Castle (TV series)

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Television series
German title Castle
Original title Castle
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2009-2016
ABC Studios ,
Beacon Pictures
length approx. 43 minutes
Episodes 173 in 8 seasons ( List )
genre Crime , dramedy
idea Andrew W. Marlowe
production Andrew W. Marlowe ,
Rob Bowman ,
Rene Echevarria (since season 2) ,
Laurie Zaks,
Armyan Bernstein,
Barry Schindel (season 1)
music Robert Duncan
camera Bill Roe
Daryn Okada
First broadcast March 9, 2009 (USA) on ABC
first broadcast
November 23, 2009 on SRF two

Castle is an American crime series thatranon ABC from March 9, 2009 to May 16, 2016. It comprises eight seasons with a total of 173 episodes. In May 2016, ABC discontinued the series after eight seasons.


The series is set in New York City and is named after its main character, the famous crime writer Richard (Rick) Castle. After two murders have been committed exactly as described in his novels, the police ask him for help in solving them. Castles counterpart is the investigating police officer Kate Beckett.

After successfully solving the first case, Castle uses his relationship with the mayor to continue working with Beckett and her team: He wants to use his experiences for his next novel, with Beckett involuntarily serving as a template for his new heroine "Nikki Heat" . Castle continues to write "Heat" books as the series progresses.

Castle is known as a "comedy drama", which stands out from other crime series by the consistently light tone and humorous dialogues. The constant verbal duels between Castle and Beckett - similar to The Model and the Snoop or Remington Steele - contribute greatly to the charm of the series.


Richard Castle

Richard "Rick" Edgar Castle (born Richard Alexander Rodgers) is a successful crime novelist from New York. Many of his works reached the Top 10 of the New York Times - bestseller list . He grew up without a father, has been divorced twice and has a daughter named Alexis with his first wife Meredith, whom he is very close and who still lives with him at the beginning of the series. He always likes to play high-tech games with Alexis, such as duels with non-dangerous laser weapons, but this makes him an excellent pistol shooter. But he does not own a real weapon and never carries one when working with the police.

The celebrated writer is bored of his work at the beginning of the series, which is why he gives up his previous Derrick Storm book series and lets the eponymous hero die. His life takes on a new impetus when Detective Kate Beckett suspects him in a murder case and then asks for help.

Since he is fascinated by working with her, Castle decides to accompany Beckett and her team permanently to collect ideas for further books. The fulfillment of this wish is made possible by his friendship with the New York mayor.

Beckett is initially not enthusiastic about the writer who interferes in their cases, but learns to appreciate his skills more and more and increasingly sees him as her partner in the investigation. Castle is sometimes a little immature, vain, and arrogant, but he can always be relied on when the situation calls for it.

Castle finally uses his experiences in police work in a novel series about the fictional police officer Nikki Heat. This figure is based on the model of Beckett, who becomes Castle's muse against her will . Over time, he develops feelings for the attractive investigator and later begins a relationship with her. When she receives a job offer from the FBI in Washington (which would mean the end of their work together), he makes her a marriage proposal, which she accepts.

Castle is financially secure. His successes as a book author have made him wealthy without emphasizing it. However, he gives Beckets Revier a high-quality coffee machine as the taste of the coffee from their cheap coffee machine does not meet his requirements. When there is a chance of setting a trap for the murderer of Beckett's mother by transferring him 100,000 US dollars for a bogus contract, Castle immediately makes this sum available when the police themselves fail. Castle knows the world of the rich, knows its bars, clubs, and connections. He is well networked with the "upper ten thousand", but also maintains contacts with rather dubious personalities and sometimes uses his connections to escape from police custody. He maintains exclusive connections himself, such as a regular poker game with other successful authors. If his imagination about how he would let the perpetrators act in his novels is in many cases a help for the police, he always finds better motives in his author colleagues and often approaches to solutions for complicated cases.

He is a member of all kinds of clubs and knows some underworld bosses himself, has contacts with the Syrian secret service and sometimes lets his relationships play out during investigations. For research purposes for his Derrick Storm book series , he spent a year as an “intern” at the CIA , which - without Castles knowledge - had been arranged by his father.

Castle is very educated. He has an in-depth knowledge of films and through researching books on his many novels, he has an incredible knowledge of criminal history, from the time of Prohibition to current cases in the tabloids, in which he is also occasionally involved. He has a weakness for current gossip and is also familiar with women’s films and series. He also seems to know all the conspiracy theories and is active on social networks. He also speaks Chinese - as a reason he gives “a TV show I used to love” (“a TV series that I liked”). This is a reference to the series Firefly , in which the actor Fillion also played the leading role and in which his character often spoke Chinese.

In general, Castle overflows with possible solution ideas and always ponders how he would have put the case in his books. Often these fantasies lead to new leads and suspects, but they get on Beckett and her colleagues in particular - quite deliberately, because he loves to provoke Beckett in particular by saying that he is aliens , monsters , ghosts , bigfoot , vampires , time travel , Brings zombies or the like into play as perpetrators. But he definitely has the gift of looking at cases very analytically. Again and again he delivers a story about the facts of a case through his imagination, but not infrequently also finds logic errors that initially exclude suspects as perpetrators or expose the real perpetrators because events cannot have taken place as a suspect claims to exonerate him. Castle attributes the success of his books in particular to the fact that he avoids precisely these logic errors in them. To this end, he not only carries out extensive research, but also - sometimes time-consuming - practical experiments, sometimes with the help of his daughter. One of these series of experiments enables Alexis to pick a security lock after she was kidnapped in a later episode.

Kate Beckett

Katherine Houghton Beckett is the youngest female detective (first grade) in NYPD history with Homicide. She always tries to find out the truth, always thinks rationally and is therefore usually not confused by Castle's sometimes far-fetched theories. In addition, she has a self-confident demeanor, is verbally and physically quick-witted and has a strong assertiveness, but at the same time also has a lot of sensitivity, both of which are particularly evident in the interrogations. These qualities are, after all, Castle's inspiration for the fictional character Nikki Heat, whose rather superficial portrayal Beckett does not approve of. Though she never admits it to Castle, she's a big fan of the writer whose books helped her get over her mother's death. Later on, she eventually entered into a relationship with him and after a few incidents she married him.

Beckett is close friends with coroner Lanie Parish and later also with Castle's daughter Alexis.

Her mother was murdered when she was 19 years old. With the crime never resolved, after graduating from college, she decided to join the NYPD as a detective, despite more promising career opportunities. At first she tried to solve the murder of her mother herself, but finally gave up, especially since, as she says herself, she behaved like an addict and has since avoided the case just like a drug. Castle hears about it and begins her own investigation behind her back. When she finds out, she threatens to terminate their collaboration, but then begins to investigate again after new clues and incidents - this time with Castle, who has her back emotionally. His connections and his network as a successful crime writer open up new investigative approaches and new evidence to her. She successfully exposes corrupt officials, contract killers and ultimately finds her mother's murderer, whom she later even has to shoot. But that also calls those responsible at the time to the scene. In the course of the series, she repeatedly gets into the crosshairs of the clients of her mother's murderers. She finally succeeds in solving the murder of her mother and in exposing Senator William H. Bracken, who commissioned the murder of her mother, and later arresting him too.

Beckett has been Captain since season eight. It is one of the running gags of the series that Beckett and Castle keep completing each other's sentences, analyzing the logic of the deed in a dialogue and not infrequently both say at the same time: "I know who the perpetrator is!". Esposito and Ryan ask themselves several times if the two are secretly rehearsing it.

In the final episode of season eight, you see the future of Beckett and Castle in seven years. They have a daughter, Lily, and twins Reece and Jake.

Javier Esposito

Javier "Espo" Esposito is a Latino and former Special Forces sniper . He works as a detective (second grade) on the homicide squad at the NYPD. In the 8th season he passes the sergeant exam. He is a friend and co-worker of Beckett and Castle, and Kevin Ryan's best friend and partner. He is briefly in a relationship with Lanie Parish. His style of dress is usually casual. He can be very spirited, always thinks ahead and is generally very reliable. He can't forgive himself that his first partner was killed on duty while they were both working on a mafia case. Another ex-partner has apparently become a mafia boss, which turns out to be a mistake - he was undercover for years and is being rehabilitated.

Esposito does not shy away from using physical violence as well; He also defeats physically strong opponents without any effort. But he sometimes ignores service regulations and threatens a gangster with shooting him “in self-defense” if he continues to incite young people to commit criminal acts. He was a criminal himself as a teenager and joined the army to get a second chance.

At the end of the series, he gets back together with Lanie Parish.

Kevin Ryan

Kevin Ryan has Irish roots and is a former drug detective for whom he was smuggled undercover as Fenton O'Connell in the Irish Mafia. He currently works on the NYPD Homicide Squad as part of Beckett's team. He is extremely correct and would never knowingly disregard service regulations. But he is also very intelligent and thinks along with you. As his eagerness to serve evolves into conflict with his loyalty to his team, he chooses his team. His strengths include interrogations in which he shows great acumen. He is also very brave and repeatedly proves his great determination.

He marries his girlfriend Jenny over the course of the series. He and Jenny have a daughter named after their grandmother, Sara Grace, and a son named Nicholas Javier. He usually wears a suit and tie.

Alexis Castle

Alexis Castle is the daughter of Richard Castle and his first wife Meredith. Alexis is very ambitious and often more mature and responsible than her father, with whom she lives. She often gives good suggestions to her father's criminal cases. Alexis is very intelligent and goal-oriented. She sometimes postpones a party in order to be able to study more for an exam. However, she also loves being able to play real fantasy games with her father. She is very close to her father emotionally and tells him almost everything.

Martha Rodgers

Martha Rodgers is the mother of Castle. She is a moderately successful actress and lives with her son after her ex had robbed her of all her money. She often gives Castle good advice if there is a problem with Alexis or Beckett. After the death of her fiancé Chad, she inherits a million dollars and uses that money to open an acting school. Her ex-husband isn't Castle's father. Castle's father was just a one-night stand, but she thinks back to it every now and then with great enthusiasm. But she doesn't even know his name. It later turns out that he is a secret agent. He did not want to put her in danger, as he feared, not wrongly, that she could be used against him as a means of blackmail. In fact, it does, but it can kill all opponents. He is well informed about Castle and Alexis and saves their lives too.

Lanie Parish

Lane "Lanie" Parish is a careful coroner and a close confidante of Kate Beckett. She is briefly in a relationship with Javier Esposito. In the fourth season, Alexis does an internship with her. Lanie Parish is the first to recognize that Beckett is slowly developing feelings for Castle and continues to encourage her to open up to him. It is more than obvious to her that Castle is into Beckett.

Roy Montgomery

Roy Montgomery is the manager of Beckett, Ryan and Esposito, with whom he is on good terms, until the end of the third season. He is married and has two daughters and a son. In the course of the investigation into the conspiracy around the death of Beckett's mother, he is shot or sacrificed because he - it gradually turns out - was also involved in it.

Victoria Gates

Victoria Gates is Captain Montgomery's successor and is called Iron Gates ("Iron Gates" or "Iron Gate") because of her strict approach . In contrast to its predecessor, it is very careful to comply with the regulations. So she doesn't think much of Castles and Beckett's collaboration at first, but has to give in due to Castles' good relationship with the mayor. Over time, she recognized Castle's talent in solving criminal cases. When Castle's daughter is kidnapped, she fully supports him and assures Beckett more than clearly to cover or answer for any action that she or her team deem necessary to free Castle's daughter. Her sister is a prosecutor and the relationship between the two is difficult. In the course of the series, however, it becomes clear that behind its strict facade and aloof manner there is a person who is definitely worried about his team. She hopes, as she reveals to Beckett, that her subordinates will one day get the same loyalty and trust as Montgomery did. Victoria Gates no longer appears at the beginning of season eight as Beckett becomes the new captain of the 12th Precinct.

Minor characters

Sidney Mother of Pearl
Sidney Perlmutter (played by Arye Gross ), like Lanie Parish, is a coroner and occasionally represents them. He has an aversion to Castle and shows it openly, which leads to ironic and funny dialogues.
Jenny Ryan
Jenny Ryan ( Juliana Dever ) is the girlfriend and future wife of Detective Kevin Ryan. The couple have a daughter named after their grandmother Sara Grace and a son named Nicholas Javier.
Tory Ellis
Tory Ellis ( Maya Stojan ) is a computer forensic scientist with the NYPD Crime Scene Unit. With her expertise, she helps to clear up some cases.
Tom Demming
Tom Demming ( Michael Trucco ) is a detective. Beckett is temporarily in a relationship with him.
Gina Cowell
Gina Cowell ( Monet Mazur ) is Castle's publisher and second ex-wife.
Josh Davidson
Josh Davidson ( Victor Webster ) is a heart surgeon who saved Beckett's life after she was assassinated and was in a relationship with her for some time.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith ( Geoff Pierson ) is a former companion of Roy Montgomery and has information about the murder of Beckett's mother, which leads him to always act in the background to avoid endangering himself.
William H. Bracken
William H. Bracken ( Jack Coleman ) is an influential senator. He had ordered the murder of Kate's mother because she had discovered his criminal machinations. He is murdered in prison at the beginning of Season 8.
Jackson Hunt / Anderson Cross
Jackson Hunt ( James Brolin ) is Richard Castle's father and a senior active CIA special agent . Allegedly, Jackson Hunt has retired from the secret service and has been sentenced to life imprisonment ; He is also said to have escaped from a maximum security prison and killed three guards in the process. Officially it no longer exists.
He receives his orders from the highest authority and has the highest possible security clearance within the CIA. Castle's father is only used in the most dangerous and delicate missions. At the end of the episode In a Secret Mission (Season 6, Episode 12), he says his job is to kill people and keep the CIA's secrets. It was he who made Castle the research for his Derrick Storm books possible.
Both Jackson Hunt and Anderson Cross are aliases, the real name of Castle's father is unknown.
Jim Beckett
Jim Beckett ( Scott Paulin ) is the father of Kate Beckett and always worried about his daughter because of her dangerous job. He works in the judiciary and, like his daughter, loves baseball.
Pi ( Myko Olivier ) is the boyfriend of Castle's daughter Alexis in season six.
Rachel McCord
Special Agent Rachel McCord ( Lisa Edelstein ) is Beckett's partner during her time with the FBI. Is murdered at the beginning of the 8th season or is killed in a car accident, which is only mentioned.
Jerry Tyson
Jerry Tyson ( Michael Mosley ) is a psychopath and criminal genius who puts Castle, Beckett and the rest of the team in great danger a few times during the course of the series and is one of the most dangerous enemies because of his unpredictability. Tyson is also known as the "triple murderer" because he always murders three women in the same bestial manner before he goes into hiding again and repeats his procedure some time later. In the middle of the seventh season, however, he is shot.
Dr. Carter Burke
Dr. Carter Burke ( Michael Dorn ) is a psychiatrist whom Kate Beckett visits several times after she was assassinated.
Johanna Beckett
Johanna Beckett was the wife of Jim Beckett and the mother of Kate Beckett, to whom she was very close. She was a lawyer and was murdered under mysterious circumstances in a dark alley when Beckett was 19 years old. This fact was the reason why her daughter, despite more promising options, decided to start as the youngest female detective with the NYPD. The character of Johanna Beckett does not appear personally in the series, but only in various photographs, since the murder in the period of the first season was already a few years ago.
Ethan Slaughter
Ethan Slaughter ( Adam Baldwin ) is a gang detective. Castle solves two cases with him. Slaughter tends to use excessive force on duty. Which keeps causing him difficulties with his superiors. On the one hand, Castle admires Slaughter for his rough manner, on the other hand, he is also a little afraid of Slaughter, as he always brings Castle into dangerous situations. Despite their very different ways, they both become friends.

Cast and dubbing

The German synchronization was for a dialogue book and the dialogue director Horst Mueller and was supported by the synchronous company Antares Film GmbH from Berlin made.

Role name actor image Season (s) Consequences) Voice actor
Richard Castle Nathan Fillion Nathan Fillion 1-8 1-173 Tobias Kluckert
Det./Capt. Kate Beckett Stana Katić Stana Katić 1-8 1-173 Victoria Storm
Det. / Serg. Javier Esposito Jon Huertas Jon Huertas 1-8 1-173 Felix Spit
Det. Kevin Ryan Seamus Dever Seamus Dever 1-8 1-173 Rainer Fritzsche
Dr. Lanie Parish Tamala Jones Tamala Jones 1-8 1-173 Martina Treger
Alexis Castle Molly C. Quinn Molly C. Quinn 1-8 1-173 Jill Schulz
Martha Rodgers Susan Sullivan Susan Sullivan 1-8 1-173 Katarina Tomaschewsky
Captain Roy Montgomery Ruben Santiago-Hudson Ruben Santiago-Hudson 1-3, 6 1-58, 127 Erich Rauker
Captain Victoria Gates Penny Johnson Jerald Penny Johnson Jerald 4-7 59-151 Liane Rudolph
Hayley Vargas / Shipton Toks Olagundoye Toks Olagundoye 8th 152-173 Katrin Zimmermann


The television series has eight seasons with 173 episodes.


United States

The first season consists of 10 episodes and was broadcast in the US from March 9th to May 11th, 2009 on ABC . On May 15, 2009, ABC announced that there would be a second season of Castle. The second season aired from September 21, 2009 to May 17, 2010. On March 30, 2010, ABC Castle renewed for a third season of 24 episodes, which aired from September 20, 2010 through May 16, 2011. On January 10, 2011, ABC extended the series with a fourth season, which aired between September 19, 2011 and May 7, 2012. Three days after the broadcast ended, the production of a fifth season was announced, which began broadcasting on September 24, 2012. The season finale was shown on May 13, 2013. The sixth season started on September 23, 2013 on ABC and ran until May 12, 2014. Shortly before the end of the 6th season, it was announced that there will be a seventh season with a planned 23 episodes. The seventh season aired on ABC between September 29, 2014 and May 11, 2015, and the eighth and final season from September 21 to May 16, 2016.


The series has been running on German free TV since February 6, 2010 on the private broadcaster kabel eins and since July 29, 2013 on the private broadcaster Sat.1 .

Kabel eins initially broadcast the first four seasons (with interruptions) and the first twelve episodes of the fifth season until April 2013. Kabel eins broadcast the first season and the first two episodes of the second season on Saturdays. On September 24, 2010, kabel eins changed its broadcast slot and continued broadcasting the second season on Friday. Since then, the first broadcasts of the seasons have been broadcast on kabel eins every Friday.

For the continuation of the fifth season from July 29, 2013, the series switched to the sister station Sat.1 . The broadcast slot was also switched to Monday. Due to a program change in which Sat.1 moved the continuation of the first season of Elementary two weeks forward, the penultimate and the last episode of the fifth season remained unaired. Kabel eins showed the Christmas episode as well as the other two hilarious episodes of the fifth season on Fridays from December 20, 2013 to January 3, 2014. Then, on January 3, 2014, the sixth season began broadcasting and after 15 episodes took a summer break. The remaining episodes were broadcast on Sat.1 on Sundays. The seventh and eighth seasons were broadcast on Sat.1 on Mondays.

The series has been running on German pay TV since 2013 on Universal Channel .


The Swiss television broadcaster SRF Zwei broadcast the first season from November 23, 2009 to February 1, 2010. On July 5, 2010, the second season began to be broadcast. After the eleventh episode, it was interrupted on August 23, 2010 for just under a month and continued from September 27 to December 20, 2010. The broadcast of the third season began on September 5, 2011 and ended prematurely on February 6, 2012 with the 21st episode of the season ( death in the pool ). Only from January 4 to 25, 2014, SRF two showed the remaining three episodes of the third season. The channel 3+ previously broadcast the first part (episodes 1–12) of the fourth season from March 31 to June 8, 2012 in a different order. The remaining part was shown by the then new channel 4+ in the further course of 2012. So far (as of February 2016) only the first four seasons have been broadcast in German-speaking Switzerland. In French-speaking Switzerland , seven of the eight seasons had been broadcast by the end of 2016.


The television station Puls 4 broadcast the first two seasons in January to August 2012 with a brief interruption. The third and fourth seasons were broadcast from March to August 2014. The fifth season was broadcast from June to August 2015. Since then, no further seasons have been broadcast (as of February 2016).


In the series, Castle is writing a book called Heat Wave about the heroine Nikki Heat. ABC published the book as a real book under ISBN 978-1-4013-2382-0 with Richard Castle as the author. ABC also published the first half of the book on its website in weekly parts. The full book was published in September 2009. It debuted at number 26 in the New York Times - bestseller list one. The book rose to number 6 on the list in week four. Heat Wave was published in paperback on July 27, 2010 under ISBN 978-1-4013-1040-0 and entered the New York Times Best Seller Paperback Mass-Market list at number 34 .

Naked Heat , the sequel to Heat Wave , was released on September 28, 2010 under ISBN 978-1-4013-2402-5 . It debuted at number 7 on the New York Times bestseller list. ABC also published a few chapters for the second book online in advance for promotion.

In September 2011, a third part of the Nikki Heat book series entitled Heat Rises , as well as a comic about Richard Castle's former title hero Derrick Storm, entitled Castle: Richard Castle's Deadly Storm .

The first two books have already been translated into French and Spanish. The Cross Cult publisher published the German editions of the first two volumes in March and June 2012. In mid-October 2012, the third German-language volume was published. Volume 4 was published in March 2013 and Volume 5 in December 2013. The first three parts were also published as an audio book (speaker: David Nathan , who was also the voice actor for Nathan Fillion in Firefly - Der Aufbruch der Serenity ).

Nikki Heat range

Derrick Storm series




  • 2009 : Nomination in the category music composition for a series for Robert Duncan (for episode: Flowers for your grave)

Satellite Awards

Motion Picture Sound Editors Awards (Golden Reel Award)

  • 2010: Nomination in the category Short Form Music in Television for episode: Famous Last Words

People's Choice Awards

  • 2012: Winner in the Best Crime Series category
  • 2012: Winner for Best Actor in a Series - Drama for Nathan Fillion
  • 2013: Nomination in the category Best Actress in a Series - Drama for Stana Katic
  • 2013: Winner in the Best Crime Series category
  • 2013: Winner for Best Actor in a Series - Drama for Nathan Fillion
  • 2014: Nomination for Best On Screen Chemistry - Castle & Beckett
  • 2014: Nomination in the “Bromance” category - Ryan & Esposito
  • 2014: Winner in the Best Crime Series category
  • 2014: Winner in the category of Best Actress in a Series - Drama for Stana Katic
  • 2015: Nomination for Best Chemistry on Screen - Castle & Beckett
  • 2015: Winner in the Best Crime Series category
  • 2015: Winner in the category Best Actress in a Series - Drama for Stana Katic
  • 2015: Winner for Best Actor in a Series - Drama for Nathan Fillion
  • 2016: Nomination in the category of best crime series
  • 2016: Winner in the category of Best Actress in a Series - Drama for Stana Katic
  • 2016: Winner in the category of Best Actor in a Series - Drama for Nathan Fillion

DVD publications

United States

  • Season 1 was released on September 22, 2009
  • Season 2 was released on September 21, 2010
  • Season 3 was released on September 20, 2011
  • Season 4 was released on September 11, 2012
  • Season 5 was released on September 10, 2013
  • Season 6 was released on September 16, 2014
  • Season 7 was released on September 1, 2015
  • Season 8 was released on August 23, 2016


  • Season 1 was released on May 6, 2010
  • Season 2 was released on March 24, 2011
  • Season 3 was released on December 1, 2011
  • Season 4 was released on December 5, 2012
  • Season 5 was released on December 5, 2013
  • Season 6 was released on November 20, 2014
  • Season 7 was released on February 25, 2016
  • Season 8 was released on November 10, 2016


  • In the pilot of the series (and also in other episodes) the American bestselling author James Patterson , the crime novelist Michael Connelly and the producer and author Stephen J. Cannell can be seen in a cameo at the poker game with Castle.
  • As a result, Vampire Weekend (Season 2, Episode 6) disguises himself Castle at the beginning of the episode as Space Cowboy (English Space Cowboy ). He wears the original costume of his role as "Malcolm Reynolds" ("Mal [Reynolds]" for short) in the science fiction series Firefly - The Dawn of Serenity and the movie Serenity - Escape into New Worlds . However, his daughter says the costume is inappropriate because he wore it five years ago.
  • In the episode X-Files (season 3, episode 9) there is another reference to Firefly . Castle speaks a sentence in Mandarin there . When asked where he could do it from, he said: “From a series that I really like.” Chinese is one of the standard languages in Firefly .
  • In the episode Murder in Space (season 5, episode 6) Castle gossips about a science fiction series that was canceled after twelve episodes. On Beckett's astonished comment that she thought he was a sci-fi fan, he replied, "Only good shows: Star Trek , Battlestar and that Joss Whedon show ." The latter means Firefly by Joss Whedon , who was also canceled after eleven or twelve episodes. There are also allusions to Spaceship Enterprise in the episode . The episode is directed by Jonathan Frakes , who plays William T. Riker from Starship Enterprise: The Next Century . He can also be seen as a fan getting an autograph from Castle at the beginning of the episode. Armin Shimerman , who played Ferengi Quark from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine , appears as a dealer in this episode .
  • Although Beckett works in the Twelfth Police District (12th Precinct) (elevator door, autopsy report), a building is shown as a police station during the first three seasons with "9th Precinct" above the entrance. It is the actually existing 9th Precinct of the NYPD.
  • The Twelfth Ward building is the same that serves as the Thirteenth Ward Police Station in the Kojak - Manhattan Mission .
  • In the episode "In Good Times As Well" (Season 6, Episode 23) Beckett's "husband" Rogan O'Leary is played by Eddie McClintock, who also plays Pete Lattimer in Warehouse13. In Warehouse13, Lattimer works for a secret organization that operates beyond the official structure of command and often has to pretend to be an FBI agent and use unusual means to get there. In the course of the episode, Ryan and Esposito mention that O'Leary has already falsely pretended to be an FBI agent (among other misconduct).
  • In the movie Percy Jackson - Under the Spell of the Cyclops , Nathan Fillion plays Hermes, the messenger of the gods, and makes fun of two of the protagonists completing their sentences. Beckett and Castle also complete each other's sentences and are occasionally teased with it.
  • In the fourth episode of the first season of Missing , a protagonist reads the back of a book that was reviewed by Richard Castle.
  • In the episode Time Travel to the Seventies (season 6, episode 20), the actors play roles from well-known TV crime series from that decade such as B. Starsky & Hutch (Ryan and Esposito), Kojak - use in Manhattan (Castle) and make-up and pistols (Beckett).
  • In the episode Till Death Do Us Part (Season 4, Episode 11) there are several allusions to How I Met Your Mother .
  • In the episode Scared to Death (Season 5, Episode 17) there are allusions to various horror films, such as B. Ring and The Silence of the Lambs . In addition, director and horror film legend Wes Craven ( Nightmare - Murderous Dreams ) has a guest appearance.
  • In the episode When the Branch Breaks (season 2, episode 5) Castle gets an offer from his agent ( Debi Mazar ) to write a James Bond novel. In fact, the name of the world-famous secret agent is not mentioned once, but only circumscribed.
  • In episode B as mayor (season 4, episode 12), the investigations lead to the sex shop " Dial a Goddess ". One of the operators is True Blood actress Kristin Bauer van Straten , who whispers into her headset with an Eastern European accent: " I'm a vampire, and with my sharp teeth I will hold you while I vacuum you."
  • In the episode The Briton (season 4, episode 20) Beckett investigates undercover with a British investigator from Scotland Yard; there are several allusions to the James Bond films here. Beckett actress Stana Katić actually played a Canadian agent in the Bond film Quantum of Solace towards the end of the film.
  • In the episode The Window to the Courtyard (season 5, episode 19), Castle asks how many cases he has already solved with Beckett, to which she replies: "I don't know, maybe 100?" In fact, it is the 100th episode of the series . The blood stain in the intro also has the shape of a 100 in this episode.
  • In the episode The Club of Master Detectives (season 8, episode 14), Castle meets the detective Kendall Frost, played by Summer Glau , and says she knows her. In fact, Summer Glau played a leading role alongside Nathan Fillion in the series Firefly - The Dawn of the Serenity and in the film Serenity - Escape into New Worlds .

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