Guess Who - You won't have my daughter!

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German title Guess Who - You won't have my daughter!
Original title Guess Who
Country of production USA , Switzerland
original language English
Publishing year 2005
length 105 minutes
Age rating FSK without age rating
Director Kevin Rodney Sullivan
script William Rose
David Ronn
Jay Scherick ,
Peter Tolan
production Jason Goldberg ,
Jenno Topping ,
Erwin Stoff
music John Murphy
camera Karl Walter Lindenlaub
cut Paul Seydor

Guess who - you won't have my daughter! is a 2005 comedy film by director Kevin Rodney Sullivan . It stars Ashton Kutcher , Bernie Mac and Zoe Saldana .


When the Afro-American Theresa introduces her fiancé Simon to her parents, they are very surprised, as Theresa had not told them until then that her boyfriend was white. Simon, on the other hand, did not tell Theresa that he had just lost his job at an investment bank.

Percy Jones, Theresa's father, doesn't like Simon from the first moment and tries to find out what's wrong with Simon. All of Simon's attempts to win the father's sympathy fail. When Percy Jones learns that Simon quit because of his racist boss, he deserves his respect. At this point, the relationship with Theresa is in a serious crisis. At a vow renewal party between Percy Jones and his wife, Theresa Simon forgives.


The plot is the film, the reversal of the film Guess Who's to eat comes ( Guess Who's Coming to Dinner ) by Stanley Kramer . In the 1967 film, the daughter from a liberal, upper-class family introduces her parents, played by Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy , her colored fiancé, played by Sidney Poitier . The film has been nominated ten times for an Oscar and received two awards.

Most of the outdoor shots were shot in Cranford, New Jersey .

The film grossed $ 101 million worldwide. In Germany it was seen by 217,767 cinema-goers.


“Comedic remake of Stanley Kramer's melodrama“ Guess who comes to dinner ”(1967), which does not always keep the balance between irony and slapstick, but thanks to the playful ensemble is largely entertaining and also leaves many a thought-provoking approach. Sometimes sexualised language is unnecessary. "

“This mostly naive and stupid comedy is loosely based (with the opposite sign) on the classic“ Guess who comes to dinner ”. But what was an almost scandalous way of dealing with racial prejudice at the time just seems tired today - especially since the actors were also better. "


  • 2005: BET Comedy Award Nominated for Best Actor Bernie Mac
  • 2005: Black Movie Awards Nominated for Best Supporting Actress Zoe Saldana
  • 2005: Black Movie Awards Nominated for Best Director Kevin Rodney Sullivan
  • 2005: Black Reel Award Nominated for Best Actress Zoe Saldana
  • 2006: Image Awards Nominated for Best Supporting Actress Zoe Saldana

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