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Nick is a comic figure and comic series of the same name created by Hansrudi Wäscher in 1958 for Walter Lehning Verlag .


The science fiction series appeared from February 1958 to September 1960 initially in 139 piccolos with the title Nick, the spaceman . From January 1959 to July 1963 another series with 121 large volumes was published, in which new sequel stories appeared under the title "Nick, Pioneer of the Universe". Completed stories in single issues appeared in the series Piccolo-Sonderband (Nos. 29,32,33) and Bild Abenteuer (Nos. 9,38,40,44) as well as in a single special volume from 1966. After new editions by Melzer (1976–1977 ) and CBC (1979), Nick was published by Norbert Hethke Verlag between 1982 and 2007 , which reprinted the old stories in various formats ( facsimile reprints, bound editions, etc.) and published new stories.


The series takes place 50 years in the future from the date of the first publication, ie from 2008. The last name Nicks was never mentioned in the stories of that time, but was given as 'Steel' in new adventures published later.


  • Nick Steel
  • Tom Brucks (biologist)
  • Bentley, alias Xutl (Martian, chief engineer)
  • Professor Raskin (inventor)
  • Jane Lee (zoologist)

Nick novels

Since 2012 Nick has also been published as a novel by Verlag Peter Hopf. The original adaptations based on the comics are written by the Cologne author Achim Mehnert . So far, the novels Der Weltraumfahrer , Umsturz , In den Ork Swamps , Attempt 158 and A Fantastic Discovery have been published .

Journey of the drawings into space 1993

During the D-2 mission in 1993, the German astronaut Ulrich Walter took three Nick drawings by Hansrudi Wäscher into space. The NASA confirmed the presence of these drawings on board the Columbia with a certificate of authenticity.

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