, 3.19, 4.01, 4.11, 4.23 Caroline Combrinck
Nyssa al Ghul Katrina Law 2.13, 2.23, 3.03-3.04, 3.09, 3.15-3.16, 3.18, 3.21-3.23, 4.03, 4.12, 4.19, 5.22-5.23, 6.16, 7.16, 8.10 Tatiana Pokorny
Samantha Clayton Anna Hopkins 2.20, 4.08, 4.15, 5.23-6.01 Esra Vural
Maseo Yamashiro / Sarab Karl Yune 3.01-3.02, 3.04, 3.06-3.11, 3.13-3.23 Matthias von Stegmann
Tatsu Yamashiro / Katana Rila Fukushima 3.01, 3.03, 3.06-3.07, 3.09-3.12, 3.15, 3.18-3.23, 4.12, 8.02 Stefanie Dischinger
Ted Grant / Wildcat JR Ramirez 3.01, 3.03, 3.05-3.06, 3.12 John Friedmann
Ra's al Ghul Matt Nable 3.04, 3.09, 3.15-3.17, 3.19-3.23 Andreas Wilde
Donna Smoak Charlotte Ross 3.05, 3.18, 4.06, 4.09-4.10, 4.13-4.14, 4.17, 4.21-4.23, 6.09 Elisabeth Günther
Carrie Cutter / Cupid Amy Gumenick 3.06-3.07, 3.17, 4.16, 5.14, 7.11, 7.14 Marieke Oeffinger
Danny "Brick" Brickwell Vinnie Jones 3.10-3.12, 4.21, 7.01-7.03, 7.06-7.07 Ekkehardt Belle
Andrew "Andy" Diggle Eugene Byrd 3.14, 4.07, 4.09-4.11, 4.17-4.18, 4.20 Simon Pearce
Damien Darhk Neal McDonough 4.01-4.07, 4.09-4.10, 4.13-4.18, 4.20-4.23, 5.08 Matti Klemm
Lonnie Machin Alexander Calvert 4.02, 4.10, 4.21-4.22, 5.01 Max fields
Taiana Venediktov Elysia Rotaru 4.02-4.04, 4.06-4.07, 4.09-4.10, 4.12-4.18, 4.20-4.23 Caroline Ebner
Baron Reiter Jimmy Akingbola 4.02-4.07, 4.09-4.18, 4.20-4.23 Pascal Fligg
Conklin Ryan Robbins 4.03-4.07, 4.09-4.10, 4.14-4.15 Daniel Pietzuch
Alex Davis Parker Young 4.05-4.07, 4.09, 4.15, 4.19-4.21 Roman Wolko
Ruvé Adams Janet Kidder 4.09-4.10, 4.12, 4.14, 4.18-4.19, 4.22 Jo Kern
Eleanor "Nora" Darhk (young) Tuesday Hofmann 4.09-4.10, 4.14, 4.22-4.23 Aylin Leonhardt
Paul Holt Chenier Hundal 4.09, 4.14-4.15, 4.17, 5.09, 5.15 Florian Fischer
Noah Kuttler / The Calculator Tom Amandes 4.12-4.13, 4.21-4.22, 6.09 Walter von Hauff
Dr. Elisa Schwartz Venus Terzo 4.12, 4.18–4.19, 5.15, 6.02, 6.07, 6.11, 6.14–6.15, 6.21–6.23, 7.12, 8.04 Dana Geissler
Evelyn Sharp / Artemis Madison McLaughlin 4.19, 5.02-5.07, 5.09, 5.17, 5.22-5.23 Marcia from Rebay
Tobias Church Chad L. Coleman 5.01-5.02, 5.04-5.05 Christian Jungwirth
Billy Malone Tyler Knight 5.01-5.03, 5.05-5.06, 5.09 Sebastian Winkler
Rory Regan / Ragman Joe Dinicol 5.02-5.12, 7.12, 8.10 Tim Schwarzmaier
JG Walker Garry Chalk 5.02, 5.10, 5.12 Thomas Rauscher
Susan Williams Carly Pope 5.03, 5.05-5.07, 5.09, 5.12, 5.14-5.16, 5.18 Natascha Geisler
Derek Sampson Cody Runnels 5.03, 5.21, 7.01-7.03, 7.06-7.07 René Oltmanns
Christopher Chance / Human Target Wil Traval 5.05, 6.21 Manou Lubowski
Ishmael Gregor David Meunier 5.06-5.07, 5.10, 5.14-5.17 Thomas Darchinger
Konstantin Kovar Dolph Lundgren 5.06-5.07, 5.17, 5.21-5.23 Manfred Lehmann
Vincent Sobel / Vigilante Clayton Chitty (only as Vigilante in Season 5)
Johann Urb
Mick Wingert (Vigilante's voice)
5.07, 5.11, 5.13, 5.15, 6.05, 6.09-6.12 Jan Langer
Talia al Ghul Lexa Doig 5.10-5.12, 5.16, 5.23, 7.05, 8.03, 8.10 Christine Stichler
Alena Kacey Rohl 5.11, 5.15-5.16, 5.18-5.19, 6.04, 6.12-6.13, 7.17, 7.19, 7.21-7.22 Ilena Gwisdalla
Zoe Ramirez Eliza Faria (young) 5.13, 5.19, 5.21, 6.09-6.10, 6.15-6.16, 6.20-6.22, 7.01, 7.04, 7.10, 7.12-7.13, 8.04 Lioba Widmoser
Andrea Sixtos (adult) 7.04, 7.06, 7.08, 7.10, 7.13–7.14, 7.16, 7.18, 7.22–8.03, 8.09
Samandra Watson Sydelle Noel 6.02–6.03, 6.05, 6.07, 6.22–6.23, 7.02–7.03 Angela Wiederhut
Cayden James Michael Emerson 6.04, 6.07, 6.09-6.13 Udo Schenk
boots Tobias Jelinek 6.04, 6.09-6.11 René Oltmanns
Nick Anastas Evan Roderick 6.05, 6.10-6.11, 6.15-6.17, 6.22 Benjamin Krause
Joe Wilson Liam Hall 6.05-6.06, 7.09, 7.11, 7.14
Captain Kimberly Hill Tina Huang 6.12-6.17 Friederike Sipp
Stanley Brendan Fletcher 7.01-7.03, 7.05-7.07, 7.13
John Diggle Jr. Charlie Barnett 8.01–8.03, 8.09
  1. From season 6.

Guest stars from the Arrowverse and DCEU

Role name Actress Supporting role Voice actor
Sara Lance / The Canary / Ta-er al-Sahfer Jacqueline MacInnes Wood 1.01 Jacqueline Belle
Caity Lotz 2.01, 2.03-3.02, 3.13, 4.03-4.06, 5.08, 6.08, 6.23, 7.12, 7.18, 8.08, 8.10 Tanya Kahana

Lydia Morgenstern

Barry Allen / The Flash Grant Gustin 2.08-2.09, 3.01, 3.08, 3.23-4.01, 4.08, 4.10, 4.19, 5.08, 6.08, 7.09, 7.12, 8.08, 8.10 Julius Jellinek
Oliver Queen / Green Arrow 7.09
Cisco Ramon / Vibe Carlos Valdes 2.19, 3.08, 3.19, 4.08, 5.08, 7.09 Karim El Kammouchi
Dr. Caitlin Snow / Killer Frost Danielle Panabaker 2.19, 3.08, 4.08, 6.08, 7.09 Gabrielle Pietermann
Ray Palmer / The Atom Brandon Routh 3.01-3.03, 3.05, 3.07, 3.09-3.12, 3.15-3.20, 3.22-3.23, 4.05-4.07, 5.08, 8.08 Patrick Schröder
Jake Simmons / Deathbolt Doug Jones 3.19 Claus-Peter Damitz
John Constantine Matt Ryan 4.05 Stefan Günther
Kendra Saunders / Hawkgirl Ciara Renée 4.08 Julia Kaufmann
Carter Hall / Hawkman Falk Hentschel 4.08 Markus Pfeiffer
Vandal Savage Casper Crump 4.08 Thomas Nero Wolff
Vixen Megalyn Echikunwoke 4.15 Maren Rainer
Brie larvae Emily Kinney 4.17 Katharina Iacobescu
Kara Zor-El / Kara Danvers / Supergirl Melissa Benoist 5.08, 6.08, 7.09, 8.08, 8.10 Merete Brettschneider
Overgirl (Earth-X) 6.08
Nate Heywood / Citizen Steel Nick Zano 5.08 Arne Stephan
David Singh Patrick Sabongui 5.11, 5.12, 7.13 Gerrit Hamann
Prof. Martin Stein / Firestorm Victor Garber 6.08 Reinhard Kuhnert
Harrison Wells (Earth 2) Tom Cavanagh 6.08 Uwe Büschken
Eobard Thawne / Reverse Flash 6.08, 7.09
Nash Wells 8.07
Alex Danvers Chyler Leigh 6.08 Marie Bierstedt
Mick Rory / Heat Wave Dominic Purcell 6.08 Viktor Neumann
Iris West Candice Patton 6.08 Yvonne Greitzke
Jefferson Jackson / Firestorm Franz Drameh 6.08 Tobias Schmidt
Barry Allen / The Flash (Earth 90) John Wesley Shipp 7.08–7.09 Pierre Peters-Arnolds
Kal-El / Clark Kent / Superman Tyler Hoechlin 7.09, 8.08 Tim Knauer
Kate Kane / Batwoman Ruby Rose 7.09, 8.08 Julia Vieregge
Dr. John Deegan Jeremy Davies 7.09 Matthias Deutelmoser
Roger Hayden / Psycho-Pirate Bob Frazer 7.09 Gerrit Schmidt-Foss
Hank Henshaw / J'onn J'onzz / Martian Manhunter David Harewood 8.08
Jim Corrigan Stephen Lobo 8.08
Dr. Ryan Choi Osric Chau 8.08
Lois Lane Bitsie Tulloch 8.08
Barry Allen / The Flash Ezra Miller 8.08
  1. From season 6.
  2. a b c d e formerly Earth 38, now (after Crisis on Infinite Earths) Earth Prime


Season Number of episodes First broadcast in the USA First publication in German
premiere final premiere final
1 23 October 10, 2012 May 15, 2013 16th September 2013 17th February 2014
2 23 October 9, 2013 May 14, 2014 17th April 2014 18th September 2014
3 23 October 8, 2014 May 13, 2015 5th March 2015 July 9, 2015
4th 23 October 7, 2015 May 25, 2016 March 3, 2016 July 11, 2016
5 23 5th October 2016 May 24, 2017 April 11, 2017 22nd August 2017
6th 23 October 12, 2017 17th May 2018 7th August 2018 January 8, 2019
7th 22nd 15th October 2018 May 13, 2019 August 1, 2020
8th 10 15th October 2019 January 28, 2020
United States

In the United States, The CW aired the first season of the series on Wednesdays before Supernatural on October 10, 2012 . The pilot episode was seen by over 4.1 million viewers with an audience rating of 1.4. The first season finale was shown on May 15, 2013. The second season was broadcast from October 9, 2013 to May 14, 2014. The third season aired from October 8, 2014 to May 13, 2015. In October 2015, the fourth season began broadcasting in the United States, which ended in May 2016. A fifth season was ordered there in March 2016. This was broadcast from October 5, 2016 to May 23, 2017. The sixth season aired in the United States from October 12, 2017 to May 17, 2018. In April 2018, a seventh season of the series was ordered. It premiered in the United States on October 15, 2018. In March 2019, it was announced that the series would end after a ten-part eighth season.


In Germany, the private broadcaster VOX secured the broadcasting rights. The first season was broadcast from September 16, 2013 on the station. The pay channel RTL Crime broadcast the second season as a German premiere. The third followed on March 5, 2015

VOX showed the 2nd season from September 8, 2014 to January 5, 2015 every Monday at 8:15 pm as a free TV premiere; first in double sequences, later one sequence each. The German-language premiere of the first 18 and the last two episodes of the third season sent the German pay-TV transmitter RTL Crime March 5 to June 25 and July 9, 2015. The missing episodes were on 29 June and 6 First broadcast in July 2015 on VOX . Season four has been on the pay-TV channel RTL Crime since March 3, 2016 and on VOX since June 16, 2016. The fifth season has been broadcast on RTL Crime since April 11, 2017.


Internationally, the series is broadcast in Canada on MuchMusic and in the UK on Sky1 . The series was also sold to Australia , Mexico and Colombia .


In the avenger ( S01E17 ) has American electro house - DJ Steve Aoki a Cameoauftritt . Steve Aoki is hired as a DJ for the opening ceremony of Oliver Queens Club Verdant .


The Flash

In July 2013, Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg were commissioned to develop a series about the superhero The Flash , the fastest man in the world . Originally, the character Barry Allen was to be introduced as a recurring guest actor during the second season and appear in a planned backdoor pilot later in the season . These plans were later abandoned to produce a normal pilot episode . The role of Barry Allen is played by Grant Gustin . The official serial order was placed on May 8, 2014.

The series premiere took place on October 7, 2014 and was watched by 4.84 million viewers.

Legends of Tomorrow

At the beginning of May 2015, the broadcaster ordered another spin-off entitled DC's Legends of Tomorrow , which focuses on supporting characters from the Arrow and The Flash series . The leading roles are played by Wentworth Miller as Leonard Snart (Captain Cold) , Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer (The Atom) , Dominic Purcell as Mick Rory (Heat Wave) , Victor Garber as Dr. Martin Stein (Firestorm) , Ciara Renée as Kendra Saunders (Hawkgirl) , Falk Hentschel as Carter Hall (Hawkman) and Franz Drameh as Jefferson Jackson . Furthermore embodies Caity Lotz as White Canary a major role. There are crossover episodes with Arrow as well as with The Flash .

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