Falk (comic)

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Falk, a knight without fear and blame , is a comic hero created by Hansrudi Wäscher in 1960 for Walter Lehning Verlag .


From February 1960 to April 1963, 164 piccolos at 20/30 pfennigs were published. From April 1963 to November 1967 another series with 119 large volumes was published, in which the piccolos were initially reprinted and from number 86 new stories appeared. At the same time, self-contained individual adventures were also published in the Bild Adventure series by Lehning-Verlag. In 1968, shortly before the Lehning Verlag went bankrupt, another series of 17 piccolos at 40 pfennigs was published. The new story that began in it could no longer be brought to an end and was ended in summer 1988 on behalf of Norbert Hethke von Wäscher.

Since 1985 Falk has been published by Norbert Hethke Verlag , which both reprinted the old stories in various formats ( facsimile reprints, bound book editions, etc.) and exclusively published new stories. New adventures from Falk appeared in piccolo format, the numbering was taken over by Lehning and thus the series was continued with number 165 and ended with number 284 in 2007. The stories were only written by the washer.


The knight Falk von Steinfeld has a horse named Donner and his friend Bingo della Rocca.

Falk novels

Since 2013, Falk has also been published as a novel by Verlag Peter Hopf. The original adaptations based on the comics are written by the Cologne author Achim Mehnert . So far, the novels Knight Without Fear and Blame , Outwitted and In Fürst Ortwin's Power have been published .