Submission deadline

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In German court proceedings , the parties to the proceedings are regularly set a deadline by the respective judge , within which they are to declare themselves in writing to the court. In this context, the legislature also speaks of the so-called written submission period ( Section 283 ZPO ).

The deadlines, which are mainly intended to accelerate the process, are based on the following provisions of the German Code of Civil Procedure (ZPO), among others: § 132 , § 282 and § 283 .

If court-ordered deadlines for submission are missed, i.e. if the means of defense, assertions, objections etc. are not or not fully (in writing) within a certain period of time, the defaulting party runs the risk that the written information or verbal statements submitted later will no longer be included be taken into account in the decision ( § 296 ZPO). A civil case can be lost simply by missing a deadline.

If the default is due to the lawyer's fault, recourse can be taken against him .

Among other things, the following are brief periods in German civil procedure law of importance: