... and then came Polly

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German title ... and then came Polly
Original title Along came Polly
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2004
length 86 minutes
Age rating FSK 0
Director John Hamburg
script John Hamburg
production Danny DeVito ,
Michael Shamberg ,
Stacey Sher
music Theodore Shapiro
camera Seamus McGarvey
cut William Kerr ,
Nick Moore

... and then came Polly , an American comedy film directed by John Hamburg from 2004 . The main roles are played by Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston .


Reuben Feffer works in an insurance company in New York and is responsible for risk analysis . In his private life, too, he always tries to analyze and avoid every risk. He marries Lisa Kramer, but she cheats on him on the first day of his honeymoon on Saint-Barthélemy with the diving instructor Claude. Thereupon Reuben breaks off the honeymoon and leaves the island alone, while his wife stays with Claude on the island.

At a vernissage , Reuben meets Polly Prince, who works as a waitress there and whom he knows from school. After a few meetings, she leads him to an “underground salsa club” and Reuben becomes jealous when Polly dances with her friend Javier, but this dissolves when he learns that Javier is gay. He later takes Polly on a boat trip with Leland, a client he is supposed to do the risk analysis for. She happened to find an analysis of the risk of a relationship with Polly and Lisa on his computer in comparison to what makes her angry. She wants to move away and books a plane ticket because she doesn't want to see Reuben anymore.

In the meantime, Lisa has separated from Claude and has also returned from the island. She wants to go back to Reuben, but he refuses the reconciliation. When Polly is on her way to the airport, she is stopped by Reuben. He's proving to her he's not as conservative and risk averse as she thinks by eating peanuts straight off the street. At the end, you see the reconciled Reuben and Polly on the same beach where Reuben and Lisa were on their honeymoon and Lisa met her future lover Claude. Claude offers them diving lessons again, as he did with Reuben and Lisa before, and Reuben refuses the offer this time. They spend their vacation together and Polly has recently become less averse to the idea of ​​being married and having children.


No. title Interpreter
1. Luv me, luv me Shaggy
2. Jammin ' Bob Marley
3. Hey mum the black Eyed Peas
4th Shallow end Morcheeba
5. Soul Drive Sixth Avenue Money mark
6th Tiny Spark Brendan Benson
7th What's the buzz Andrew Lloyd Webber
8th. Raks Araby George Abdo
9. Nbrik Dub Aisha Kandisha's Jarring Effects & Bill Laswell
10. Talaha L'Badro Alaina Bachir Attar and The Master Musicians of Jajouka
11. Everything's alright Andrew Lloyd Webber
12. Feels so good Money mark
13. Sexy dance Money mark
14th Let's do it again The Staple Singers
15th Hey sexy lady Shaggy
16. Cello Sonata No. 2 Ludwig van Beethoven
17th Represent Orishas
18th Momento Money mark
19th Loungin 'the blues Four piece suit
20th A gozar timbero Tito Puente
21st Don't you (forget about me) Simple Minds
22nd Mr E'S Beautiful Blues The Eels
23. Heaven on their minds Andrew Lloyd Webber
24. Lost cause Beck
25th Let my love open the door Pete Townshend


  • The poster for the fictional film Crocodile Tears, in which the character Sandy Lyle became famous as a teenager, is based on the actual film poster for The Breakfast Club from 1985.
  • Leland's jump from the skyscraper was performed by the AT&T building in Los Angeles.


The film is a co-production by Jersey Films and Loofah Productions . Universal Studios owns the distribution rights for all of the material , the subsidiary Universal Pictures co- owns the distribution rights for cinema screenings within the USA and United International Pictures holds the distribution rights for Argentina and Europe .

The production of the film ran under the working titles Untitled John Hamburg Project and Risk . Production costs were about $ 42 million and the film grossed about $ 88 million in US cinemas.

The film locations were Los Angeles in California , New York City and on Oahu (a main island of Hawaii ).


The film premiered in the USA on January 12, 2004, in Australia on January 22, and on January 29 in Portugal . In German-speaking countries, the film was shown on March 4, 2004 in Germany , and one day later in Austria . In Switzerland , the film was released in cinemas in the French-speaking region on March 10, and in the German-speaking region one day later. The film was released directly on DVD in Japan on September 29, 2004 .


Kenneth Turan complained in the Los Angeles Times on January 16, 2004 that the film should have been better (“ 'Along Came Polly' should be a better film than it is, it really should. ”). With Ben Stiller, Jennifer Aniston and screenwriter / director Hamburg there was enough talent available. He compared the film to the comedy Zoolander and praised the portrayal of Hank Azaria.


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