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Andreas C. Knigge (born April 6, 1957 in Hanover ) is a German author , journalist and editor .


Andreas C. Knigge is a pioneer of a critical comic book reception in Germany and one of its leading representatives. In 1974 he founded the comic book magazine Comixene with René Lehner and Thilo Rex , which he published until 1982. In 1983 he started as editor of Carlsen Comics (from 1985 to 1998 as chief editor). By publishing many important works of international comic art and literature, he had a decisive influence on the comic market in the 1980s and 1990s and was also one of the first promoters of a production by German illustrators ( Matthias Schultheiss , Ralf König , Isabel Kreitz and others). With the publication of Frank Miller's Batman - The Return of the Dark Knight , he initiated the renaissance of American superhero comics in Germany in 1989, in 1991 he published the first manga series in Germany with Akira and in 1997 with Dragon Ball the first manga in Japanese reading direction which triggered a Nippon boom that continues to this day.

Parallel to his work for Carlsen, Knigge was the founder and editor of the “Comic-Jahrbuch” (until 1991) in 1986, author of numerous non-fiction books on the subject, some of which were translated into other languages, and editor of several anthologies. In addition, he has dealt with other areas of popular culture (including collaboration on the "Yearbook of Crime Literature", editor of the "Europa Filmbibliothek") and is a collaborator on " Kindler's New Literature Lexicon " and other works on literary history.

Knigge now works as a project developer, freelance journalist, ghostwriter and literary agent in Hamburg and has also written his own comics (including Matz & Mikke for GEOlino , The Smurfs and, together with Jón S. Jónsson, The Lost Future for illustrator Annie Goetzinger ). Knigge appears as a person in the works of some German comic artists, such as Isabel Kreitz and Gerhard Seyfried . In 2005, he even became a regular comic book character in the French humor magazine Fluide Glacial .

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