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The Norbert Hethke publisher based in Schoenau in 1977 by Norbert Hethke, a big fan of Hans Rudi scrubber and its comics in the 1950s and 1960s in the Walter Lehning publishing house founded appeared. The publishing house was closed on December 31, 2007, a few months after the death of Norbert Hethke. Since then, the former website is no longer available. After that, the products from Hethke Verlag were sold by his son Volker Hethke for another two years.


The publisher published the speech bubble and the German comic price catalog . He also had a large reprint program. Almost the entire comics program of the Lehning Verlag was published in one form or another by Norbert Hethke, be it as a facsimile in piccolo or large-volume format , or be it as a softcover or hardcover album. The publisher also published new stories with the old heroes.

Norbert Hethke organized the biannual big comic exchange in Cologne-Mülheim (always on the first Saturday in May and November).

The publishing house published the Akim series by Augusto Pedrazza in German, which was repeatedly criticized by the Federal Testing Office in Germany in the 1950s . The series made it in Italy in two series to almost 900 issues, of which, however, only about 100 were published by Walter Lehning before he handed the series to Wäscher, whereupon there were no more problems in Germany, but all the more trouble the Italian licensors. This classic series has been running for the first time in German for several years.

Wäscher produced a few more “treasures” for reprints at Hethke Verlag: He ended the Akim series , which was interrupted in the middle of the story in September 1959 , New Adventure 30 years later with the new issue 197, the second Falk Piccolo series, the 1968 ended after 17 editions without a sensible conclusion, it ended after 20 years in a softcover album; this story was later converted to five piccolos and published with the numbers 18-22 as the end of the second series.

As a bonus booklet for subscribers to the first reprint of the first Sigurd series, Wäscher produced Sigurd No. 325, in which he let Nick and friends meet Sigurd and friends.

In the 1990s, Norbert Hethke also tried phone cards (mostly with washer heroes) and trading cards (only with washer heroes).

A reprint of the Illustrierte Klassiker series was published and new issues were published.

New releases

In addition to countless reprints, mainly from the 1950s and 1960s, Norbert Hethke Verlag has also brought out new comics with the old heroes. As mentioned, Akim von Pedrazza was first published in Germany, and Hansrudi Wäscher also wrote new stories about Sigurd, Nick and Falk, some of which he draws himself. With an average of two piccolos per month, the collector from the past but still today could regularly read new adventures of the heroes of his youth in the strip book format popular at the time.

Hansrudi Washer

Hansrudi Wäscher was a draftsman for Walter Lehning Verlag, Hann.Münden / Hanover (until 1968) and then for Bastei Verlag, Bergisch Gladbach (from 1969, publishing group Lübbe) and worked for reprints of earlier works for Norbert Hethke Verlag.

Hansrudi Wäscher regularly produced drawings for Hethke-Verlag, but later limited himself to covers for various publications, mainly the reprints and new editions of his comics. In the past, Wäscher also created many new adventures for his heroes for the speech bubble , which were later reprinted separately.

The Fenrir series , which Wäscher completely redesigned and created exclusively for Norbert Hethke, is an exception .

Individual evidence

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