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Sigurd, the gallant hero , is one of Hansrudi scrubber 1953 for the Walter Lehning publishing house created comic -Held. He is the best known, oldest and most adventurous of the washer heroes.


The knight Sigurd von Eckbertstein always wears a hairy, blond quiff that always falls on the side that Sigurd is looking at. His friends are Bodo, who has changed from enemy to friend thanks to the generosity of the title hero, and Cassim, whose life Sigurd once saved. His archenemy is the knight Laban. He was unable to enforce the loose adaptation of the Nibelungenlied originally planned by Wäscher against the publishing house representatives.


From October 1953 to February 1960, 324 piccolos were published ; of these, issues 54 and 269 were indexed by the Federal Testing Office for writings harmful to minors. From June 1958 to April 1968 another series with 257 large volumes was published, in which the piccolos (but not all) were initially reprinted (number 1–124), from number 125 new sequel stories appeared. At the same time, Lehning-Verlag published numerous self-contained individual adventures in the Piccolo special volume and Bild Adventure series . There was also a special volume in 1965.

In 1976 20 issues (Lehning large volume 125-144) were reprinted by Melzer- Verlag. Since 1980 Sigurd has been published by Norbert Hethke Verlag , which both reprinted the old stories in various formats ( facsimile reprints, bound book editions, etc.) and published new stories exclusively. The 3rd Piccolo series was running since September 1993 (a second series appeared from August 1961 to April 1963 with 87 booklets at 30 Pfennig, but only contained greatly abbreviated reprints from the first series) with new stories, which were initially written by Wäscher and also were drawn (up to Piccolo 100). A little more than the first 100 piccolos of this series were (among other things) colored and reprinted in a series of booklets (smaller Mickey Mouse format). The Sigurd special volumes had been published in hardcover format since May 1991, with new stories in the first 14 volumes and reprints afterwards.

With a few exceptions, both the text and drawings of the Sigurd comics published by Walter Lehning Verlag came from Wäscher. At the beginning, Gerhard Adler provided the texts until Wäscher, whose strengths, according to Andreas C. Knigge, lay in the textual and content- related rather than the graphic area, also took on this task. Walter Kellermann stepped in for him during Wasser's honeymoon , so that he was responsible for issue numbers 202 to 206.


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