Devious Maids - Dirty Secrets

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Television series
German title Devious Maids - Dirty Secrets
Original title Devious Maids
Devious Maids Logo.jpeg
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2013-2016
ABC Studios ,
Cherry / Wind Productions
length 45 minutes
Episodes 49 in 4 seasons ( list )
genre Dramedy
idea Marc Cherry
First broadcast June 23, 2013 (USA) on Lifetime
first broadcast
January 29, 2014 on Universal Channel

Devious Maids - Filthy Secrets (Original title: Devious Maids ; Engl. For "insidious housemaids") is an American dramedy - television series by Marc Cherry , which between 2013 and 2016 by ABC Studios in cooperation with Cherry / Wind Productions for the US Station Lifetime was produced. The Mexican telenovela Ellas son la Alegría del Hogar served as a template . The television series revolves around the lives of four domestic workers in Beverly Hills . It premiered in the United States on June 23, 2013 on Lifetime.

In September 2016, Lifetime announced that season four would be the last of the series.


season 1

College professor Marisol Suarez is hired as a maid for Taylor and Michael Stappord. She has secretly billeted in the settlement of the rich to prove the innocence of her son Eddie in the murder of the maid Flora. She quickly becomes friends with the other housemaids in the area, Rosie Falta, Carmen Luna, and Zoila Diaz.

After the death of her husband, Rosie left their son in Mexico and fled across the border to work as a housemaid for Peri and Spence Westmore. The actors and actresses brag about being good parents in public, even though Rosie is the one taking care of the child. Carmen dreams of one day becoming a successful singer. She works for the well-known singer Alejandro Rubio and hopes to make contacts through him. Zoila works with her daughter Valentina at Genevieve Delatour and their son Remi.

Marisol soon realizes that almost everyone in the settlement has secrets that he wants to keep secret from the others. So she learns that the maid Flora had an affair with her employer Adrian Powell and that his wife Evelyn found out about this at a social event. Flora wrote a suicide note in which she wrote that she had been raped. Before she could commit suicide, however, she was murdered. Marisol tries to solve the murder and prove her son's innocence. She finds out that Flora was pregnant by a friend of Eddie's but this was covered up. Rosie finds a secret room with her employer with video footage showing rich men having sex with women commissioned by Adrian Powell.

Meanwhile, Rosie discovers that her employer Peri is having an affair. After she and her husband Spence agree on an open marriage, Rosie begins an affair with Spence and develops feelings for him. Zoila and Valentina often have to help Genevieve Delatour with their problems. Valentina has feelings for Genevieve's son Remi, which Genevieve approves. Zoila is against this love, however, as she had an affair with Genevieve's brother earlier and was abandoned by him for a woman from higher circles. After Remi goes through drug withdrawal, he admits his feelings and begins a relationship with Valentina.

After Taylor Stappord tells Marisol about her past, the two develop a friendship, and Marisol also helps Taylor in the dispute with Michael's ex-wife Olivia. When Taylor becomes pregnant through artificial insemination, she throws an announcement dinner party during which Olivia hangs herself in the garden. Due to Michael's grief for Olivia and the words he addresses her, Taylor realizes that Michael still loves Olivia.

Carmen tries to introduce the singer Alejandro to her music so that he can promote her dream career. However, this is successfully prevented by the Odessa housekeeper. It later turns out that Odessa has bone cancer. As a result, Carmen establishes a closer connection to Odessa. She also gets Alejandro to at least drop his hard shell in front of his staff. He and Carmen get along better and better, so that he later introduces her to his boyfriend Scott, who nobody knows about because he keeps his homosexuality a secret.

season 2

Three months later, Marisol has a new boyfriend. His name is Nicholas and he plans to propose to Marisol. His housekeeper Opal is not at all enthusiastic about this. She has lived and worked with her son Ethan in Nicholas' house for many years. Nicholas' first wife, Dalia, perished 15 years ago. Officially, she committed suicide by jumping off a bridge. In fact, Nicholas and Dalia had an argument that night, and Dalia had run away. Nicholas and Opal followed her and caught up with her on the bridge. During a scuffle, Opal pushed Dalia off the bridge. Nicholas isn't telling the police the truth. Opal knows some great secret of Nicholas, with whom she has him in hand.

Rosie was arrested by immigration authorities three months ago for not having a permit. She is now successfully applying for asylum in court and is allowed to stay in the United States with her son until the trial takes place again in six months. She takes a new job with Kenneth, Reggie's uncle, her lawyer. He has had a stroke and cannot move or speak. At the same time, Didi, Kenneth's wife, who he met in a bar and could be his daughter, and his daughter Lucinda, who is at least 10 years older than Didi, still live in the house. Neither of them can smell each other. It is not easy for Rosie, because apparently she cannot please anyone, she above all feels sorry for Kenneth because nobody really cares about him. After Rosie is dissatisfied with Kenneth's doctor, she takes him to a specialist who gives him new hope. Little by little he learns to speak and move his hands. Reggie is flirting with her. But she soon finds out that he only wants to take advantage of her by listening to her and using her just to get the money from his uncle. When Kenneth's life is in danger, Rosie allies with Didi and Lucinda, also at the risk of wasting her chance at US citizenship.

Spence did not see or hear Rosie during this time. He believes Rosie has been expelled. When he gets home, Peri has two messages for him. She tells him that Rosie stopped by today, which Spence is very happy about, and lies to him by revealing that she is pregnant again, which leaves Spence speechless. After Spence Peri confesses the affair with Rosie, she threatens to go to Europe with her son if Spence maintains contact with Rosie. Spence's love for Rosie is so great that he separates from his wife. Peri wins custody of her son and Spence becomes an alcoholic, causing him to lose his job. Only with the help of Carmen and the love of Rosie does he find his way back on the right path and go into withdrawal. Spence and Rosie decide to get married.

Evelyn and Adrian have come closer again. They are giving a party where they are robbed. Adrian has been completely scared ever since. You're hiring a bodyguard. Since Evelyn can't handle Adrian's fearfulness, she succumbs to the advances of Tony, the bodyguard. But this one is up to no good. His trick is to seduce older married women and then blackmail them with it. Only with Evelyn he has no luck, because she tells Adrian about the affair, only to hurt Adrian with it. To make Evelyn believe that Tony actually wanted her, Adrian pays Tony a lot of money. He was ambushed and shot when the check was cashed.

Valentina returns from Africa and has separated from Remi because he did not want to support her career. Since she doesn't want to go back to her mother, Genevieve takes Valentina home with her. There she meets the pool boy Ethan, the son of Opal. They come closer. Then Remi comes home seriously ill and Valentina takes care of him. In doing so, she discovers that she still has feelings for him. Genevieve is terminally ill and needs a kidney. A suitable donor is not found. Zoila no longer has access to her daughter. At the same time, her husband Pablo separates from her. She meets the cook Javier at a market. They meet more often and fall in love with each other. Pablo would like to return to her. Zoila struggles with her feelings for Javier and Pablo and finally decides for Javier. At the end of the season, she learns that she is pregnant.

After singer Alejandro is photographed hugging his boyfriend in his house, Alejandro and Carmen strike a deal. Carmen is supposed to be marrying Alejandro and receives a record deal in return as soon as they are married. Another robbery takes place at Alejandro and Carmen's engagement party, and Alejandro dies. Carmen is now without a job and a record deal. She takes a job at Spence. This takes in his suicidal nephew Ty, who keeps an eye on Carmen, but who is not interested in Ty at all. Carmen doesn't know that Ty was there when Alejandro was attacked and knows whoever fired the fatal shot. Ty stalked Carmen. In order to win their love, he persuades his buddies to carry out one last robbery at a Spence party. Ty wants to play the protective savior for Carmen, which doesn't work. While Carmen successfully defends herself against the robbers, Ethan is seriously injured by her. He escapes and seeks help from Valentina. Since the wound does not stop bleeding, Valentina calls on Remi, who takes care of Ethan's injuries and explains to Valentina where they came from. Valentina turns away from Ethan. Valentina is allowed to do an internship with Bruno de Luca, a fashion designer in Manhattan.

In the meantime, Marisol tries to discover Nicholas' secret. It is only when Opal runs over Nicholas in his car that Nicholas reveals to her that 15 years ago he accidentally ran over little Barrett, the son of Adrian and Evelyn. Season 2 ends with Ty shooting straight into the crowd from a moving car at Spence and Rosie's wedding.

season 3

Ty shoots into the crowd at Spence and Rosie's wedding. Pablo dies and Rosie falls into a coma. When she finally wakes up, her husband Ernesto, who was believed to be dead, shows up at the hospital. She feels very guilty and distances herself from Spence. Eventually he is beaten up by a friend of Ernesto's and loses his memory. Peri Westmore shows up at the hospital, and Spence thinks he is still with her. He only sees Rosie as a maid.

Zoila is pregnant but does not know which of her two lovers is the father of the child. She finds out it's the late Pablo. Javier and Zoila want to get married. Before the wedding, Zoila confesses to Javier that Pablo's child is, and Javier leaves her. Valentina and Remi also want to get married and move to New York. Genevieve falls in love with her doctor and goes to Greece with him, but comes back when Zoila needs her. Dr. Neff moves in with her and brings his maid with him. Through a ruse by Dr. Neff, Genevieve is manipulated into firing Zoila. She gets wind of Neff's behavior and tries to get closer to Zoila with couple therapy. In the end, Zoila has her child, with complications during the birth. Genevieve has to choose between the child and Zoila.

Carmen is in a relationship with Sebastien, who is her music producer's husband. Adrian discovers his inclination to BDSM and lives it out with Carmen, who now works as a maid for him. This leads to an accident and Adrian has to go to the hospital. Evelyn and Adrian later decide to adopt a child. Adrian is looking for the biological father who will eventually pick up the boy again. Evelyn then files for divorce. Carmen gets to know Sebastien's wife, confesses to her the affair and ends the relationship with her husband. His wife takes revenge for this by keeping the rights to Carmen's CD and not releasing it.

Blanca, the new housemaid in the clique, gets a job with a seemingly perfect family. She is kidnapped and found dead in an empty house. There she hanged herself and confessed to a murder. Sebastien is eventually revealed as the real killer and takes Carmen, Marisol, the Powells and Michael prisoner in the Powell house. He turns on the gas and wants to let her die. Marisol breaks free and knocks him out. Carmen, Evelyn and Marisol get to safety. The house explodes while Adrian and Sebastien are still inside.


Development of the series began in October 2011, when Marc Cherry was able to bring the idea for the series to ABC . In January 2012, the television station commissioned a pilot episode of Devious Maids . The four main roles of the housemaids went to Dania Ramírez as Rosie Falta, Ana Ortiz as Marisol Duarte, Judy Reyes as Zoila Diaz, and Roselyn Sánchez as Carmen Luna. Was also Angelique Cabral cast in another lead role. In mid-March 2013 the final leading roles were awarded to Grant Show , Susan Lucci , Mariana Klaveno , Drew Van Acker , Brett Cullen , Brianna Brown and Edy Ganem . At the end of March 2012, Eva Longoria joined the series as Executive Producer . Longoria, like Roselyn Sánchez, already played in Desperate Housewives .

In May 2012, ABC did not include the pilot in their fall program, so the production company offered the series to other television channels. On June 22, 2012, the broadcaster Lifetime took over the series after there had been some speculation about the project in advance. Those in charge of the station - Nancy Dubuc and Rob Sharenow - justified their decision as follows: “This series and Marc Cherry's unique voice as a storyteller articulate the“ Lifetime ”strategy, which is to bring top creatives and their original and exciting projects to us ". But at the same time some changes in the concept were made. The budget was reduced to cable level, the role of Angelique Cabral was written from the series, and the location was relocated from Los Angeles to Atlanta because the state of Georgia promised tax breaks.

The first trailer for the series was released in September 2012. In late November 2012, Melinda Page Hamilton and Matt Cedeño were hired for supporting roles. The series was extended by Lifetime in August 2013 for a second season with 13 episodes. In October 2013, Brianna Brown and Brett Cullen announced that they would not be returning for season two. Two months later, two new leading roles were cast with Joanna P. Adler as the new housekeeper Opal and Dominic Adams as Tony. The other two leading roles went to Colin Woodell and Mark Deklin . After the series was extended by a third season in September 2014, Gilles Marini rose to the lead role, who already played a supporting role in the second season finale. In January 2015, Brown announced that she would be back in her role for the season three. At the end of September 2015, the series was extended by a fourth season, which aired between June and August 2016.


The leading actresses Ana Ortiz , Judy Reyes , Susan Lucci , Rebecca Wisocky and Mariana Klaveno at an event in October 2013

Leading roles

role actor Main role
Supporting role
Voice actor
Marisol Suarez, actually Duarte, later Deering Ana Ortiz 1.01-4.10 Natascha Geisler
Rosie Westmore, ad. Falta Dania Ramírez 1.01-4.10 Maja Maneiro
Carmen Luna Roselyn Sánchez 1.01-4.10 Julia Kaufmann
Zoila Diaz Judy Reyes 1.01-4.10 Tanja Geke
Valentina Diaz Edy Ganem 1.01-2.13 3.01-3.02 Kristina Tietz
Genevieve Delatour, b. Eunice Mudge Susan Lucci 1.01-4.10 Katarina Tomaschewsky
Remi Delatour Drew Van Acker 1.01-2.13 3.01-3.02 Nicolás Artajo
Evelyn Powell Rebecca Wisocky 1.01-4.10 Ulrike Möckel
Adrian Powell Tom Irwin 1.01-4.10 Stefan Staudinger (season 1-2)
Stefan Gossler (from season 3)
Taylor Stappord Brianna Brown 1.01-1.13,
2.04 Maria Koschny
Michael Stappord Brett Cullen 1.01-1.13,
Klaus-Dieter Klebsch
Peri Westmore Mariana Klaveno 1.01-1.13 2.01-2.02,
3.13-4.01, 4.09-4.10
Shandra Schadt
Spence Westmore Grant Show 1.01-4.10 Philipp Moog
Sam Alexander Wolé Parks 1.01-1.13 Sebastian Schulz
Nicholas Deering Mark Deklin 2.01-2.13 Johannes Berenz
Opal Sinclair Joanna P. Adler 2.01-2.13 Sabine Falkenberg
Ethan Sinclair Colin Woodell 2.01-2.11 David Turba
Tony Bishara, actually Amir Hassan Dominic Adams 2.01-2.11 Kim Hasper
Sebastien Dussault Gilles Marini 3.01-3.13 2.13 Jaron Lowenberg
Ernesto Falta Cristián de la Fuente 3.02-3.13 Nico Mamone
Jesse Morgan Nathan Owens 3.03-4.10 Roman Wolko
Daniela Mercado Sol Rodriguez 4.01-4.10 Jacqueline Belle

Supporting roles

role actor Supporting role
Voice actor
Alejandro Rubio Matt Cedeño 1.01-2.03 Tobias Nath
Odessa Burakov Melinda Page Hamilton 1.01-2.03 Cathlen Gawlich
flora Paula Garcés 1.01-1.13 Tanya Kahana
Olivia Rice Valerie Mahaffey 1.01-1.10, 3.10-3.11 Marina Krogull
Eddie Suarez Eddie Hassell 1.01-1.05, 1.10-1.13 Konrad Bösherz
Pablo Diaz Alex Fernandez 1.03-1.04, 1.10, 2.02, 2.04, 2.11-3.01 Kaspar Eichel
Phillipe Delatour Stephen Collins 1.06-1.13 Norbert Langer
Miguel Falta Octavio Westwood 1.12-2.13

Moritz Müller

Alejandro Vera 3.01-4.10
Reggie Miller Reggie Austin 2.01-2.12 Robin Kahnmeyer
Lucinda Miller Kimberly Hebert Gregory 2.01-2.12
Tanya Taseltof Tricia O'Kelley 2.01-2.03 Christin Marquitan
Dahlia Deering Susie Abromeit 2.01, 2.07-2.08, 2.13 Sonja Spuhl
Ty McKay Gideon Glick 2.02-2.13 Maximilian Artajo
Kenneth Miller Willie C. Carpenter 2.02-2.12
Didi Miller Tiffany Hines 2.02-2.12 Magdalena Turba
Javier Mendoza Iván Hernández 2.06-3.03 Karlo Hackenberger
Velma Mudge June Squibb 2.09-2.10 Luise Lunow
Blanca Alvarez Naya Rivera 3.01-3.03, 3.07 Sarah Riedel
Gail Metzer-Fleming Julie Claire 3.01-4.10 Silvia Missbach
Katy Stappord Grecia Merino 3.01-3.13
Dr. Christopher Neff John O'Hurley 3.04-3.12 Lutz Riedel
Peter Hudson James Denton 4.01-4.10 Marek Erhardt
Kyle Ryan McPartlin 4.01-4.09 Peter Lontzek
Benjamin "Ben" Pacheco Carlos Ponce 4.01-4.06, 4.10 Olaf Reichmann
Eva Longoria Eva Longoria 4.01 Anna Carlsson
Detective Shaw April Parker-Jones 4.02, 4.05, 4.10 Victoria Storm
Frances Stephanie Faracy 4.02-4.09 Isabella Grothe
Shannon Greene Katherine LaNasa 4.03-4.04, 4.07-4.08 Schaukje Könning
Fabian Christopher Hanke 4.04-4.06 Marius Clarén
Josefina "Ofena" Mercado Elizabeth Rodriguez 4.04-4.05 Vera Teltz
Stuart "Kill Face" Peartlman Owen Harn 4.04-4.10
Hugh Metzer Sam McMurray 4.05-4.06, 4.09-4.10 Frank-Otto Schenk
Reverend James Hamilton Sean Blakemore 4.04-4.09 Oliver Siebeck


United States

In the United States, the first season began broadcasting on June 23, 2013 on cable broadcaster Lifetime . The pilot episode was watched by 1.99 million viewers. In the course of the first season, the series was able to gain viewers, so that the season finale on September 22, 2013 set a new record with 2.95 million viewers. The second season aired between April 20 and July 13, 2014 of Lifetime. The third season aired between June 1 and August 14, 2015. The fourth season aired Lifetime from June 6th to August 8th, 2016.


In Germany the first season from January 29 to March 5, 2014 from was Pay TV transmitter Universal Channel aired. The second season was also shown on Universal Channel from October 8 to November 12, 2014. The third season was broadcast there from October 6, 2015; the fourth has been running since October 3, 2016.

ProSieben has secured the rights to the series for free TV . The broadcast of the first season took place since October 15, 2014 in double episodes following Grey's Anatomy . It ended on November 26, 2014. The second season was broadcast on sixx from April 11 to May 16, 2016 ; from May 23, 2016 to June 27, 2016 sixx showed the third season.


In Austria, the first season was broadcast from April 7 to June 2, 2014 by ORF eins .


In Switzerland, the first season was broadcast from November 3 to December 15, 2014 by SRF Zwei.


Adam Arndt from described Devious Maids as a “at least in the serial pilot a somewhat more harmless copy” of Desperate Housewives , “just without [the] great wealth of the protagonist quartet” and who “always found Marc Cherry's working style refreshing, can to Devious Maids quite look ". He went on to explain that the series "with a little more bite, more courage, a few unexpected twists and turns and a better elaboration of the differences in class between employees and employers, the conflicts presented would certainly be a little more worth seeing."

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