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Akim, the son of the jungle , even the big Akim or Akim, hero of the jungle , is one of Augusto Pedrazza (artist) and Roberto Renzi (Story) created in the 1940s in Italy Comic -Held, the parallels to the American comic and hero Tarzan has.


The jungle stories were published in Italy by Bozzesi Verlag. His adventures were published in Germany from July 1953 by Walter Lehning Verlag with 78 Piccolo books at 20 Pfennig. Since the stories were sometimes more brutal than it was allowed in Germany at the time, there were always problems with the federal inspection agency. Volumes 59, 66 and 72 are indexed and permanently indexed from no. 78. After Walter Lehning tried again and again with new series because the old ones were indexed again and again, he unceremoniously commissioned the German comic artist Hansrudi Wäscher to continue the series on his own as Akim, Neue Abenteuer in piccolo format from January 1956 . 196 issues had appeared by September 1959.

With that the problems with the German authorities were settled, but at the same time the trouble began with the Italian licensees, for whom Lehning did not want to pay anything. A legal dispute that lasted several years developed with the Italian publishing house, which finally came to an end after almost four years. As a result, the current story of Washer's Akim Piccolo series with issue 196 ended abruptly and was replaced by another Tibor Washer Jungle series just a week later .

In Italy 99 issues of the original Pedrazza Piccolo series were initially published, then this series was discontinued and replaced by a series with a different name, which brought it to 795 issues. The latter series remained unknown in Germany for a long time and was first published by Norbert Hethke Verlag in Germany until 2007 .

From March 1955 to October 1955, Lehning published 21 large volumes, Der große Akim , drawn by Pedrazza , and from March 1958 to October 1959, 40 large volumes, Akim Held des Dschungels, drawn by Pedrazza / Wäscher .


Akim lives in the jungle with the gorilla Kar and the smaller monkey Zig . You have to go on adventures against various villains and wild animals.

In between, Akim had a wife ( Rita ) and a ward ( Jim ), but these figures only lasted in Italy. In Germany, Rita was quickly disposed of , Jim not even introduced. According to the publishers, a woman would only have deterred Akim from the adventures and led the children to uncomfortable questions.

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