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Since 1976, an annually updated directory of almost all comics published in German with their current collector's prices has been published under the name Allgemeine Deutscher Comic-Preiskatalog (initially the comic booklet catalog ) .

The price catalog

The first three editions were edited by Peter Orban, who drew on data from Peter Skodzik's German comic bibliography . The series has been edited directly by Peter Skodzik since 1979, and in collaboration with the publisher Norbert Hethke since 1985 . After Hethke's death, the catalog has been published by Günther Polland since the 2009 edition . The catalog has been published by Stefan Riedl since the 2016 edition.

Initially only post-war publications were listed, at the end of the 1980s the catalog was expanded to include the (relatively few) pre-war publications.

Comics that have been distributed free of charge so far (e.g. KNAX or Lurchi ) (but that should change soon), only very small - mostly photocopied - editions of comics and unlicensed plagiarism such as Asterix and the nuclear power plant are not recorded . Only since the 2005 edition also anthologies listed, the only of unsold copies are made of old books.

Collector prices

The collector's prices are decided every year after the Cologne Comic Fair in May, in Friedrichsdorf by 11 dealers and collectors.

The magazine with the currently highest collector's value (as of 2017) is Mickey Mouse 1/1951 at 22,000 euros, of which few well-preserved copies are known. Other of the most expensive magazines include the Supermann magazine (back then still written with double n) No. 1 from 1950 (13,000 euros). However, these prices are only valid for very well-preserved copies, even the smallest damage or kinks can reduce the value significantly.

Other catalogs

In 1997 the comic book dealer Andreas Krägerermann published his own price catalog under the title Krägerermanns Comic Katalog . However, this did not sell as well as hoped, so no further issues came out.

In 1998 RoKo Software brought out the comic price guide . The difference to the price catalog from Norbert Hethke and Andreas Krägerermann was the shape. It was published on CD and not on paper. In addition to the price quotations, 2,800 covers were shown. The highlight was the own inventory management of the personal comic inventory with printing functions of the inventory and missing lists as well as a "profit and loss account". Again, there was only one issue.

The Comic Guide has been on the Internet since 2002 , listing almost all comics published in German with the current collector's price, and often providing additional information such as title lists for the individual volumes in a series, differences between the editions, exact publication dates, cover images and much more.

The collector prices in both catalogs often differ greatly from the General German Comic Price Catalog .

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