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Katarina Tomaschewsky (* 1949 ), partly also Katharina Thomaschewsky or Katarina Tomaschewski , is a German actress and voice actress .


Katarina Tomaschewsky works mainly on the stage , but was and can also be seen in film and television productions. She is the daughter of the actor couple Joachim Tomaschewsky and Gisela Morgen .

She attended the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin and speaks English and French. Today she lives in Potsdam .

From 1972 Katarina Tomaschewsky played in the Hans Otto Theater in Potsdam. After the reunification she moved to the Tribüne (Berlin) and finally to the Renaissance Theater in Berlin.

In the GDR she starred in the films Der Baulöwe and Die Verlobte (both 1980) and was seen at the side of her parents in the film Die Heiratsannonce (1985). She also appeared in the series Polizeiruf 110 . After the fall of the Wall she could also be seen in the doctor series For all cases Stefanie .

She also had a television role in the docu-drama The Children of Flight - Under Wolves . She is a dubbing and radio broadcaster and has dubbed Kim Cattrall and Andy Chapman , among others .

Synchronized work (selection)

Kim Cattrall

  • 1998-2004: Sex and the City (TV series) as Samantha Jones
  • 2007: My Boy Jack as Caroline Kipling
  • 2008: Sex and the City as Samantha Jones
  • 2009: Shortcut to Happiness - The devil is in the details as Constance Hurry
  • 2010: The ghostwriter as Amelia Bly
  • 2010: Meet Monica Velor as Linda Romanoli
  • 2010: Sex and the City 2 as Samantha Jones
  • 2012: The Tiger's Tail as Jane O'Leary
  • 2017: Sensitive Skin (TV series) as Davina Jackson




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