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Hansrudi Wäscher in Erlangen (2008)

Hansrudi Wäscher (born April 5, 1928 in St. Gallen , Switzerland ; † January 7, 2016 in Freiburg im Breisgau ) was a German comic artist and comic author.


Origin and education

Wäscher was the son of a German and a Swiss woman who also took on German citizenship upon marriage. Wäscher spent the first years of his life in German-speaking Switzerland. He then moved with his parents to Lugano , where he came into contact with comics for the first time .

After moving to Hanover in 1940, after completing secondary school , Wäscher began an apprenticeship as a " utility applicant " at the Sältzer clothing store . He was in the building when the department store during the bombing of Hannover a victim of the bombs was. Washer's mentor in those years was the vocational school teacher Henry Ostfeld . Wäscher then studied commercial graphics for seven semesters at the Hanover School of Art . During this time he drew a booklet on traffic education for the city of Hanover with the title “Der Herr Boll”.

Work as a comic artist from 1953 to 1968

From 1953 to 1968 Hansrudi Wäscher created a total of 1124 Piccolo books, 405 large volumes and 44 Kolibri booklets - each inside and cover (exception: Falk Piccolo 2nd series, where the cover pictures correspond to one page on the inside) as well as 53 newspaper pages for "Harry , the colorful youth newspaper ". For reprints of his series and comics by other authors, he also drew 537 new large-volume covers and 365 new piccolo covers during this time.

Sigurd, Akim, Nick, Tibor, Falk

During the 1950s, Wäscher worked for Walter Lehning Verlag , where he created his most famous comics: Sigurd , Falk , Tibor , Nick and others, which were mainly published in piccolo format (narrow booklets in landscape format) and had editions of up to a million copies . He also continued the Akim series by the Italian draftsman Augusto Pedrazza with 196 Piccolo books. The Sigurd Piccolo series appeared up to 1960 with a total of 324 booklets and from 1958 saw a new edition (with omissions) with 124 booklets in large format, which was then continued up to number 257 with new adventures by Wäscher. A Sigurd adventure was later released as a radio play . In the 1960s, the booklets were also popular inlays in so-called surprise bags . The first volume in the Sigurd large-volume series is listed in the comic price catalog at 600 to 5000 EUR, depending on the condition. Other washer books also achieve high prices in some cases. 2011 Sigurd Piccolo books published as iPhone - App .

Titanus, Gert

In 1955 Wäscher published two issues in the science fiction series “ Titanus ” in the “Titanus Verlag” and the series “Gert” at Lehning, which was discontinued after 24 issues. From 1956 to 1959 Wäscher continued the “Akim” series of his Italian colleague Pedrazza with “Akim - New Adventure”, which brought it to a total of 196 issues, with issue 197, with which Wäscher ended the series in 1984, on behalf of Norbert Hethke-Verlag was only drawn 25 years after issue 196. After the "Akim" series, which borrowed a few from Tarzan adventures, Wäscher also drew the jungle adventures of the hero Tibor in 187 Piccolo books in the 1960s , which were later also reprinted in large format. At the same time he was working on new knight adventures around the hero Falk , of which 164 issues had appeared by 1963. The Falk also experienced a re-edition as large volumes, only to be brought to an end with new adventures from number 86 to number 119 in 1967.

Roy Stark

In 1967 Wäscher began a new large volume series for Lehning-Verlag with the title Roy Stark , of which 18 volumes were published. Shortly before the publishing house closed, the “Falk” series was revived with new adventures; however, it was canceled in the middle of the story with issue 17. Hansrudi Wäscher finished the story for Hethke-Verlag, and in 1988 Piccolo books No. 1–17 were reissued as the “Hethke Comic Gold Collection” No. 1–2 in album format. The redrawn ending of the story appeared in the third album.

From the 1980s

Wäscher, affectionately known by his fans as "The Master", worked from the mid-1980s almost exclusively for Norbert Hethke Verlag , which had specialized in the publication of nostalgic comic series. All of his comics appeared there as reprints in various formats. He drew new covers for the books, as well as for the " Speech Bubble ", the magazine of the Hethke publishing house. In the course of time, new adventures of his old heroes appeared again, initially in the "speech bubble". Stories of the new hero Fenrir were also published in this magazine . The series continued until Norbert Hethke's death in 2007 and the subsequent closure of the publishing house. The main series Sigurd , Nick , Falk and Tibor have been continued by various publishers since then.

In 1993, Wäscher was included in the Guinness Book of Records as the most productive German comic artist with the comic "Violence" . In 2008 he received the Max and Moritz Special Prize at the Erlangen Comic Salon for his pioneering work in German comic history. In 2009 he was awarded PENG! For his life's work at the Munich comic festival . - The Munich Comic Prize awarded.

Hansrudi Wäscher died on January 7, 2016 at the age of 87 in Freiburg im Breisgau .


Hansrudi Wäscher at the Erlangen Comic Salon in 2008

Works (selection)

  • Sigurd - No. 1–324, in piccolo format, b / w with colored cover picture, since 1953 with Walter Lehning Verlag
  • Piccolo special volume in color - self-contained adventures of various heroes (23 issues of 33 drawn by Wäscher), since 1954
  • Jörg - No. 1–20, in Kolibri format, since 1954, later reprinted by Hethke as a softcover album No. 1–4
  • Titanus - also known as Terry Star , No. 4 + 5, as well as Lederstockpf (as a second series in Titanus 4 + 5), later Hethke reprint as a special volume
  • Gert - No. 1–24, in Kolibri format, later Hethke reprint as softcover album No. 1–4
  • Akim - Lord of the Jungle , 1–3 (Piccolo), Adventures of World History (Nos. 27, 31, 32), since 1955
  • Akim - new adventures No. 1–196, in piccolo format, b / w with colored cover, since 1956
  • Nick - the space traveler - No. 1–139, in piccolo format, b / w with a colored cover, 2 Sigurd stories and 1 Akim story in Harry - the colorful youth newspaper , since 1958
  • Nick - the space traveler , No. 1–121 (large volumes in color), since 1959
  • Tibor - No. 1–187, in piccolo format, b / w with colored cover picture (successor series by Akim , renamed due to licensing rights), since 1959
  • Falk - Knights without fear and reproach - No. 1–164, in piccolo format, b / w with colored cover picture, since 1960
  • Nizar - the Tiger Boy - No. 1–25 (large volumes in color), since 1962
  • Sigurd - New Adventure, No. 125–257 (large volumes in color). The large volumes No. 1–124 are reprints of Piccolos 1–324, since 1963, with the omission of some issues
  • Bob and Ben - in piccolo format b / w, nos. 1–9, 1–14 (of 24 books as a large volume by Wäscher), since 1963
  • Piccolo large volume - 3 in 1 , No. 1–90 with Tibor 1–90, new stories with kit and reprint by Nick (Piccolo 1–90), Sigurd special volume (large volume with a novel and partly pictures by Wäscher) , since 1964
  • Tibor special volume (large volume with picture story and novel), Bild Abenteuer , No. 1–50 (large volumes in color), reprint of the Piccolo special volumes (not all by Wäscher), since 1965
  • Falk - No. 86–119 (large volumes in color). Large volumes No. 1–85 are reprints of the Piccolos No. 1–164, Nick -Sonderband (large volume, reprint of GB 1 + 2 with new ending), since 1966
  • Roy Stark , No. 1–18 (large volumes in color), since 1967
  • Ulf - Der edle Ritter , No. 1–3 (large colored volumes), Nizar , No. 1–3 (large colored volumes), 1968 published by Kölling Verlag
  • Lasso - as a large colored volume by Bastei-Verlag
  • Buffalo Bill - as a large colored volume by Bastei-Verlag (later by Hethke as softcover 1–10 and as hardcover 1–10 (actually 1–20); not all stories were reprinted)
  • Ghostly stories - various editions (large volumes in color), with Bastei Verlag since 1969, later as "Incredible stories" as hardcover No. 1–8 by Hethke
  • Cover pictures of his aforementioned heroes for the speech bubble , the magazine of the Hethke publishing house .
  • Sigurd - New Adventures - first appeared in the speech bubble , later as special volumes in album format
  • Nick - New Adventures - first appeared in the speech bubble , later as special volumes in album format
  • Nizar - New Adventure - only appeared in the speech bubble
  • Fenrir - first appeared in the speech bubble , later as album No. 1–11 and a special volume of the actual No. 12
  • Sigurd - Neue Abenteuer - Continuation of the series in piccolo format b / w, later reprint in special volumes in color
  • Sigurd - the continuation of the series, newly colored in large volumes with 4 different covers
  • Falk - New Adventure - Continuation of the series in piccolo format b / w, cover picture in color
  • Nick - New Adventure - Continuation of the series in piccolo format b / w and as a large volume in color
  • Falk - Continuation of the series as a large volume in the Götze-Verlag (Götze = draughtsmen = HRW fan club)
  • Tibor - Continuation of the series in piccolo format b / w by Götze-Verlag
  • Sigurd - Nick - Falk - Neue Abenteuer - Continuation of the series in piccolo format b / w in Ewald-Verlag also special volumes and double piccolos b / w (Ewald = HRW fan club)
  • Sigurd - Nick - New Adventure - Continuation of the series as a large volume b / w in the Mohlberg publishing house
  • Sigurd - special editions in mini-edition by Wildfeuer-Verlag ; Piccolos completely colored / large volumes special = colored double piccolos (wildfire = HRW fan club)

Fan club

As early as the early 1990s there was a “Hansrudi Wäscher Fanclub”, run by Gotthard Zappe. During this time, year books appeared, e.g. B. 1993 SIGURD and 1994 NICK. When Zappe no longer wanted, the "Hansrudi Wäscher Fanclub Bayern" was founded in September 1997, of which Zappe is now a member. The club has 151 members and 4 honorary members (as of December 2011). The purpose of the association is to increase the joy of collecting, according to the motto "It's more fun together". Many of the members read Hansrudi Wäscher's notebooks in their youth. Twice a year, before or after the respective comic fair at the beginning of May or beginning of November in Cologne, a very extensive magazine of the same name appears. For this too, Wäscher often drew the cover picture himself and sometimes new pictures of his old heroes appeared in the magazine.


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