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Television series
German title Farscape - Lost in Space
Original title Farscape
Country of production Australia , USA
original language English
Year (s) 1999-2004
length PAL

Season 1: about 48 minutes,

from season 2: about 43 minutes
Episodes 88 in 4 seasons ( list )
genre Science fiction
idea Rockne S. O'Bannon
music Guy Gross
First broadcast March 19, 1999 ( USA ) on SciFi-Channel
first broadcast
September 19, 2000 on Sat.1

Main actor:

Supporting cast:

Farscape (a portmanteau of the English far , "far" for or "remote", and part of modern-day scape (e) , for "[the] flight ') is the name of an Australian science fiction - television series , in from 1999 to 2004 by The Jim Henson Productions and Hallmark Entertainment . The pilot episode was initially produced for the network Nine Network , the later series was then produced for the American SciFi channel . Originally planned for five seasons, it was surprisingly canceled after the fourth season, but after a worldwide protest by fans it was brought to an end with a miniseries.

Jim Henson's Creature Shop was largely responsible for the masks and animatronics of the aliens .


The young American scientist and newly minted astronaut John Crichton gets into a distant area of ​​the universe through his experiment, in the middle of a prisoner escape. He soon realizes that the Peacekeepers are not what their name suggests, and he is soon hunted by them. He flees with the rest of the now liberated prisoners on board the biomechanoid prisoner transport spacecraft Moya to the Unexplored Territories in search of a way back to earth.

Pilot episode

John is very astonished when his experiment catapults him through a wormhole into a distant area of ​​the universe with his space shuttle Farscape One . He gets caught up in an argument between peacekeepers and convicts on the run. When re-entering the room in an uncontrolled manner, he brushes against a fighter pilot, which then crashes into an asteroid, causing the death of Captain Bialar Crais' brother. The refugees take him on board the transporter, which turns out to be a bio-mechanoid creature called Moya. On board are the Luxan warrior Ka D'Argo, the Delvian priestess Pa'u Zhoto Zhaan and the Hynerian Rygel XVI.

When the transporter, a so-called Leviathan, with its squid-like pilot, who acts as a mediator between ship and crew, sets off to accelerate the stellar, the peacekeeper Aeryn Sun is dragged along and lands on board with John in a cell. After she has freed herself and John, she calls Crais. On a trading planet, however, Aeryn is classified by him as "permanently contaminated", loses her previous status as a peacekeeper and also escapes on board Moya.

season 1

The first season is mainly about the flight of the crew of Moya from Crais, who wants revenge on John for the death of his brother. The story deals in individual episodes with the different characters and the peculiarities of the still unknown universe into which John Crichton ended up.

In the second half of the season, Chiana, a Nebari, joins the crew after Moya accidentally rammed the transport ship she was incarcerated on.

Apparently Crichton makes it back to Earth through another wormhole, but realizes that the scenario of his return was formed from his own memories of an ancient homeless race. This breed instills knowledge about wormholes into him, which he only learns months later.

To everyone's surprise, her spaceship Moya is pregnant and, towards the end of the season, gives birth to offspring who, unlike all other Leviathans, are armed with weapons. Aeryn Sun names the new ship after her father Talyn.

With Scorpius, who has his first appearance towards the end of the season, Crichton gets a new unscrupulous pursuer. Scorpius is able to capture Crichton and, while torturing him, comes across the hidden knowledge of wormhole technology. He tries to extract this from his memory using a “mental clone” of himself, generated by a neurochip in Crichton's brain.

Put under pressure by Scorpius, Crais must also face consequences because of his personally motivated pursuit of Crichton.

season 2

Crais develops an increasing interest in Talyn, which ends with him forming a neural connection with the Leviathan and flying away with it.

Crichton continues to be hunted by Scorpius, who is still out for wormhole technology. His "mental clone" appears more and more frequently, which John henceforth calls "Harvey" - after the character of the rabbit Harvey from My Friend Harvey . Harvey gains more and more control over Crichton until he can finally take over this physically.

The Moya crew continues to grow together initially. D'Argo and Chiana grow closer while Crichton and Aeryn struggle with their own emotions. Zhaan also finds a confidante in Stark, who was imprisoned with John in Scorpius. You meet the Scarrans, a cruel, power-hungry race and far more dangerous than the Peacekeepers.

The crew is increasingly split again when it comes to how to proceed: should they search for Talyn, rescue D'Argo's enslaved son, or flee as much as possible from Scorpius? They decide to save D'Argo's son Jothee and first of all raise the funds by raiding a shadow depot where other criminals store their assets. Their successful raid is followed by disillusionment when their prey turns out to be metal-eating arachnids that slowly eat Moya. As a last resort, they light a fire throughout the ship, which they rid of the spiders, but badly damaged Moya. At her call for help, Talyn returns with Crais.

As Crichton loses control of himself more and more, he turns Scorpius in exchange for the slaves, including D'Argo's son, in the hope that he will remove the neurochip. However, the Moya's crew rescues him from the intrusion that would certainly have killed him, and they go to an ice planet where a diagnosian can heal both Crichton and the burned-out Moya. But before this intervention, the neurochip temporarily takes full control of Crichton. He sends a signal to Scorpius and kills Aeryn.

When treated, the neurochip can be removed, but it damages the language center. During the treatment, Scorpius arrives on the planet. He takes the neurochip, but leaves Crichton alive in his state - as revenge for the problems he caused. Furthermore, a relic of Harvey remains in Crichton's head, which can no longer take control of him, but especially with the advice to commit suicide so that he is no longer trapped in his head.

season 3

The Diagnoser can cure Crichton with a tissue transplant from a genetically similar alien donor, but Harvey is still on his mind. What is different now is that John has control over Harvey, but his true loyalty always remains questionable. Aeryn can be resuscitated by Zhaan, for which she has to use most of her powers.

When Chiana hears of a common, fully planned future of D'Argo, she takes refuge in an affair with Jothee, whereupon all relationships between them break up and Jothee leaves the ship.

Zhaan becomes weaker and weaker in the course of the story because she has no earth from which she can draw new strength. While searching, Moya comes near a wormhole, where she threatens to merge with another spaceship. Zhaan goes to the other ship and steers it away from Moya into the wormhole. During the incident, the genetically similar donors they took from the ice planet awaken, one of which dies instantly. The survivor Jool is not very enthusiastic about her new environment on Moya. Not knowing where to go, she stays on board.

A momentous encounter with a dying Leviathan, who was taken over by a mad scientist, results in Crichton being duplicated and from now on two identical John Crichtons exist. The Moya crew is also well known for their actions. To make matters worse, the Scarrans are now after John's knowledge of wormhole technology.

When Crais and Talyn unexpectedly appear at Moya's, pursued by a fleet of Peacekeepers, they decide to split up: Crais, Aeryn, Rygel, Stark and one of the Crichtons distract the Peacekeeper with Talyn from the defenseless Moya, while the other is on her Crichton, D'Argo, Chiana and Jool lag behind. While the Crichton misses Aeryn on Moya and begins to grapple with wormhole technology, a passionate relationship develops between Aeryn and Crichton on Talyn. However, this relationship ends tragically when the Crichton has to sacrifice himself so that wormhole technology does not fall into the hands of the Scarrans.

Aeryn mourns and withdraws and begins, she hopes, to speak to the dead Crichton. Stark, who supports her, suddenly thinks he hears Zhaan's voice and leaves Talyn to look for her. Talyn, too, causes more and more problems, as he is torn between his nature as a peaceful Leviathan and a combative warship, becoming more and more impulsive and uncontrollable.

Crais brings Aeryn and Rygel back to Moya, where Aeryn avoids the remaining Crichton and continues to isolate himself there. With the common goal of ending their escape from Scorpius, they all come back together. D'Argo and Rygel negotiate with Scorpius that Crichton will join his research. So they try to give Crichton the opportunity to sabotage all research on site. When the Peacekeeper, under Commandant Grayza Scorpius, open to make peace with the Scarrans and place the technology in their hands, they realize that they must destroy the entire project. Crais and the mentally unstable Talyn destroy the research ship by accelerating into the stellar space. Neither of them survived the explosion.

While the grieving Moya brings the remains of Talyn to a Leviathan cemetery, the crew is again disconcerted about their further goals. While the old Noranti is suddenly on Moya, Aeryn decides to leave the ship and go on the hunt for peacekeepers herself, as she can no longer look the survivor Crichton in the face. The two continue to quarrel, and when Crichton tries to use a coin to decide his fate, he loses and Aeryn leaves the ship. From his space shuttle he watches as it flies away. When he wants to return to Moya, she is suddenly devoured by a wormhole and he is left alone in the Leviathan cemetery.

Season 4

Crichton has been sitting in his space shuttle in the Leviathan cemetery without fuel for days, hoping Moya will return. Instead, another Leviathan named Elack appears who is dying and has come there for his final rest. Sikuzo also reaches the Leviathan with a small ship and tries to hide from their pursuers. A short time later, Chiana and Rygel also arrive on the Leviathan; however, neither of them know where Moya could be. Instead, contrary to his initial opposition, they can get Elack to take them to a planet. There they find Jool and D'Argo and Moya is also on the way to this planet.

Noranti brings the bad news that the Peacekeepers are also nearby.

After everyone has reached Moya again, they are all surprised to find that Aeryn is already on the ship; Scorpius has brought this with him and protects him from John's revenge. Eventually, Scorpius receives asylum on Moya, his motive being to protect Crichton and his knowledge of wormhole technology from the Scarrans. On board Moya, he and Sikozu develop a romantic relationship with one another. She leaves Moya with him when he is thrown overboard.

John learns to control and apply his wormhole knowledge; he can thus fulfill his greatest wish to fly back to earth. The entire crew of the Moya follows him. They are the first known aliens on the planet and are under constant surveillance, but can move relatively freely. However, Crichton is increasingly disappointed with his father and angry about attempts by the Americans to listen to him. His warnings about the other, "evil" aliens are not heard. He realizes that all decision-makers only want to use the possibilities of the new, extraterrestrial technologies nationally.

When Aeryn is kidnapped by a Scarran spy on Earth, Crichton decides to leave Earth and never return. The crew of Moya can not only free Aeryn from the hands of the Scarrans, but also destroy a specimen of a flower that is vital for the Scarrans and only viable in special locations. However, the Scarrans suspect that this flower could grow on Earth. Moya's crew doesn't have much time to close the wormhole to Earth. Moya refuses to fly through the wormhole, but only the pilot can pinpoint it. Pilot voluntarily separates from Moya and flies with Crichton and Aeryn through the wormhole and first lands on the moon. There John calls his father and describes the situation to him. He can say goodbye to him before the wormhole is closed.

Moya's crew recuperates on an uninhabited planet while Crichton Aeryn proposes marriage in a rowboat. You are being shot at by a spaceship there; as a result, Crichton and Aeryn become crystalline, splinter in front of the eyes of the rest of the crew and the splinters sink into the sea.

Miniseries: The Peacekeeper Wars

Rygel picks up all the crystals from the bottom of the ocean to reassemble the bodies of Aeryn and Crichton. After 60 days of solar energy, both bodies are approximately reconstructed in their posture before the crystallization and are brought back to life.

When examining Aeryn, however, they find out that Aeryn is no longer pregnant because Rygel did not remove all of the crystals. Instead, he's now pregnant with Aeryn and Crichton's babies, which no one is particularly enthusiastic about.

The planet was not uninhabited and the locals wanted to take out the Moya intruders to keep their presence a secret. However, after Crichton was resurrected, Scorpius learns of the whereabouts of Crichton through his mental clone Harvey. But the Scarrans also learn that Crichton is still alive. Meanwhile a war has broken out between the Scarrans and the Peacekeepers. And now both sides hope that they can finally build a weapon from John's wormhole knowledge.

The Scarrans raid the planet and kill everyone they find there. On the run from the planet, D'Argo sacrifices himself for his friends in order to enable them to escape.

During the fighting, Aeryn gives birth to John's baby.

Ultimately, John builds the wormhole weapon to show both sides that it could destroy the galaxy in the wrong hands. The war ends with the demonstration and the destruction of the planet, with which Crichton forces the Peacekeepers and the Scarrans to a peace.

In the end, John shows his child the universe that will be his playground.


Crew from Moya

Moya is referred to as Leviathan , who are huge living beings within the series that can move in space. Within their bodies, they can maintain an atmosphere and accommodate a crew. By nature they are unarmed, but can quickly get to safety due to stellar acceleration. In order for a crew to be able to communicate with a Leviathan, pilots are connected to the Leviathans. Born a free Leviathan, Moya was captured and kept under control by the Peacekeepers. After her liberation she is devoted to her new crew and protects them from harm, but only on their terms.

John Crichton

At the beginning of the story, the Earth-born astronaut John Crichton unintentionally ends up in a distant, completely unknown part of the galaxy during a test flight. There he gets caught up in a prisoner rebellion on the biomechanoid spacecraft Moya. Upon his arrival, Crichton accidentally rammed his shuttle into the interceptor of a Peacekeeper, which then crashed into an asteroid. The older brother of the crashed pilot is Peacekeeper Captain Bialar Crais, who has been obsessed with taking revenge on Crichton for his brother's death since the accident. Crichton is initially taken prisoner by the fugitives on the Moya because they consider him a peacekeeper because of his appearance. Since he is now on the run from the madman Captain Crais, Crichton soon joins the colorful group of refugees.

John Crichton is a clever, sarcastic daredevil, but he is also characterized by generosity and loyalty and does his part to ensure that the refugees who happen to meet each other develop into a real community. At first it is his sole goal to somehow find his way back to earth, but he is soon drawn into the maelstrom of events. At first, as a completely ignorant stranger, he is still the outsider of the group, but thanks to his ingenuity and impartiality, he always succeeds in solving dangerous situations.

During an episode it is duplicated by an alien attack, which is why from that moment two exactly identical crichtons with the same memories exist, which only gain their own memories after their duplication. When the crew is separated in the meantime and one of Crichton and Aeryn get closer, he dies from radiation sickness after defusing a bomb. After the crew reunited, Aeryn's relationship with the other Crichton was initially disturbed by the dramatic events surrounding his death, but they found each other after a while.

Aeryn Sun

Aeryn Sun is a Peacekeeper soldier at the beginning of the series. She and John Crichton are taken prisoner by the fugitives on the Moya. For her commander, Captain Crais, she is considered “contaminated”, which she inevitably agrees to join the refugees. A special affection soon developed between her and John Crichton. At the end of the series, they have a son. As a strictly trained Peacekeeper soldier, she has got used to a distant and tough demeanor, but after initial mistrust she becomes an important member of the Moya crew and, in addition to her military skills, is characterized above all by prudence and loyalty.

Rygel XVI.

Rygel XVI. (The Sixteenth), a former "Dominar" (a kind of grand ruler) over 600 billion Hynerians, was betrayed by his cousin and held captive and tortured by the Peacekeepers for over 100 years. He is selfish, stubborn, stingy, disrespectful, conceited and fearful. The other members of the Moya crew, however, repeatedly urge him to overcome his weaknesses in character and to use his positive abilities for the benefit of the group. He is a good trader and, in certain situations, a very skilled diplomat who is sometimes still able to convincingly play the role of the dignified ruler. Since he is very old, he has already experienced a lot and has a certain kind of wisdom, but only shows it in the rarest cases. Rygel is developing the least in the series. He gradually grows fond of his companions, which is why he is ready now and then to give up his egoism temporarily. Often, however, he is only willing to cooperate because he, physically weak and deprived of his rulership, is almost always dependent on the help of others.

Ka D'Argo

The Luxan Ka D'Argo is an impulsive and brave, but often a bit headless warrior. Arrested innocently, he longs for revenge for the death of his beloved, for whose death he has been blamed. At the beginning he is also suspicious of his new comrades and would like to do everything with his huge sword, which can be converted into an energy weapon. However, he develops into a loyal and self-sacrificing companion and is later even elected captain of the crew. He is Crichton's best friend and begins an eventful relationship with Chiana.

He dies at the end of the series while defending his friends on the run from the Scarrans.


Pilot lives in symbiosis with Moya and serves as an interface between her and her crew. His entire lower body is connected to Moya and perceives the functions and feelings of her. He himself can no longer survive apart from Moya for a long time. So he is mostly completely devoted to the crew, but his loyalty is primarily to Moya.


from season 1, episode 15

Chiana comes aboard more by accident after Moya rammed a van while she was in custody. From then on, she stays on board with the other refugees and uses her thieving skills, above all to achieve her goals, but also to get the essentials for the crew. In terms of their unruly personality, they cannot always be relied on in dangerous situations. She always tends to do what she thinks is right or what she feels like doing.

She enters into a relationship with D'Argo, from which she fled when he revealed his future plans for a life together. She begins an affair with his son Jothee, which permanently destroys the relationships of all three and leads to tensions within the crew a long time later.

In the meantime, Chiana has developed visionary skills that give her an insight into upcoming events, but which she cannot control and which she can hardly influence. After her visions she loses her eyesight longer and longer until it does not return. She is thus given new eyes that restore her vision and enable her to see streams of energy through obstacles.

Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan

up to season 3, episode 4 , guest appearances: season 4

Zhaan belongs to the Delvian race. Your people are of vegetable origin and need light and earth to support themselves. She herself is over 800 years old and was originally a priestess among her people. She was convicted of the murder of a priest who used her to mislead the people.

Her experience with her own kind - plants - makes her a healer who can save the life of other beings. With Stark she also finds someone with whom she can share her spiritual being.

When Moya threatens to merge with another spaceship near a wormhole, she steers the other ship away from Moya and disappears. However, Stark does not believe she is dead.


from season 1, episode 19

At first, Stark was Crichton's fellow prisoner, who had been tortured by Scorpius in the Aurora chair for a long time and stayed on Moya after escaping. With his strong spiritual character, he gets on particularly well with Zhaan and suffers noticeably after she is no longer on Moya.

He has the ability to make living beings more bearable in their torments.

Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis

from season 3, episode 3 , to season 4, episode 3 , guest appearances: season 4 , miniseries

She was previously in cryostasis with her cousins ​​on an ice planet of the Diagnosisians. There, one of her cousins ​​was used as a donor for Crichton's destroyed language center, as their race is almost identical to humans genetically. To find out where she came from, she and her remaining cousin are brought on board by Moya, where an incident accidentally wakes them up and their cousin dies instantly.

She was frozen for 22 cycles and remains on Moya as she initially doesn't know where to go. After Zhaan's victim at the same time, she has problems being accepted by the crew. Constant conflicts, in which she is exposed to countless attacks, bring her knowledge of biology and medicine to light.

She leaves the crew and stays with the priests of Arnessk to help them with their new life in this universe. She dies in the Scarran attack on the planet.

Recurring characters

Bialar Crais

until season 3, episode 21

He is a captain of the Peacekeeper and starts a campaign of revenge against Crichton, whose space shuttle grazed the fighter pilot of Crais' brother and who dies in the subsequent collision with an asteroid. His personally motivated hunt comes to an end when he is questioned in the Aurora Chair by Scorpius: the murder of his second officer, which he committed to keep his real reasons for persecuting Crichton a secret from the Peacekeepers, comes to light . To avoid execution, he later fled aboard Moya.

Even when he accepts that his brother's death was an accident and that he is dependent on the Moya crew, the relationship remains tense.

On Moya, he develops an increasing interest in Talyn, whose trust he can win and ultimately flies away with him alone. He controls Talyn via a neural interface and can exercise similar control as pilots can, but not always assert himself against his ship. He meets the crew of Moya again when Talyn responds to a call for help from his mother. Crais agrees to distract the Peacekeeper from the badly damaged Moya long enough with Talyn until it can be repaired or healed again. In the event of a hasty departure, he has to travel on board for a while with Aeryn, Stark and Crichton.

When it is foreseeable that Crichton's sabotage of Scorpius wormhole research will not be successful, Crais suggests that Talyn destroy Scorpius' research vessel by accelerating them inside the ship to stellar acceleration. He dies with Talyn.


from season 1, episode 10 , to season 3, episode 22

Talyn is Moya's son and the first Leviathan to be born armed and a warship. Since he becomes more and more violent and paranoid and one day attacks his mother Moya for no reason, he agrees to the plan that leads to his destruction. He dies with Crais.


from season 1, episode 19

He is a Scarran-Sebazian hybrid and has a great hatred of the Scarrans because his Sebazian mother was tortured and raped by his Scarran father. Born from this connection, he has to wear a special suit to maintain his body temperature, as Scarrans can generate a high body temperature, but Sebacians cannot endure heat for long. As head of a research project for new weapon technologies, he wants to use this knowledge to develop weapons against the Scarrans, whereupon a relentless hunt for Crichton begins and he does not shy away from torture and murder.


In Farscape special emphasis was placed on the representation of the language. On the one hand, many artificial word creations are used to name things unknown to humans. Separate units of measurement are also used, for example "Arn" (about 1 hour) or "Henta" (about 1 centimeter).

The artificial vocabulary also serves to be able to present rough and pejorative language uncensored for the Australian and North American viewers. The words "dren" and "frell" are used so often that their meaning is quickly clear; other new creations replace - easily recognizable in context - known swear words for people or processes.

The language problem could be solved through the idea of ​​biological "translator microbes". While technical solutions, universal translators or implants etc. are used in many other SciFi universes, at Farscape these microorganisms are injected into every character who does not yet have them in a small subplot - John receives them right at the beginning of the series. All races speak in their own language, which is understandable for everyone else, so one main language is sufficient. With this trick, the producers of the series did not have to use artificial languages. The dialogues, which are thus consistently held in the language of the respective synchronization, give the viewer a more "feeling right in the middle" and foreign languages ​​do not have to be subtitled , as is the case with the Klingons from Star Trek, for example . This fact is occasionally pointed out to the viewer when, for example, newly introduced characters are shown from the listening point of how, after the microbes have been injected, the imaginary languages ​​of the other participants are quickly transformed into words they can understand. Aeryn Sun is trying to learn English on Earth.

The concept was further developed during the shooting and is not uniform: while in one episode of the first season the aliens speak in a foreign language to normal people on an earth made from memories, this fact was disregarded in the fourth season when themselves Moya's crew is on the right earth.

Another special feature is the use of numerous English dialects and language tints, which in the original version underline the atmosphere of a strange environment. Most of the actors come from Australia or New Zealand, while Ben Browder is a native of the United States. Many of the supporting actors and synchronized puppets have distinctive dialects. This property was lost in the German dubbing.


The series was produced and broadcast in four seasons from 1999 to 2002, each with 22 episodes for the cable broadcaster SciFi-Channel. Both in the USA and in Germany, the largely independent episodes 2 to 7 of the first season were broadcast in the wrong order of the production numbers.

Five seasons were announced, but the series was suddenly canceled on September 6, 2002 after the fourth season in order to create funds for the series Stargate - Kommando SG-1 . The series was surprisingly ended by the director with a cliffhanger . As a result, fans around the world campaigned for the revival, which in December 2003, the miniseries The Peacekeeper Wars was filmed from independent financial sources. The station that had canceled the series then bought the rights to the broadcast. On October 17 and 18, 2004, the mini-series was broadcast as a two-parter and gave the station the best ratings it had until then.

In Germany, SAT.1 broadcast the first two seasons from October 2000 and repeated them irregularly. The episodes of the third season were only broadcast on free German television from 2010 by the private broadcaster Anixe HD . The Austrian private broadcaster ATV broadcast three seasons in German. The pay-TV channel SciFi , which can be received via the Premiere television platform , repeatedly broadcasts the first three seasons of the series in two languages, in the original German and English versions; the fourth season was broadcast there only once and only with the original English sound.

In the miniseries, consisting of two episodes, an attempt was made to capture the plot of a complete season, which led to a comparatively very compact plot, but brought the story to a conclusive end.

How it will go with Farscape is currently unclear. In July 2007 the SciFi channel announced that 10 new Farscape webisodes - short episodes that will only be available on the Internet - are planned. Brian Henson should be the producer again , and Rockne S. O'Bannon should also be involved again.


Although great importance was attached to a correspondingly correct translation during the German dubbing, it could not exactly reproduce all aspects of the original version. John Crichton, who grew up with American pop culture in the 1970s and 1980s, often refers in conversations to movies and television series of his youth. His interlocutors usually don't know what to do with it.

DVD and Blu-Ray

The first three seasons and the miniseries The Peacekeeper Wars are available in German on DVD and Blu-ray. The fourth season has not yet been dubbed in German and is therefore only available in English with German subtitles on Blu-ray.

Special features and reception

One of the special features is the technical implementation of the series. Many of the extraterrestrials that appear were depicted with animatronic figures and, compared to computer animation, show a high degree of classic theater work. This sets the series apart from other genre representatives, which ultimately makes up a good part of its charm. In contrast to other science fiction series such as Star Trek , many aliens are non-humanoid, which is rather rare in the science fiction genre, especially since the makers usually have a low budget available, and therefore all aliens with make- up as people with small, anatomical changes (for example, raised foreheads, ulcers or strange head shapes). In this regard, Farscape is special, especially since many extraterrestrial beings do not show humanoid behavior, but have their own ways of acting.

The series received mostly good reviews and was voted fourth best cult show by the TV Guide in 2009 .


  • The role of Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan was written out in the third season because the actress Virginia Hey had health concerns about the extensive full-body make-up.
  • The room in which Scorpius' mental clone "Harvey" dies at the end of The Peacekeeper Wars is a reference to Stanley Kubrick's 2001 film : A Space Odyssey .
  • In episode 200 of the TV series Stargate - Kommando SG-1 , the idea of ​​the Stargate character Vala Mal Doran for the plot of an imaginary film with the title Wormhole extreme! showed a short parody of Farscape , with Claudia Black taking on her traditional role of Aeryn Sun as "Vala Mal Doran", Ben Browder as "Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell “however - at the actor's own request - portrays the character of Stark (originally Paul Goddard ). His actual role of John Crichton is in turn played by Michael Shanks alias “Dr. Daniel Jackson ”. The figure of Ka D'Argo is appropriately embodied by Christopher Judge aka "Teal'c", and Amanda Tapping aka "Lt. Col. Samantha Carter “plays the role of Chiana. The modified Asgard doll “Thor” is used for the figure of Rygel . At the end of the one-minute sequence, the director tells Claudia Black or Vala Mal Doran that he “has no idea what that is ”.
  • The weapons of the Peacekeepers have a strong resemblance to the Steyr AUG assault rifle when its barrel is removed.

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